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2013 January Board Meeting Minutes
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OSHP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 18th, 2013, 2:00 – 4:00 pm
University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy
Oklahoma City, OK (Room 230) and Tulsa, OK (Room ID25)


With a quorum present, President Lloyd called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.

Members Present: Ann Lloyd, President
Miki Finnin, President-Elect
Peter Johnson, Treasurer
Kari McCracken, Secretary
Kristi Williams, Eastern District Chair
Teresa Truong, Western District Chair 

Members Absent: Corey Williams, SWOSU Student Liaison
Roshni Patel, OU Student Liaison 

The December Board meeting minutes were submitted to the Board electronically and approved via e-mail vote.  

a. Secretary 
i. Kari is working with Lisa to obtain a current membership report.  She will have an up-to-date report at the February board meeting. 

b. Treasurer
 i. Year to date financial summary was presented.  The end of year total is higher than last year.  This may be due to the increase in the fall meeting fee along with the lack of discount for membership renewal.
ii.  The budget update was presented.  The budget was finished and sent to the Finance Committee for review and comment.  The goal is to present the budget to the board in February for final approval.
iii.  2012 taxes update.  Pete has been in contact with the accountant that helps with tax preparation for OSHP.  The accountant will help with 1099 preparation for our staff secretary.

c. Western District Chair 
i.  There was no January meeting
ii.  The February meeting will be on February 19, with the final details still being worked out.  The March meeting will be on March 14.
iii.  Teresa has lined up sponsors for April, May, and June which will be helpful for the new Western District Chair.

d. Eastern District Chair 
i. The January meeting had to be cancelled as the sponsor was not able to allow technicians or students to attend.  OSHP made the decision to cancel this meeting since it is part of our mission to involve students and technicians.
ii. The February meeting will be on Tuesday, February 26, 2013.  The sponsor is Cubist and the topic is transitions of care.

e. Past-President
i. Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy Meeting Update—The Board now allows prescriptions to be faxed with the receiving facility responsible for verification.  
ii. The Board will make it mandatory for all pharmacy students to attend one Board meeting.  The requirement will start once the Board moves to their new location.  
iii. The next meetings are scheduled for March  7th, April 11th and May 15th.   Nancy is unable to attend the meeting in March and asked if anyone would be able to attend in her place. 

f. President-Elect 

g. President
i. Items for discussion provided under old and new business.


a. Programming Committee -- Ann Lloyd, Committee member
i. The programming committee is ready to send out the brochure but they are waiting on resident information.  
ii. There has been a lot of interest from the vendors to participate.  
iii. Jennifer is planning to submit a meeting budget for the Board to vote on.  
iv. Clinical Pearls sessions – Ann only received 14 submissions from the residents in the state to present during the session.  When residency directors were polled about the change in selection of residents to present, they felt that it was fair and reflected real world submissions for meetings.  

b. Nominations Committee – Nancy Williams, Board Liaison
i. Due to the change in the timeline for OSHP’s nominations for the State Board of Pharmacy, a ballot could not be sent out to the membership for vote.  Nancy notified the nominations committee.  She asked that someone from the committee find out what the timeline for the nominations are next year so that the committee can plan for a membership vote on State Board nominations.  
ii. The committee is ready to send out a request for nominations for open positions – Western District Chair and Treasurer

c. Scholarships/Awards Committee – Kari McCracken, Board Liaison
i. Michelle Splinter, committee chair, is getting ready to send out application procedures for the student scholarships.  She is waiting on a Board vote on the changes to the criteria for the “Continuing Excellence” award before the information is sent out to the membership. 

d. Newsletter Committee – Teresa Truong, Board Liaison
i. The most recent newsletter was sent out in late December
ii. Due to the large size of the last newsletter, a suggestion was made that the organization needs to purchase software to change the word document into PDF to decrease the size of the attachment.  

e. Social Media/Communications Committee – 
i. Emails were sent out in the Fall discussing things to consider for media for recordkeeping software.  

a. Guidelines and Policies update – Ann Lloyd
i. Ann has not received any feedback from the membership on the updates to the guidelines/policies sent to the membership via email.  
ii. Several Board members had not had the time to review the document before the meeting so a vote on the changes will be done via email.  Michelle Splinter would like to use the new criteria in the updated guidelines/policies for the “Continuing Excellence” award.  Due to the close time line, the Board reviewed that specific section of the document and voted to approve those criteria for that award.  The remainder of the document will be voted on at the February meeting.

b. Oklahoma Pharmacy Alliance meeting – Miki Finnin
i. At the December Board meeting, the Board voted to co-sponsor the meeting with the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacist.  Miki has tried to contact Keith Swanson from that group to plan the event.  A date for the meeting has not been decided upon.  

c. Tax status Designation  -- Ann Lloyd
i. Ann has contacted our Affiliate Liaison regarding more information on other affiliates with similar tax designation.  She has not heard a response yet.  In the interim, she would like to poll the membership about contributing a certain percentage of their dues to a PAC in lieu of a change in the organization’s tax status.  She has heard from some members that they would prefer the organization to make a donation rather than individual donations.  

a. Affiliate Benchmarking Report (attachments) – Ann Lloyd 
i. The document provides results from other organizations in comparison to our organizational responses.  Topics from the documents discussed during the meeting include registration fees for meetings, price of vendor booths at meetings, membership fees, and the availability of poster sessions at some of the organizations’ meetings.  

b. Resolutions for ASHP House of Delegates 2013
i. Beverly, our Affiliate Liaison, sent out a call for resolutions.  The Board discussed ways to get our membership more involved with the process and how our delegates should communicate feedback after the meeting to our membership.

c. Oklahoma Partners in Health – Ann Lloyd
i. Coalition formed from the Oklahoma Hospital Association wanting to expand the Oklahoma Medicaid program. They would like to use OSHP’s name to support their cause.  The Board decided to not support this cause at this time.  

a. With no further items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 3:10 pm.  The next Board meeting will be February 15th from 2-4 pm.  

Submitted by:  Kari McCracken, Secretary

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