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Description of Committee's Functions

Social Media and Communications (Ad Hoc)
Darlene Doty (Co-chair) Miki Finnin (Co-chair)
Mark Mills Ben Welch
Jacyntha (Sterling) Herbers

Matthew Bird - Chair Kari McCraken
Marty Jarshaw Randall Sharp
Michele Splinter

Tracy Hagemann - Chair Wiley "Butch" Williams
Carissa Foster Julia Chiappe
Nancy Williams Emily Gray - board liaison

Nasim Aghaienia - Co-Chair Bruce Winchester - Co-Chair
Teresa Truong Cheri Lemons
Chu Chimezie Bryn Stratton
Winter Smith Randall Sharp- board liaison

Kristen Montarella - Co-Chair Yvette Morrison - Co-Chair
Beth Resman-Targoff Ben Welch
Brian Stamile Debbie Poland - board liaison

Jamie Miller - Chair Jennifer Hollister
Miki Finnin- board liaison

Program Committee Guide (DOC)
Program Committee Guide (PDF)
Grant Writing Guide (PDF)
Alex Cobb (ED) - Co-Chair Julia Reffert (WD) - Co-Chair
Julie Chiappe Candace Sutton
Ben Baissa Mark Gales - Residency Showcase
Mitra Daemi Kari McCracken - board liaison

TSHP has developed a guide to assist their committee chairs and regional affiliates with optimizing the grant process for educational programming. That guide is posted on the ASHP affiliate website at www.ashp.org/s_ashp/doc1c.asp?CID=4214&DID=7660.

Scholarship and Awards
Michelle Splinter - Chair Barry Gales
Chandra Humphrey Metha Chonlahan
Ann Nguyen Jacqui Gregory
Teresa Cooper Tiffany Kessler
Edna Patatanian Stephanie Burns
Leann Graham Teresa Lewis - board liaison

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