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2013 May Board Meeting Minutes
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OSHP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 3rd, 2013, 3:00 – 5:00 pm
University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy
Oklahoma City, OK (Room 230) and Tulsa, OK (Room 2H37)


With a quorum present, President Finnin called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

Members Present: Miki Finnin, President
Rebecca Dunn, President-Elect
Ann Lloyd, Past-President 
Matt Bird, Treasurer
Kari McCracken, Secretary
Kristie Williams, Eastern District Chair
Debbie Poland, Western District Chair 

Members Absent:   Corey Williams, SWOSU Student Liaison
Roshni Patel, OU Student Liaison 

The March Board meeting and Annual meeting minutes have been approved by the Board via email votes pending recommended changes. 

A. Secretary 
i. Membership report – The Eastern District currently has 127 active members and the Western District currently has 179 active members.  

B. Treasurer
i. Year to date financial summary was presented.  The organization has total current assets of $248,406.30.  The account balances are inaccurate at the moment due to the number of outstanding checks that exist on the banking account.     

ii. Paypal account—The account currently has $15,000 in it.  A certain sum should remain because prior Treasurers have used it to reimburse members for inadvertently paid meeting fees.  A proposal was made to leave only $5,000.  The Board voted to approve the proposal.   

iii. Signature cards – The documents are being completed so that the appropriate Board members’ names will be on each of OSHPs accounts.  

iv. Laptop purchase for use by the Treasurer – The Board voted via an email vote to approve the purchase of a laptop for the Treasurer.  A laptop has been purchased and all data has been transferred including the Quickbooks software.  

C. Western District Chair 
i. No report 

D. Eastern District Chair 
i. The May meeting will be on the 21st at the French Hen in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The sponsor for the program is Amgen Pharmaceuticals.   The topic is: Prevention of Skeletal Related events: Clinical Data and Dosing Considerations.  The speaker will be Mandy C. Leonard, Pharm.D., BCPS

E. Past-President
i. Information under Old and New Business

F. President-Elect 
i. No report 

G. President
i. Information under Old and New Business 


A. Programming Committee -- Ann Lloyd, Board Liaison
i. Jennifer Wakefield, Programming Committee Chair, will provide a budget reconciliation from the Annual Meeting for our June Board Meeting.  


A. OSHP Certificates of Deposit (CDs) – Miki Finnin 
i. The current Board is responsible for deciding whether to keep the American Heritage Bank CDs with American Heritage Bank or move to another Bank that provides a higher interest rate.   Matt and Rebecca will investigate other Bank options (other than those at the Bank of Oklahoma and American Heritage Bank) and will provide the Board with more information before a decision is made.  

B. Social Media Survey Results – Miki Finnin 
i. A survey went out to our membership in March asking different questions regarding social media.  The survey found that 78% of the responders used Facebook with the next highest site being Linkedin.  Seventy-three percent of our survey responders did not know that OSHP had a Facebook or Twitter accounts.   The majority of the responders (97%) would still prefer to receive OSHP notifications by email.  Only 32% of the responders said that they would like to be notified by the Facebook account.   The Board further discussed different ways to utilize the survey information to impact communication with the membership.  A proposal was made for Miki to talk to Ben Welch about some of the issues identified with the website.  There was also a suggestion to form a committee that is in charge of the social media accounts and the content of the website.  Miki will bring the information she obtains from her discussion with Ben back to the June Board meeting for further discussion.  

C. Guidelines and Policies Update – Ann Lloyd
i. Ann has updated the Guidelines and Policies.  The Board discussed the possibility of posting the document as a PDF on the website instead of printing out a copy for each of the Board members.  

D. ASHP Regional Delegate Conference – Matt Bird
i. Both Matt Bird and Lisa Mayer will be attending the Regional Delegate Conference in Atlanta the week of May 6th.  All three delegates, Lisa Mayer, Matt Bird, and Darin Smith, will attend the ASHP Summer Meeting House of Delegates in June.  

A. Mercy Health News Release for Pharmacist of the Year – Miki FInnin
i. Miki provided the news blast from Mercy Health sent out in recognition of Richard Wheeler receipt of the “Pharmacist of the Year” award from OSHP.  

B. Dates and Locations of the Fall and Annual Meeting – Ann Lloyd
i. The Annual meeting will be held in Oklahoma City in 2014.  Ann suggested that the meeting be held on April 4th with a backup date of April 25th to avoid conflicts with national pharmacy meetings.  The Board discussed possible venues for the meeting.  Matt will inquire further about using conference space on the OU Health Sciences Center Campus for the meeting.
ii. The Fall meeting will be held in Tulsa.  Ann proposed the dates of October 18th or the 25th to avoid conflicts with national meetings and football schedules.  Ann will check with Saint Francis Hospital to see if either of those dates will be available for use of their facilities.  

C. Committee Assignments including Board Liaisons – Miki Finnin
i. Miki has contacted all current Committee Chairs about returning for the 2013-2014 year.   She has heard quite a few positive results.  

D. Meeting Folders – Miki Finnin
i. Each meeting folder costs approximately $12 to produce.  Our staff secretary spent 8 hours putting together all the folders for the Annual meeting in April.  The Board voted to provide the documents contained in the meeting folders to the attendees online before the meeting.  

E. ASHP Benchmarking Survey – Miki Finnin 
i. Miki has received the annual survey and will complete it for further discussion at the June board meeting.  

F. Technician Scorecard – Ann Lloyd
i. Ann was contacted by our ASHP affiliate liaison about the Emily Jerry Foundation release of technician scoring for each of the states.  Our state received a 45 or a D score.   The scoring is based on the state’s laws and regulations related to technicians.  Ann will forward the letter on to Rebecca so that she can bring it to the attention of the Legislative committee.  

G. Further Board meeting dates and Strategic Planning Retreat Date – Miki Finnin
i. The Board decided that the best time to meet is from 2-4 pm on the first Friday of the month.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 7th from 2-4 pm.  Ann will schedule meeting rooms on both campuses through May 2014.  
ii. Miki will send out a Doodle survey regarding date preferences for the strategic planning retreat.  She will include the newly appointed Committee Chairs and student representatives.  

A. With no further items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 pm.  The next Board meeting will be held on June 7th from 2-4 pm.  

Submitted by:  Kari McCracken, Secretary

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