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2018 OSHP Winter Delegate Report
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OSHP Delegate Report – ASHP 2017



OSHP was represented by elected delegates Ann Lloyd, Kari McCracken, and Edna Patatanian at the recent ASHP Summer Meetings and Exhibition 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The 69th Annual Session of the House of Delegates (HOD) was held on Sunday, June 4 and Tuesday, June 6, 2017.  Kari McCracken also attended the Regional Delegate Conference (RDC) held in Chicago, IL.  Additionally, delegates attended caucus meetings facilitated by the Chair prior to each HOD meeting to discuss issues up for discussion, debate, and approval.  


Report on previous session—electronically distributed

Ratification of previous actions (November and March Virtual HOD)--passed

5 policy recommendations approved (2 in November and 3 in March)

Report of committee on nominations

                President elect:  Phillip Schneider and Kelly Smith

                BOD:  Leigh Briscoe-Dwyer, Julie Groppi, Gloria Sachdev, Paul Walker

                Section Candidates were also announced


Report of Committee on Resolutions

Proposed resolution:  FDA Criteria for Specialty Drug Products Available Through Restricted Drug Distribution.  This resolution was to advocate that the Food and Drug Administration establish criteria for categorizing specialty drug products that will only be available through a restricted drug distribution system.  The Committee on Resolutions recommended to not adopt the resolution because they felt that the Council on Public Policy Recommendation 2, Restricted Drug Distribution, was a better means to achieve the outcome sought in the resolution. 


Board report on the Joint Council Task force on Pharmacist Participation in Medical Aid in Dying

                Board moves to adopt

                Main motion passed


28 policy recommendations for debate were submitted by their respective Councils for review, discussion, amendment, and approval.  Please visit for more specific information on each of the policy recommendations and other proceedings of the 69th House of Delegates.

Council on education and workforce development (Todd Karpinski, Board Liaison) —approved as proposed

1.    Workforce diversity

2.    ASHP guidelines, statements, and professional policies as an integral part of the educational process

3.    Education program resources for affiliated state societies


Council on Pharmacy Management (Timothy Brown, Board Liaison)

1.    Any willing provider status (providers who are willing to agree to an insurer’s terms and conditions for inclusion in a network to demand inclusion in that network) to pharmacists and pharmacies—separated, motion to refer for further study (defeated), amended, and adopted

2.    Pharmaceutical distribution systems—separated, amended and adopted

3.    Mobile health tools, clinical apps, and associated devices—separated, amended, and adopted

4.    Controlled substance diversion prevention—separated, amended, and adopted

5.    Revenue cycle compliance and management—separated, amended, and adopted


Council on Pharmacy Practice (Jennifer Schultz, Board Liaison)

1.       Ready-to-administer packaging for hazardous drug products— separated, amended, and adopted

2.       Expiration dating of pharmaceutical products-- separated, amended, and adopted

3.       Primary and Preventive Care--passed (no amendment)

4.       No discriminatory Pharmaceutical Care--passed (no amendment)


Council on Public Policy (Ranee Runnebaum, Board Liaison)

1.    Partial filling of Schedule II Prescriptions--separated, amended, and adopted

2.    Restricted drug distribution--passed (no amendment)

3.    Collaborative drug therapy management-- separated, amended, and adopted

4.    Greater competition among generic and biosimilar manufacturers--separated, amended, and adopted

5.    Drug testing-- passed (no amendment)

6.    Codes on solid dosage forms of prescription drug products-- passed (no amendment)

7.    Intermediate category of drugs--passed (no amendment)


Council on Therapeutics (Donald Letendre, Board Liaison)

1.    Therapeutic and psychosocial considerations of transgender patients-- separated, amended, and adopted

2.    Pharmacist leadership role in glycemic control--separated, amended, and adopted

3.    Drug dosing in diseases that modify pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamics-- separated, amended, secondary amendment passed, primary amendment passed, adopted

4.    Clinical significance of extremes of weight and weight change--separated, amended, amendment passed, amended a second time, amended, and adopted

5.    Pain management--separated, amended, and adopted

6.    Clinical investigations of drugs used in elderly and pediatric patients--passed, no amendment

7.    Safe and effective therapeutic use of invertebrates (including leeches and maggots)--passed, no amendment

8.    Drug dosing in extracorporeal therapies--separated, amended, and adopted


Report of the Treasurer (Tom Johnson)

Performed well in 2016 (operational surplus)

Headquarters building sold in May 2016—3 funds established including a building fund

2017 projections:  financially successful year

FY 18 budget:  ASHP’s fiscal year 2018 core operations and program development budgets are balanced with a combined $1,000 surplus.


Recommendations of the delegates were presented and the meeting was adjourned one hour early at 4:00 p.m.


Second session:

Report of Committee on Resolutions:  amended the motion to refer to Board of Directors for further study/review; resolution with amendment is referred for further study

Reports of Officers

President and Chair of the Board (Lisa Gersema) presented the highlights of her presidential year, report accepted

                Practice advancement initiative

                Provider status update

                Pharmacy Technician Certification Board stakeholder conference—September 1 issue of AJHP

                Medication safety certificate program

                Collaboration with National Governor’s Association to work on opioid epidemic

ASHP has established 3 online professional certificate programs:  teaching certificate, pharmacy informatics certificate, and sterile product preparation training and certificate program

                Residency excellence

                Awards for 2016 MCM

                Top work places in 2016 by Washington Post and 2017 Modern Healthcare best places to work

                2 new publications (preceptor and chapter 800 answer book)

Standardize for safety initiative—finalized list; now seeking comments for compounded oral liquids

                ASHP guidelines for preventing diversion of controlled substances and webinars

                Women in pharmacy leadership steering committee

                75th anniversary this year


Chief Executive Officer (Paul Abramowitz), informational only

                75 years of leadership, innovation, and growth

                ASHP is strong

                200 ASHP staff

Increasing membership 39,000 in 2011 to 44,000 to 2016 (increase due to direct patient care services)

                Residency position growth (3,386-2013 to 4,586-2017)

                MCM attendance 25,483-2016 from 19,679 in 2011

                December 2017:  First Lady Michelle Obama is keynote speaker

Increased total core revenue over the last 5 years—enhanced outreach to congress and board certification help; women in pharmacy leadership initiative, AJHP redesign, expansion of Practice Advancement Initiative (formerly the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative)

                ASHP international residency accreditation

                Sold building

                New modern building:  Joseph A. Oddis Global ASHP Headquarters

                ASHP-PAC growth


Unfinished business:

Board recommended that Council on Pharmacy Management and Policy Recommendation 1 (any willing provider status for pharmacists and pharmacies) and its amendment be referred to the council for further study and the council report its recommendations to the board; the policy recommendation will be referred back to council

New business: 

Reduction of waste from single dose vials, amendment proposed, amendment defeated, approved as originally proposed; will be forwarded to the appropriate body of ASHP


Recommendations of delegates

Installation of officers and directors

Adjournment:  The 69th annual June meeting of the House of Delegates adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

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