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2013 August Board Minutes
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OSHP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 9th, 2013, 2:00 – 4:00 pm

University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy
Oklahoma City, OK (Room ORI 4410) and Tulsa, OK (Room 2H37)


With a quorum present, President Finnin called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.

Members Present: Miki Finnin, President 
Rebecca Dunn, President-Elect
Ann Lloyd, Past-President
Matt Bird, Treasurer
Kari McCracken, Secretary
Kristie Williams, Eastern District Chair
Debbie Poland, Western District Chair  

Members Absent:  

The July Board meeting minutes were approved via email voting. 

A. Secretary 
i. No report 
B. Treasurer
i. Uncleared checks– Matt discussed the status of the uncleared check to SWOSU with Dr. Ralph.  The check will be removed from the uncleared transaction field on the reconciliation detail.   The check to Emily Beasley will also be removed from removed and the sum rolled back into the account.  
ii. American Heritage Certificate of Deposit -- Miki Finnin did not renew the CD with American Heritage account.  The amount was deposited into the Bank of Oklahoma checking account as reflected in the financial statement provided.  
iii. PayPal account – On August 7th, Matt transferred $11,000 from the PayPal account into the Bank of Oklahoma checking account.  This amount will be reflected on next month’s Quickbooks report.    A balance of $5,000 was left in the account to cover certain transactions (i.e., refunds).  
iv. August 7th, 2013 Balance Sheet – Total of all current assets including PayPal account total $252,048.61

C. Western District Chair 
i. The August meeting will be August 29th and is sponsored by Cubist Pharmaceuticals.  
ii. The September meeting will be held on September 12th and will be sponsored by sanofi-aventis.
iii. The November meeting will be held on November 14th and the sponsor is Boerhringer-Ingelheim. 

D. Eastern District Chair 
i. The August meeting will be held August 13th at Flemings and to topic will be COPD.   This will be the Resident’ Recognition Night for the Eastern District.    At this time, 50 people have RSVP’d for the meeting with 15 members on the wait list.  
ii. Student focused meetings – Kristie is currently working to schedule two meetings – one in the Eastern District and one in the Western District.  Kristie has secured catering bids from Abuelo’s and will also obtain a bid from Ted’s.  
1. The Eastern District’s meeting will focus on financial planning with a speaker from Northwestern Mutual.   The target student population is the P4s.  
2. The Western District’s meeting will have a pharmacist panel.  

E. Past-President
i. Next Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy Meeting is August 21st. 

F. President-Elect
i. Rebecca announced her resignation of her President-elect position on the Board due to a family move outside of the state.    

G. President 
i. Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy New Building Reception on Friday September 20th and Dedication on September 21st.  
1. A request for volunteer representatives from the Board was made.  None of the Board members were available to attend the reception or the dedications ceremony.  


A. Programming Committee – Miki Finnin, Board Liaison 
i. Fall meeting – 
1. All topics and speakers have been lined up for the Fall meeting.  
2. Budget for the meeting is pending.  

B. Membership Committee – Kristie Williams, Board Liaison
i. Membership mixers – 
1. The membership mixer in Oklahoma City will occur on October 4th at McNellie’s.  The attendees will each receive a $5 dollar drink ticket.  
2. The membership mixer in Tulsa will occur on October 17th and will also be at McNellie’s (1st and Elgin location).  The attendees will also receive a $5 dollar drink ticket.  

C. Finance Committee – Matt Bird, Chair
i. Matt presented the committee’s recommendations on provision of membership and meeting registration discounts.  
ii. Membership 
1. Two different schemes: 
a. 10% discount for >5 memberships or $10 off per membership for >5 memberships.    See table below for how this would look.  $10 scheme is more advantageous to the purchaser, but may help boost membership numbers.  
b. Early bird discount of $65 if renew before 1/1/xx each year is a good idea (still offered?).  This is a great selling point if we roll out the institutional discount, so everyone in the organization feels that they all have access to a discount.

