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2011 Annual Report
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2011 Annual Report


Office of President

The past year as President was so exciting and time just flew by!  The opportunities for learning and personal growth have been immense.  Serving as President of OSHP has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my career. 

My first charge as President was the appointment of committee members and chairs.  I want to thank all of you!  You made my term as President extremely smooth.  I thank you and am forever grateful!  Last July, our ASHP State Affiliate Liaison, Beverly Black, came to OKC and helped facilitate a Planning retreat for the Board of Directors and committee chairs.  We felt it was time to revisit and refocus our goals as an organization.  The retreat was extremely productive and we developed a Strategic Plan that will help guide us over the next 3 to 5 years.  Our new tagline, LEAD (Leading, Educating, Advocating, and Developing for Oklahoma Health-System Pharmacists) and the new mission statement were also established during the retreat.  Outstanding ideas were brought up during the brainstorming sessions.  Hopefully, these ideas will help motivate current members and students, along with providing new opportunities for pharmacy directors and technicians.  Please take time to read all the committee reports to see what has been and will be accomplished in the future. 

I am extremely proud to have been a part of the 1st Annual Pharmacy Wellness Fair held during Legislative Day, February 16, 2011.  OSHP, along with OPhA and both pharmacy schools, hosted a health fair for our state legislators and their staff.  We had 73 people take advantage of our services (blood pressure checks, finger stick blood glucose readings, cholesterol panels, and medication information).  It was a wonderful experience and I hope that OSHP continues to be an integral part of Legislative Day for years to come.

OSHP continues to pursue the inclusion of Collaborative Medication Therapy Management into Oklahoma’s Pharmacy Practice Act.  We have been and will continue to be an active voice in the process.  I challenge each of you to join the push for unification of pharmacy in Oklahoma.   Let’s finally prove that pharmacists are a vital role in the provision of healthcare throughout the state, regardless of practice site. 

I would like to end this term of President as I began it:  with gratitude!  My sincere thanks to this year’s Board of Directors (Emily, Pete, Mark, Greg, Edna, and Nancy), committee members, and Shirley Dunn.  A special thanks to several past officers for your advice, support, friendship, and shoulders, we did it!


Chelsea Church, Pharm.D., BCPS
President, 2010-2011

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Office of President-Elect

It has been my honor to serve as the 2010-2011 OSHP President-Elect.  Through this experience on the OSHP Board of Directors (BOD), I have had the opportunity to further my involvement with the Society and work with outstanding and committed OSHP members.  I am so appreciative of those who serve on the BOD, as well as those who serve as committee chairs/co-chairs and committee members because we wouldn’t exist without their hard work.

This past year, I’ve gained a better understanding of some of the key issues facing a volunteer leadership organization like OSHP, and I’ve been thinking of ways to continue the Society’s success. 

This past year, I became more involved with ASHP on a national level.  I was appointed to serve on the Commission on Affiliate Relations (COAR) for 2010-2011 and had the opportunity to attend ASHP Policy Week in Bethesda, MD, in September 2010.  Through my involvement with this group, I was able to interact with representatives from many state affiliates and gathered many ideas for our organization.  I’m excited that I have been reappointed to serve on the COAR for 2011-2012.  Additionally, in November 2010, I was privileged to attend the ASHP State Affiliate Presidential Officer Retreat in Dallas, TX.  At this meeting, I garnered more ideas for improving the value of OSHP to our members and formed new relationships with our colleagues in other states.  I am so excited to implement some of these ideas during my term as President. 

The BOD and committee chairs met in July 2010 for a strategic planning retreat to establish goals for the year.  During this retreat, we revised OSHP’s mission and developed 4 focus areas.  I would like to continue with the implementation plan proposed during this retreat.  Many great ideas were generated, which will make OSHP an even better organization!  Additionally, during this retreat, I realized it is time to review the Society’s Bylaws.  Our OSHP Bylaws have not been revised for several years, and this will be a focus for the upcoming year.  Hopefully, during our next strategic planning retreat, we will further refine our goals for 2011-2012. 

During this last year, President Church continued to focus OSHP’s efforts on the Collaborative Medication Therapy Management (CMTM) campaign.  I plan to continue this important focus during my year as President.  Additionally, OSHP was involved in a very successful Pharmacy Health Fair that was held at the Capitol Building during Legislative Day on February 16th.  I hope to continue OSHP’s participation in this event. 

