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2013 February Board Meeting Minutes
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OSHP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 27th, 2013, 3:00 – 5:00 pm
University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy
Oklahoma City, OK (Room 230) and Tulsa, OK (Room ID29)


With a quorum present, President Lloyd called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

Members Present: Ann Lloyd, President
Miki Finnin, President-Elect
Nancy Williams, Past-President
Peter Johnson, Treasurer
Kari McCracken, Secretary
Teresa Truong, Western District Chair 

Members Absent: Kristi Williams, Eastern District Chair 
Corey Williams, SWOSU Student Liaison
Roshni Patel, OU Student Liaison 

The January Board meeting minutes were submitted to the Board electronically and approved via e-mail vote.  

A. Secretary 
i. Membership report – As of January 2013, the Western District has 226 members with 85 members that have not renewed.  The Eastern District has 154 members with 47 who have not renewed.  

B. Treasurer
 i. Year to date financial summary was presented.  Pete reported that he accounts are up approximately $3000 since January.   The increased revenue is due to an increase in the Fall meeting fee and no discount on the annual membership fee.  
ii.  1099 Preparation – Our accountant helped prepare and distribute the forms to those qualified to receive them.  

C. Western District Chair 
i.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 14th and will address the topic of mealtime insulin therapy.  Sponsor is Lilly.
ii.  There will not be a meeting in April.
iii. Teresa is currently working on scheduling a meeting for May. 

D. Eastern District Chair 
i. The January meeting was on the 26th at Flemings in Tulsa.  Cubist sponsored the meeting. The topic was Transitions of Care.   There was a record number of RSVPs with a low turnout.  Kristi will start sending the invitations out through Lisa.  The members will have to RSVP directly to Kristi instead of using the Evite system.  
ii. The March meeting is scheduled for March 19th at the Chalkboard Restaurant and the sponsor is American Regent.  

E. Past-President
i. No report

F. President-Elect 
i. No report 

G. President
i. Items for discussion provided under old and new business.


A. Programming Committee -- Ann Lloyd, Committee member
i. The Annual meeting brochure has been sent out.  
ii. The committee would like to continue selling baskets at the meeting to benefit the Scholarship and Awards Committee.  Historically, the Board has provided a basket for the meeting.  

B. Nominations Committee – Nancy Williams, Board Liaison
i. The committee bas sent out a request for nominations for the open positions – Western District Chair and Treasurer.  There are currently two people nominated for Treasurer and no one is nominated for Western District Chair.  There have been several nominations for President-elect.   The committee will send out a reminder email. 

C. Scholarships/Awards Committee – Kari McCracken, Board Liaison
i. The Continuing Excellence Award applications have been sent to the committee members for approval.   There are two nominations.  The response deadline is March 1st. 
ii. The OSHP Scholarship applications will be sent out together at a later date so that the committee members can look at them as a group. 

D. Finance Committee – Pete Johnson, Committee Chair
i. Pete provided the Board a copy of the Budget.  He stated that it will be more of a “living document” as the Board and the committee will be able to the organization’s actual expenses in comparison to what was budgeted.  
ii. Continuation of CDs -- Due to the fact the CDs are yielding a low interest rate resulting in an insignificant amount of income, a question was posed about continuing investing in this type of an account.   Please see section under New Business for further discussion. 

E. Newsletter Committee – Teresa Truong, Board Liaison
i. The most recent newsletter was sent out in late December
ii. Due to the large size of the last newsletter, a suggestion was made that the organization needs to purchase software to change the word document into PDF to decrease the size of the attachment.  

F. Social Media/Communications Committee – Pete Johnson, Committee Chair 
i. The committee has been in contact with the Chair of the Membership committee to discuss membership database possibilities.   The cost of the database the Membership Committee has been most interested in is $6500/year with a $2500 start up fee. 
ii. The committee is in the process of developing a survey for the membership to help decide the direction the Committee will take in exploring the usefulness of the different forms of social media.  The Board discussed ways to motivate the membership to complete the survey.  A decision was made to provide two $50 Visa giftcards for a drawing of those that participated.  

G. Legislative Committee – 
i. Legislative day was completely staffed.  Snow started coming down before the Health Fair started in the afternoon resulting in a lower attendance compared to prior years.  

