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Thanks for joining OSHP, we're sure you will enjoy and benefit from your membership.
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Active - Pharmacist ($75.00)

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1st Year Pharmacist Licensee ($50.00)

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Associate - Supporting ($50.00)

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Associate - Technician ($20.00)

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Associate - Student ($10.00)

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If your are a new member or your information has changed,
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Active Pharmacist $75
Active First Year Pharmacist $50
Associate Supporting $50
Associate Technician $20
Associate Student $10
*OKC Area District Meeting = Western;
 Tulsa Area District Meeting = Eastern.

(Membership is based on the calendar year.
Dues paid after 7/1 extends membership through the end of the following calendar year.)

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If you do not, please contact Ms. Lisa Salton..

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Updated: 10-30-2013