I am extremely excited about my upcoming year as President, and look forward to a successful year for OSHP.  I will attempt to serve as your President to the best of my abilities, and I am so appreciative of the support of our excellent BOD.  I hope OSHP members will see 2011-2012 as their year to get involved, further develop their leadership skills, and make a difference in the practice of health-system pharmacy across Oklahoma.  Thanks for the opportunity to serve!


Nancy Toedter Williams, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCNSP

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Office of Immediate-Past President

It has been an honor to serve as Past President this past year.  OSHP has had a good year thanks to the collective efforts of the many in our organization.  It has been a gratifying opportunity to better know the many dedicated members that provide enthusiasm and leadership to ensure the continued success of our organization. The Board of Directors and Committee chairs provide their time as well as considerable experience and talents in order to advance our state society. 

This coming year provides another slate of opportunities for our profession and thus for OSHP as well. I believe that the strength of our organization will continue to grow in the coming year. I would like to encourage all members to take an active role in OSHP. I believe that you will find it to be a terrific opportunity to get to know your peers and hone your leadership skills. Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors.  I have really enjoyed the many friendships and experiences these past three years. 

Greg Clack, Pharm. D.
Immediate Past-President,

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Office of Secretary

OSHP held eight (8) board meetings during 2010-2011 term.  Board meetings were held at the University of Oklahoma, College of Pharmacy where videoconferencing technology allowed members to attend the meetings on either the Oklahoma City or Tulsa Campus.  This site and the technology allowed flexibility and reduced commute time for the Board members, committee chairs, and guests.        

Database reports have documented the following trends in the Society membership:                                                                               

  2010  2009  
 Eastern District Members
97 71
 Western District Members:
168 197
 Total members*:   266 
239 270


*Total members include Honorary, Associate, and Out of State members.


The membership database remains updated throughout the year and updated reports are regularly being provided to the Board and posted on the OSHP website.  E-mails and website postings continue to be the primary method of communication within the Society.  We are pleased to report that greater than 86% of our membership has provided the Society with their e-mail address.  We encourage all members to provide us with a current e-mail address to facilitate communication and keep membership updated on current issues and available programs.  Another great online source for the Society is the OSHP webpage (  The website continues to evolve into an indispensable tool for OSHP, thanks to Ben Welch for keeping the website updated.     

Special thanks to the members of the Board and to our staff secretary, Shirley Dunn for assisting me in my duties this past year.  It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group.  I look forward to another productive year as I serve to complete my second year as Secretary. 


Edna Patatanian
OSHP Secretary, 2010-2012

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Office of Treasurer

During the second half of my term as Treasurer, as an organization we have had to make continued efforts to closely scrutinize all financial decisions.  It has been our goal this past year to continue to provide our membership with excellent meeting programming, diverse continuing education opportunities, valuable membership resources and professional networking opportunities.  In addition we have been working with our colleagues to continue to advance the pharmacy profession within our state.   While these goals need financial backing in order to accomplish, the organization worked to deliver these without sacrificing quality with the help of our valued membership, efforts of the programming committee, support from our partners in the pharmaceutical industry and creative ideas to decrease costs. I am happy to report that we were able to do these things and remain financially sound.  For the second year in a row, we operated at a small profit margin and are proud of what we have been able to do with our given resource.

Both the Annual and Fall Meetings were successfully conducted with excellent programming.  There were also an increased number of opportunities for Continuing Education at monthly meetings in both districts.  I am also proud that the organization was able to keep up charitable donations, including providing funding to both OU and SWOSU student chapters.  As stated in my report last year, according to the OSHP Bylaws, a targeted two-thirds of our revenue should be generated through the statewide meetings, with the goal net revenue for the Annual Meeting and Fall Meeting of $10,000 and $2,000, respectively.  We were able to meet this goal for the Fall Meeting but fell well short of it for the Annual Meeting.  This loss was anticipated by the Board but we agreed that delivery of a strong Annual Meeting was vital to the members of OSHP.  Financial grants from the pharmaceutical industry were still extremely challenging to obtain but it now seems that this is picking back up again and I anticipate increased revenue at the upcoming meeting. The Program Committee deserves a large thank you for their hard-work and persistence!  This committee has done an exceptional job over the course of 2010.  The income, expenses, and net revenue for each of the meetings are listed below: 


OSHP Meeting

Total Income

Total Expenses

Net Revenue

2010 Annual Meeting




2010 Fall Meeting





For fiscal year 2010 (January through December), the total current assets are as follows:

  • Bank of Oklahoma checking account (interest-bearing)  
$ 101,485.65
  • American Heritage CD     
$ 38,105.88
  • Bank of Oklahoma CD
$ 58,405.11
  • Total Current Assets
Total Current Assets

With assistance from FD, Thompson & Co., the 2010 tax documents will be prepared in addition to the bi-annual audit of the Society’s financial statements for the years ending December 31, 2009 and December 31, 2010. 

