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2013 July Board Meeting Minutes
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OSHP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

July 19th, 2013, 2:00 – 4:00 pm
University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy
Oklahoma City, OK (Room ORI 4410) and Tulsa, OK (Room 2H37)


With a quorum present, President Finnin called the meeting to order at 2:25 p.m.

Members Present: Miki Finnin, President 
Rebecca Dunn, President-Elect
Matt Bird, Treasurer
Kari McCracken, Secretary
Kristie Williams, Eastern District Chair
Debbie Poland, Western District Chair  

Members Absent:   Ann Lloyd, Past-President

The June Board meeting minutes were approved by the Board via email voting. 

A. Secretary 
i. Membership Report
1. Western District: 181 members
a. 1st Year: 14
b. Pharmacists: 123
c. Students: 38
d. Supporting: 2
e. Technicians: 2
2. Eastern District: 153 members
a. 1st year: 10
b. Pharmacists: 89
c. Students: 22
d. Supporting: 4
e. Technicians: 25

B. Treasurer
i. The organization’s taxes have been filed for 2012.
ii. Biannual audit has been completed and the Accountant has been paid.  
iii. Budget – Awaiting final fund transfer from the certificates of deposit to work out a budget in Quickbooks

iv. Quickbooks Reconciliation Data Report— Matt spoke to Pete regarding non-cleared checks since 2010.   Several were resolved and Matt will work to reconcile the others. 

v. July 9th, 2013 Balance Sheet – Total of all current assets including paypal account total $240,502.43

vi. Paypal account – Matt will remove money from that account leaving $5000 to cover certain types of transactions. 

C. Western District Chair 
i. American Regent will sponsor the August meeting and the topic will be injectable iron.
ii. The September meeting will be held on September 12th and will be sponsored by sanofi-aventis.
iii. The November meeting will be held on November 14th and the sponsor is Boerhringer-Ingelheim. 

D. Eastern District Chair 
i. The July meeting is scheduled for the July 23rd and the topic is idiopathic hemophilia. 
ii. The August meeting will be held August 13th at Flemings and to topic will be COPD.   This will be the Resident’ Recognition Night for the Eastern District. 

E. Past-President
i. Not report 

F. President-Elect
i. No report

G. President 
i. See Old and New Business items below


A. Programming Committee – Miki Finnin, Board Liaison 
i. Fall meeting – 
1. A venue has been found for October 25th.  Virginia College has offered meeting space free of charge. 
2. Programming for the meeting will include:
a. Bugs/antimicrobial presentation by Ann Lloyd, Pharm.D. 
b. Jeff Stroup, Pharm.D. will provide a presentation on the new sepsis guidelines.  
c. A grant from ASHP for a 1.5 hours presentation on multiple myeloma
d. The committee is trying to identify 2 more speakers for the meeting

B. Membership Committee – Kristie Williams, Board Liaison
i. Membership mixers – A suggestion was made by pharmacy students to have the mixers on a Friday night instead of during the week so that more students could be in attendance.  The target dates are October 4th and 18th .  

C. Scholarship Committee --  Miki Finnin
i. Michele Splinter, Committee Chair, has asked that clarification be made on the OSHP Scholarship Award in the Guidelines and Policies.  The Award is specifically for P3 Pharmacy Students and that is not specified in the Guidelines and Policies document.  This will be added to the Board meeting agenda for August.  

D. Social/Media Ad Hoc Committee – Miki Finnin
i. Tim Anderson, committee chair, sent out a request for preferred meeting date.  The committee will discuss the revision of the website at their first meeting. 


A. OSHP Certificates of Deposit (CDs) – Miki Finnin 
i. The American Heritage CD will mature on July 26th.  A decision has been made to remove the money and reinvest $30,000 in another certificate of deposit.  Due to the closeness of the maturity date, the Board decided to move the money on/around July 26th to the Bank of Oklahoma Checking Account.   A decision of where to reinvest will be made a future date by the Finance Committee. 

B. Fall meeting – Miki Finnin
i. CE to be provided by University of Oklahoma – A vote for the University of Oklahoma to continue the provision of CE for the Fall meeting was made.  
ii. Bulk Pricing – A discussion was had about the possibility of providing bulk discounts for memberships and/or meeting registration.   Several scenarios were discussed.  A decision was made to send to the Finance Committee for further discussion and a decision.

C. ASHP Affiliate Benchmarking Survey – Miki Finnin
i. The survey has been completed and submitted.  

D. Committee Chair Discussion/Goals – Miki Finnin
i. Due to time limitations, this meeting agenda item will be move to the August meeting to allow for appropriate open discussion. 


A. Student Focused Meetings – Kristie Williams
i. Kristie spoke to several students and they were interested in having a Financial Advisor provide information at a meeting.  Kristie has a contact in Tulsa and will find one in Oklahoma City to provide information on both OU campuses and at SWOSU.   Discussion was had about potentially sponsor a lunch program at each College.  Kristie will contact both Colleges of Pharmacy and determine dates for these meetings.  

B. Newsletter Approval Process – Miki Finnin
i. A decision was made by the Board to not require Board approval or review before each newsletter is published. 

A. With no further items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 3:27 pm.  The next Board meeting will be held on August 9th at 2:00 pm.  

Submitted by:  Kari McCracken, Secretary

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