$10 off
# of memberships Original price Discounted Price Bulk Membership Savings
5 375 325 50
10 750 650 100
20 1500 1300 200
30 2250 1950 300
10% Discount
5 375 337.5 37.5
10 750 675 75
20 1500 1350 150
30 2250 2025 225

iii. Meeting registration
1. 10% discount for 5 or more registrations
2. Early bird registration fees.  

D. Social/Media Ad Hoc Committee – Miki Finnin
i. The committee has had difficulties meeting but a meeting has been rescheduled for August 15th.  


A. Committee Chair Discussion/Goals – Miki Finnin
i. Miki will present information at the September Board meeting.  

B. Board liaison to social media and communications – Miki Finnin
i. The person that fills the new President-Elect position on the board will be the liaison to the social media and communications committee. 

C. CD re-discussion of investment options – Miki Finnin
i. Since the time of the previous discussion of investment options for the previous Bank of Oklahoma CD money, some of the rates have improved.  Bank of Oklahoma has a different option for the organization to invest money in.  There is a CD with a 6 year term investing in the S&P 500 with a minimum guarantee of 0.6% return (which could go as high as 14%).  
1. A motion was made to invest $30,000 into the S & P 500 fund for the minimum return of 0.6%.  The Board voted to approve the motion. 
ii. The finance committee will decide the best investment opportunity for the balance received from closure of the American Heritage CD.  


A. President- Elect Board Position Vacancy – Miki Finnin
i. Board discussed the organizations bylaws concerning replacement of the elected Board member.   Miki will discuss further with ASHP the appropriate direction to take to best fill the vacant Board position.  

B. Membership and meeting registration discounts  -- Matt Bird
i. Matt presented recommendations from the Finance committee on providing membership and meeting registration discounts (See above Finance committee report).
i. A motion was made to provide an early bird membership renewal this Fall.  Board did not approve motion. 
ii. A motion was made to leave membership fees the same: Board approved motion.  

C. Scholarship Award Policy  -- Miki Finnin 
i. Michelle Splinter, Chair of the Scholarship and Awards committee, noted on review of the policies and procedures that in the description of the OSHP Scholarship there was not a specification for P3 students only.
i. A motion was made to add “P3” into the description to better clarify the preferred applicant pool.  The Board approved this motion.    

D. ASHP Midyear Meeting – Miki Finnin
i. Board members were asked about their plans to attend this year’s midyear meeting.  At this time, Kari McCracken, is the only Board member that will be in attendance.  Miki will forward her the information on attendance at the state affiliate related events. 

E. Oklahoma Hospital Association Workshop – Partners for Patients – August 22nd -- Miki Finnin
i. A request for pharmacist participation had been sent.  Miki presented the information to the Board to pass on to any interested parties.  

A. With no further items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 3:44 pm.  The next Board meeting will be held on September 6th at 2:00 pm.  

Submitted by:  Kari McCracken, Secretary

1. President Elect Position Vacancy – Miki Finnin
a. Miki discussed the Board position vacancy with our ASHP affiliate liaison, Aileen, on August 13th.  Aileen said that she did not see specific guidelines/rules in the organizations bylaws to specifically address this issue and felt that the Board should then follow the second part of the bylaws, which says to appoint someone within our membership to the Board position.  Aileen also noted that most affiliates, in the same position, have pulled a person from their current Board, not their membership to fill the position.  This ensured that orientation to the Board was at a minimum.   After discussion with all Board members, Kari McCracken expressed some interest in moving from the Secretary position to the President-elect position.   
i. A motion was made to appoint Kari McCracken to the position of President-Elect on the current Board.  The Board approved the motion.
b. The Secretary position will be filled from the membership. 

2. OSHP Representation at the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy Building Reception and Dedication. 
a. Tracy Hagemann graciously agreed to represent the organization at the building dedication and reception.  

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