As my term comes to a close, I would like to thank the members of OSHP for allowing me this opportunity to serve as Treasurer.  It has been rewarding and an invaluable learning experience.  I plan to be an active part of this organization for many years. It is the support of the membership that keeps OSHP going and we thank you for this!  I would also like to thank the members of the Board over the past 2 years that have been of great assistance to this office and to me personally.  The positive attitudes and willingness to work hard that each of you has displayed has truly been an enjoyable experience to be a part of and it has been a great pleasure to work with each of you.

Emily Borders
Treasurer 2009-2011

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Eastern District





CE Credit


Acute Management of Hypertension

Denise Honey, PharmD

EKR Therapeutics

1 hour (OK)


Cervical Cancer

Kelly Showalter, PharmD


1 hour (OK)


Inpatient Glycemic Control

Kent Porter, PharmD


1 hour (OK)


Emerging Trends in Parenteral Nutrition: An Evidence Based Approach

Carol Ireton-Jones, RD, PhD


1 hour (OK)


Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents (ESA) APPRISE REMS Program

Leta Truett, PhD, MN

Centocor Ortho Biotech

1 hour (OK)


The Need to Develop and Implement an Effective Antibiotic Optimization Program

Robert Rapp, PharmD




Multidrug Resistance in Gram Negative Bacilli

R. Doug Hardy, MD




Sensipar and Improved Management of SHPT in Dialysis Patients

Joanna Hudson, PharmD




Atrial Fibrillation: An Escalating Cardiovascular Disease with Significant Clinical and Economic Consequences

Brian Burleson, PharmD




The Fungus Among Us

David Sheck, MD




Hosting ten meetings in 2010, the spirit of OSHP’s Eastern District is alive and well.  The Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy has approved five of these meetings for one hour each of continuing education credit while the other five meetings are pending approval.  

The camaraderie shared between our members is very apparent with many members arriving early or staying late to share their professional and personal experiences.  The total attendance of all ten meetings was 306 with an average attendance of 31 at each meeting. 

With the downturn in our economy, I was a bit worried about garnering industry support for our meetings.  Fortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has been very kind, and I cannot thank them enough.  I must also thank our past-Eastern District Chair, Kari McCracken.  The job of Eastern District Chair is not as easy as it may seem.  Kari’s organizational skills and guidance have made for a smooth transition. 

I am truly honored to serve as Eastern District Chair.


Mark D. Mills, Pharm.D., BCPS

OSHP Eastern District Chair, 2010-2012

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Western District





CE Credit



RSVP: 40

Attendees: 31

The Management of Acute Hypertension: A Critical Care Focus


Denise H. Rhoney, Pharm.D., FCCP, FCCM

EKR Therapeutics

Courtney Chastain

1 (OK) approved






RSVP: 43

Attendees: 30

LUSEDRA (fospropofol disodium) injection CIV

Alex Bekker, M.D.


John Wally

1 (OK) approved


None – Annual Meeting



RSVP: 35

Attendees: 35

Overview, Outcomes, & Management for Complicated Intra-abdominal Infections


Ronald A. Greenfield, M.D.



Alan Imhoff

1 (OK) approved



RSVP: 52

Attendees: 45

Multidrug Resistance in Gram Negative Bacilli

R. Doug Hardy, M.D.


Holly Hoffman-Roberts

1 (OK) approved


None – Summer Break




Attendees: NA

APEX: The Need to Develop and Implement an Effective Antibiotic Optimization Program

Robert Rapp, Pharm.D., FCCP


Alan Imhoff

1 (OK) approved




Attendees: 53

Expanded Role of Parenteral Nutrition for Critically-Ill Patients

Jeffrey Binkley, Pharm.D.