H. Newsletter Committee – Teresa Truong, Board Liaison
i. The committee is currently working on the next newsletter.  They should be close to having it complete by the March meeting.  

I. Bylaw Revision Committee
i. Report under Old Business 

A. Guidelines and Policies update – Ann Lloyd
i. A Board vote was made to accept all of the following changes to Guidelines and Policies
1. Program committee – 
a. A statement was added to the section detailing a budget reconciliation process for the Program Committee Chair
2. Nominations committee – 
a. A change was made to the statement “…with a minimum of two candidates for each office” to say “with the goal of having at least two candidates for each office”
b. In regards to District chair elections, the District Chairs are now elected in the same manner as all other officers.
c. Remove “mail” and “return” from #1 so that it reads “Conduct the Annual ASHP House of Delegates Election for the state of Oklahoma.  The exact deadline and a mailing list will be provided by ASHP.  A call for delegates along with preparation and counting of the ballots should be accomplished by December.”
d. Will remove #6 which states “the current OSHP’s Pharmacist of the Year will conduct the ensuing year’s OSHP Pharmacist of the Year selection process” since it is not the responsibility of the nominations committee.
3. Legislative committee – 
a. Change #3 to state “Work with the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association, Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy and other state pharmacy organizations in an effort to present a unified front for pharmacy on all legislation relative to pharmacy practice.
b. Delete #5 – Explore benefits and drawbacks of political action committee support as well as support for individual candidates for state offices. 
4. Finance committee – 
a. Add a statement that every 2 years the committee should evaluate the value of the CDs
5. OSHP student awards – 
a. In the past the OSHP Scholarship Award has stated that applicants should be active members of their student chapter of OSHP.  Recommendation to change to state “preference will be given to those active in the student society.”  This statement should be moved from 2.2 to 3.2
6. Continuing Excellence Award –
a. Add statement that says that criteria listed are examples and not all-inclusive.  
b. Under Category II, combine both poster/lecturer criteria to say: Lecture or poster at a professional meeting (local, regional, national, international)
c. Add “or another national organization” to the end of “Serving on an ASHP Council or Committee.”
7. Financial Guideline for Budget Preparation –
a. Change “OSHP financial reserves” to say “OSHP total financial assets”
8. Honorariums – 
a. Add “The Program Committee is authorized to offer no more than travel expenses and registration for panel members and Pharmacy Resident presenters”
9. Membership Renewal Policy
a. Date does not match the date in the bylaws.  Recommend changing January 1st to February 1st as the date that all non-paid members will become inactive members in the database.
10. Social Media Policy – 
a. Recommend specific language be developed for a disclaimer for Board members who use their own social media accounts so that statements made on their accounts can not be seen as representation of the Board

B. Oklahoma Pharmacy Alliance meeting – Miki Finnin
i. The meeting was held on February 20th in Oklahoma City.   Representatives from the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) led the meeting.   OSHP is splitting the cost of the meeting ($950) with ASCP.

A. Changes in investing organization’s funds in CDs – Pete asked the Board about continuing to invest in CDs due to their low interest rate.  The group discussed the possibility of keeping two years of operating expenses in CDs with the excess monies being invested in the members of the society.  A decision was made to keep two years of operating expenses ($90,000) in CDs with a plan to re-evaluate the appropriateness of the amount every 2 years.   The Board and Finance committee will investigate ways to invest remaining funds into organization. 
B. Focus group request – Lourdes Planas has contacted Ann about conducting a focus group with some of our members.  She is working with the Million Hearts Initiative to determine what Pharmacists are doing in their practice to impact cardiovascular/stroke prevention.  The Board discussed the possibility of our membership participating in a focus group after one of our monthly district meetings.  The Board decided that it would be appropriate to announce the ability to participate but not hold a focus group meeting after one of the district meetings.  
C. Annual meeting budget
a. The budget was presented and approved by the Board with suggested alterations. 
D. Affiliate Benchmarking Follow-up
a. Tabled until the March Board Meeting

A. With no further items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.  The next Board meeting will be March 15th from 2-4 pm.  

Submitted by:  Kari McCracken, Secretary

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