Christina Walker

1 (OK) approved




Attendees: 28

Update on Pancreatic Enzymes

Dianne Maddox


Dianne Maddox



None – Fall Meeting




Attendees: 52

Expert Review of Doribax: Treatment of Gram Negative Infections

David Scheck, M.D.


1 (OK) approved


None - Holidays

1NA = Not available at the time of this report

2Not approved or submitted for CE credit


In 2010, the Western District met eight times to participate in continuing education and networking activities.  Seven of the presentations at these meetings have received Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy approval for 1 hour continuing education credit each for members in attendance.  There was one Western District Meeting for which continuing education was not available. 


I would like to thank our industry sponsors who have made our meetings possible including EKR Therapeutics, Ortho-McNeil, Pfizer, Cubist, EURAND, Baxter, and Eisai.  As of result of their support, Western District members have had the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics including infectious disease, nutrition, pancreatic enzymes, and critical care.  We have had great attendance at meetings this past year; our average attendance was 34 (range 28-53) members per meeting. 


Since we are the end of my term, I would like to take this opportunity and thank our dedicated members for their continued attendance and support.  It has been a very rewarding experience for me serving as the OSHP Western District Chair as I have had the opportunity to network with other Western District members and have enjoyed serving on the OSHP Board of Directors.  Our meetings have been very well attended.  Many of our sponsors have been impressed with the level of participation from our membership.  I think that this speaks well to our dedicated membership.  In short, it has indeed been a pleasure to serve the members of OSHP.  I hope to see a number of you at future meetings.     


Peter N. Johnson, BCPS
OSHP Western District Chair, 2009-2011


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Programming Committee

The Program Committee is proud to report on a very productive year, and the committee chair would like to extend a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to the committee volunteers for their hard work and endurance in planning both the 2010 Fall Meeting and the 2011 Annual Meeting.  Between these two meetings, the committee has developed 12 hours of continuing education (CE) programming for the OSHP membership.  For both meetings, American Council of Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) accreditation was provided in cooperation with the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, Office of Continuing Professional Development.  OSHP was also blessed this year with educational support from the national organization, ASHP Advantage.  At both the Fall and Annual meeting, ASHP Advantage was able to financially and logistically support a highly qualified speaker to present a clinical topic of interest to our members.


Our Committee’s charge was to arrange the program, select meeting sites, solicit papers and prepare suitable subjects for discussion at regular meetings of the OSHP, arrange qualified and engaging speakers, and obtain funding to support meeting expenses.


2010 Fall Meeting Summary


The 2010 OSHP Fall Meeting was held Friday, October 8, 2010, at the Mary K. Chapman Health Plaza at St. John  Medical Center in Tulsa.  A vendor showcase was held during the morning break and during lunch featuring 11 vendors including Boeingher-Ingelheim, Eisai, Grifols, Astra Zeneca, Holon Solutions, Ameridose, McKesson, Amgen, Morris & Dickson, EKR Therapeutics, and Centrocor Ortho Biotech. Fifty-six members attended the meeting, and 31 statements of CE credit for pharmacists were issued.


A Residency Showcase followed the meeting, highlighting programs from across Oklahoma and Kansas, including INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, Norman Regional Health System, Oklahoma City VA Medical Center, Saint Francis Hospital, The University of Oklahoma, USA Drug, W.W. Hastings Indian Hospital, Via Christi Hospitals and Wesley Medical Center.

Partial funding was acquired through an Independent Medical Education Grant for $1,000 through Amgen, Inc.


Fall Meeting attendees were eligible for up to 5 ACPE-accredited hours from the University of Oklahoma and 1 ACPE-accredited hour from ASHP Advantage, on the following topics:





Generational Differences and Opportunities for Pharmacy Practice

Alan Spies, D.Ph., MBA, JD, Ph.D.

Director of Professional Development

University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal 3E – “Our Journey”

Laura Cudd, D.Ph., Ph.D., CACP

VTE Clinical Pharmacist

Oklahoma Heart Hospital

Oklahoma City, OK


Brandy Williams, Pharm.D., BCPS

Adult Medicine Specialist

Saint Francis Hospital

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Ryan Schupbach, Pharm.D.

Clinical Pharmacy Director

Claremore Indian Hospital

Claremore, OK


Jennifer Bird, Pharm.D., BCPS, CACP

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

VA Medical Center

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Core Measures Update

Erica Martin, Pharm.D., BCPS

Clinical Pharmacist

OSU Medical Center - Internal Medicine

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Ensuring the Safe Use of Botulinum Toxin

(ASHP Advantage Sponsored)

Evelyn Hermes DeSantis, Pharm.D., BCPS

Clinical Professor

Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy

Rutgers University

Director, Drug Information Center

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Piscataway, New Jersey


Delirium and the Relationship to Anticholinergic Burden

Chandini Sharma, M.D.

Assistant Professor Medicine

University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine

Tulsa, Oklahoma




2011 Annual Meeting Summary


The 2011 OSHP Annual Meeting is to be held Friday, April 1, 2011 at the Raymond Young Conference Center at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


A Vendor Showcase will be held during the morning break and through lunch, featuring several vendors.


Annual Meeting attendees are eligible for up to 5 ACPE-accredited hours from the University of Oklahoma and 1 ACPE-accredited hour from ASHP Advantage, on the following topics:





Optimizing Bone Health in Cancer Patients

Chad Barnett, Pharm.D., BCOP
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist - Breast Oncology
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, Texas


Collaborative Medication Therapy Management Update

Yvette Morrison

Clinical Pharmacist – Infectious Diseases

INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Tracy Hagemann, Pharm. D.

Associate Professor

University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Chelsea Church, Pharm. D., BCPS

Associate Professor

Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy

Weatherford, Oklahoma


Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative

(ASHP Sponsored)

Daniel J. Cobaugh, Pharm.D., FAACT, DABAT
ASHP Research and Education Foundation


Break-Out Sessions (attendees may participate in 2 of 5)

Residency Project Pearls – Part I

Anna Nguyen, Pharm.D.

Resident – Saint Francis Hospital


Stefanie Stogsdill, Pharm.D.

Resident – Normal Regional Health System


Lee Boyd, Pharm.D.

Resident – OKC VA Medical Center


J.Trevor Knol, Pharm.D.

Resident – Normal Regional Health System


Krista Brooks, Pharm.D.

Resident – OKC VA Medical Center


Residency Project Pearls – Part II

Ross Clark, Pharm.D.

Resident – Chickasaw Nation

Jenny Chen, Pharm.D.

Resident – OKC VA Medical Center


Kelsey N. Kohman, Pharm.D.

Resident – The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy


Candace Hooper, Pharm.D.

Resident – The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy


Lisa Nguyen, Pharm.D.

Resident – INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

Hospital Pharmacy Management of Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

Josh Werth, Pharm. D.

Transplant Clinical Pharmacist

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center


Kirsten Chapman, Pharm. D.

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Solid Organ Transplantation

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Glomerular Filtration Rate or Creatinine Clearance: Which Estimation Method Should Be Used For Medication Dosing?

Teresa Lewis, Pharm. D., BCPS

Assistant Professor

University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Medication Considerations for a Hospitalized Patient with HIV Infection

Michelle Lidetke, Pharm. D., BCPS

Assistant Professor

University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Diabetes Update 2011

Katherine O’Neal, Pharm. D., M.B.A., CDE

Clinical Assistant Professor

University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



Chair:  Miki Finnin

Members:  Matthew Bird, Rebecca Dunn, Heather Edwards, Michelle Lamb, Ann Lloyd, Misty Miller

Board Liaison:   Chelsea Church

Vendor Showcase Chair: Susan Conway

Residency Showcase Chair: Mark Gales

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Finance Committee

The duty of the Finance Committee is to prepare and report a proposed budget for the Society to the Board of Directors for final approval. The Committee will be convened again in the 4th quarter of 2011 to begin preparation for the 2012 budget.

Chair: Emily Borders
Members:  Chelsea Church, Susan Conway, Martin Jarshaw and Nancy Williams

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Scholarship and Awards Committee

The committee will conduct a silent auction of theme baskets at the Annual meeting as a fund-raiser for the scholarship fund. 

The OSHP scholarships consisting of $1000 each will be presented this year to one student from each college at the annual meeting.  The recipients of the scholarships are Amulya Vanguri from the University of Oklahoma and Robert Gholson from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. 

Application forms for the Continuing Excellence Award were sent to all pharmacist members.  No one received this award this year. 

Recipients of the OSHP Senior Student Awards were selected by faculty committees at The University of Oklahoma and Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  These awards will be presented at the awards ceremony of each respective college. 

The committee sent application forms for the Sylvia J. Martin Outstanding Technician Award to all technician and pharmacist members.  There were no applicants for this award this year. 

Chair:  Michele Splinter
MembersJerri Cody, Mike Gramling, Sam Guion, Tiffany Kessler, Alice Kirkpatrick

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Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee has worked diligently to keep the membership updated on a regular basis.  During the 2010-2011 year, we have completed three newsletters.  

We will continue to showcase the accomplishments of various OSHP members in our newsletters.   The “Letter from the President” in each edition fosters communication from our leadership regarding the direction of the organization.  Student chapter reports provide insight into the activities of SWOSU and OU Colleges of Pharmacy.    Reports from each of the District Chairs highlight prior activities and provide information on upcoming Eastern and Western District meetings.  This year, activities during the 2010 OSHP Annual (Spring) Meeting and 2010 OSHP Fall Meeting and Residency Showcase were recapped in the newsletters as well.  Pharmacy clinical pearls discussing magic mouthwash, etomidate and adrenal suppression in sepsis, and intravenous acetaminophen were also included.  Meeting attendees provided briefs on the ASHP 2010 Pharmacy Leadership Institute, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting, and the 2010 ASHP Summer Meeting and Exhibition.  Finally, over the past year, we have highlighted the current OSHP Board Member through our “Get to Know the Board Members” series. 

Thanks to all who have contributed articles, photographs and other information.  Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Co-Chairs:  Debbie Poland, Winter Smith
Members:  Django Belote, Julia Chiappe, Teresa Lewis, Beth Resman-Targoff, Randall Sharp    

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Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee was responsible for solicitation of names for consideration in the election of two ASHP Delegates, OSHP offices of President-Elect and Treasurer.  Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the results of elections for various offices and positions for the coming year(s).      

ASHP Delegates: 

                Edna Patatanian (New Delegate, 2011-2013)

                Darin Smith (New Delegate, 2011-2013)

    Nancy Toedter Williams (Continuing Delegate, 2010-2012) 

ASHP Alternate Delegate: 

                None (Alternate Delegate)               

OSHP Officer Positions:               

                President-Elect                   Ann Lloyd (3-year term)

                Western District Chair         Teresa Truong (2-year term)

   Treasurer                            Pete Johnson (2-year term)                            

It has been a pleasure serving as the Nominations Committee Chair this past year.   The Committee would like to thank all of the members for their participation in the nomination process and the candidates for their willingness to serve.  Additionally, we thank the Board for their continuing support.    


Nominations Committee Chair:  Jamie Miller
Members: Jennifer Bird, Christy Cox, Sarah Payne

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Legislative Committee

Last year, efforts were made to add Collaborative Medication Therapy Management (CMTM) rules to the Oklahoma Pharmacy Act. However, the rules were withdrawn before being considered by the 2010 Oklahoma Legislature. This year is the re-building year:  the overall goal is to generate grassroots support to be able to come back in 2012 or 2013 to try again.  The overall goal for the OSHP Legislative Committee this past year was improve advocacy effectiveness in our membership. At the planning retreat the individual goals and timelines were set and are listed below. 

Committee Goal


1. Survey health-system pharmacists on involvement in collaborative    practice.


2. Increase student involvement in professional advocacy


3. Involve membership in grassroots advocacy


4. Institute an “Invite Your Legislator to Work” program for OSHP



To meet the first goal, we developed an online survey of the membership to discover what types of collaborative practice is being done by health-systems pharmacists in Oklahoma, as well as to identify what is needed to develop/expand/implement collaborative practices in health-systems.  A summary of findings was published in the Winter Newsletter.  We have used the results from the survey to provide information on collaborative practices in health-system pharmacy settings to the OK Board of Pharmacy and the CMTM Committee to provide evidence and background information to support CMTM.  Based on the identified needs of the respondents, programming is being created by the Programming Committee for OSHP.  (For a list of all objectives for each goal and more explanation, please to go the OSHP website and see the Board Minutes from the July 2010 retreat) 

***Members should look for new information and opportunities for involvement in grassroots advocacy for ALL Oklahoma pharmacists in the coming months.  Please get involved, we need you!! 

Members of the Legislative Committee attended the Oklahoma Pharmacy Legislative Day on February 16, 2011.  We encourage OSHP members to participate in next year’s Legislative Day:  it is not just for our colleagues in community/retail settings.  As health-system pharmacists, we are integral to the profession of pharmacy and should be represented. 

Thanks to the members of the committee for their hard work this year.

Chair: Tracy Hagemann
Members:  Alan Spies, Martin Bradshaw, Sheri Winner (Student member),  Wiley Williams

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Membership Committee

The dawning of a new decade is highlighted by an increase in the number of OSHP active members.

During the annual membership drive, members were given the opportunity to take advantage of a 20% membership discount for early renewal. With or without a discount, OSHP dues continue to be a “big bang for your buck”! Our annual dues continue to be some of the lowest of any ASHP state affiliate and provide you with opportunities for local networking and continuing education. Each member is imperative to the vitality of our organization, and the strength in numbers will serve us well as we move forward with legislative advocacy issues such as Collaborative Medication Therapy Management. The Committee expresses appreciation to those who continue to support the mission and vision of OSHP and continues to challenge each active member to recruit one new member this year. Stay tuned to OSHP activities by visiting our web site at

Thank you to the 2010-11 OSHP Board for their continuing support and to the membership for the opportunity to be of service.

Yvette Morrison, Pharm. D., BCPS
Membership Committee Chair, 2010 - 2011

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SWOSU Student OSHP Chapter Activity Report, 2010-2011 Academic Year

Faculty Advisors:  Tiffany Kessler and Nancy Williams 

The Southwestern Student Chapter of OSHP has had another busy and productive year.  We hosted several great speakers, organized the local Clinical Skills Competition, had a successful fund-raising campaign, and volunteered our time for some very worthy causes. 

During the fall semester, we hosted several wonderful speakers.  Dr. Mark Gales came to give our group information and helpful tips about the Clinical Skills Competition.  Other guest speakers included Dr. Janet Adams and Dr. Becca Baugher.  Dr. Adams spoke about her residency at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Oklahoma City while Dr. Baugher educated us about her work in nuclear pharmacy.  We also participated in a volunteer project with Faith Hospice of Oklahoma by helping to decorate Thanksgiving Day cupcakes for the patients under hospice care. 

To raise money to help send some of our members to the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim, California, our chapter sold t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts.  Our fundraising chairmen, Ha Trieu and Rubin Varghese, came up with six beautiful designs.  These designs were a huge hit with the students, who frequently wore the shirts throughout the school. 

As is customary in the fall, we set up and sponsored the local Clinical Skills Competition. Eight teams participated in this event in October and competed for the grand prize – a free trip to the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim.  The winning team of Robert Gholson and Patrick Kelley proudly represented SWOSU in the national competition.  To wrap-up the fall semester, we hosted a Christmas party with lots of food and fun.  We also held officer elections, with most officers from the fall semester volunteering to continue their service in the spring.  

Our chapter has had a busy spring semester so far, and we still have several great events planned before finals.  For our February student chapter meeting, Dr. Yvette Morrison from Integris Southwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City educated us about her work in infectious disease.  She described her accomplishments after graduation from pharmacy school, and she even explained how to read lab data on antibiotics.  In March, we welcomed back former Southwestern College of Pharmacy student, Dr. Jamie Miller.  She spoke with us about residencies and her work in pediatrics.  Dr. Miller provided us with vital information on different residency programs and encouraged us to apply.  Students were very interested in this particular meeting and received many tips on the process of applying for residencies. For April, we are trying a different direction and will have a very interesting speaker come visit us.  Instead of someone in the health-related field, we will have Supervisory Special Agent Daniel Williams from the FBI joining us to speak about substance abuse and his work with illegal drug cases! 

We still have many volunteer projects planned for the spring semester.  At the end of March, our student chapter is volunteering in the “Tough Enough! 5K Challenge,” which is a local fundraising event with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.  As volunteers, we are stationing ourselves at intersections and cheering on runners as they pass.  As part of our professional development project, we have chosen to get involved in an area involving patient safety and continuity of care.  In April, we will be creating personal medication records for distribution to patients at our local pharmacies.  As we hand out these cards, we will be explaining to patients the importance of knowing exactly what medications they are taking, so that when visiting a new physician or in case of an emergency, they can provide information about their drug regimen to healthcare providers.  Also in April, we will be participating in a volunteer project with Faith Hospice of Oklahoma by helping to assemble Easter baskets for the patients under hospice care

That wraps up what we have accomplished so far, and we still have more to look forward to.  We are planning on selling t-shirts as our big fundraiser for the spring semester.  We will also host a pizza party at our final meeting and use it as an opportunity to elect new officers for the fall 2011 semester. 

All of us are really looking forward to the exciting activities that next semester will bring.  We are very proud of what we have already accomplished so far and will accomplish during the remaining part of the semester.  We would like to thank all of our officers for their hard work during the past year that make it all possible.  Also, we would like to thank our faculty advisors for being so patient and supportive! 



Fall 2010

Spring 2011


Robert Gholson

Long Tran


Long Tran

Duy Nguyen


Andrew Truong

Andrew Truong


Melody Elder

Melody Elder

Fundraising Co-Chairs

Ha Trieu

Rubin Varghese

Jackie Loyd

Rubin Varghese

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University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy 2010 - 2011

Advisors:  Michele Splinter and Ann Lloyd 

The semester began with a meeting to promote our membership drive. In total, we had 68 members join the organization.  Throughout both semesters a number of speakers gave informative talks about health-system pharmacy in the state.   

The fall semester started off with our membership drive.  In total, 43 Oklahoma City Members and 16 Tulsa Members joined.  Meeting speakers for the fall semester included Shannon Holcombe who spoke about services offered at the Oklahoma Poison Control Center, Dr. Miki Finnin who spoke about the benefits of OSHP membership, and Dr. Chelsea Church (OSHP President & Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at SWOSU College of Pharmacy) who spoke about OSHP’s mission statement, goals and future development.  During the spring semester, Dr. Jeff Stroup will discuss his practice with the internal medicine group at the OSU Medical center in Tulsa.   

In October, Michele Splinter, co-advisor, gave a presentation on preparation for the Clinical Skills Competition.  Thirteen teams participated in the competition held later that month.  The winners of the competition, Christin Rivera (P-3 OKC) and Fred Huynh (P-4 OKC), represented the college at the national competition held at the ASHP Clinical Midyear Meeting in Anaheim, California in December. 

In November, the student chapter of OSHP joined with fellow organizations such as SNAPhA and APhA-ASP to sponsor a Residency Panel.  The panel consisted of PGY1 residents Candace Hooper, Christina Bulkley, and Jessica Collum along with PGY2 residents Heather Edwards, Kelsey Kohman, Sarah Hopps, and Misty Miller.  Residents also had an evening panel for the P-4s so that they could ask relevant questions before applying for positions. 

In March, sOSHP sponsored a Health Sciences Center wide presentation by Dr. Garth Splinter, Oklahoma Medicaid Director with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.  He spoke on “Impact of Healthcare Reform on Oklahoma Health”.  Monies to provide lunch in Oklahoma City were received from the HSC Student Council. 

The OU Student Chapter of OSHP partners with the Oklahoma Poison Control Center and the American Lung Association to provide services to the community.  sOSHP participated in the Homeless Health Fair located at the City Rescue Mission of OKC by sponsoring a Smoking Cessation Outreach and Information Booth.  Our goal was to educate patients on various life-style changes and pharmacological approaches to smoking cessation.    This project was presented as a poster at the student showcase at the ASHP Clinical Midyear Meeting.   Members volunteered at the SandRidge Santa Run in OKC in December to provide information about Poison Prevention to school-aged children and to increase awareness of household toxins.  Other community service projects included the provision of vaccinations and glucose testing for patients this year at the Asian Health Fair at Trinity International Baptist Church in OKC and the Korean Health Fair at Oklahoma Korean First Presbyterian Church in OKC. 

sOSHP has again gained recognition as an Officially Recognized Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy by ASHP.  As such, one student received a free registration to the ASHP Midyear meeting.  This was given to Nasim Aghaienia, service chair (Tulsa), who attended the meeting and presented a poster.  In addition, Amulya Vanguri received a leather portfolio as current president of an officially recognized chapter.  Kate Denney will receive the past president’s award. 

Fundraisers included multiple bake sales and selling OU wrist bands. 

Current officers are as below.  Elections for next year’s leadership will be held in April. 


Spring 2009-Spring 2010



Amulya Vanguri


Chi Ly (OKC)

Bruce Winchester (Tulsa)


Angie Quach (OKC)

Katy Graves (Tulsa)


Linda Le (OKC)

Bethany Francis (Tulsa)


Minlan Chen (OKC)

Thahn Hien Wang (Tulsa)

Service Chairs

Crystal Luong (OKC)

Nasim Aghaienia (Tulsa)




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