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2014 August Board Meeting Minutes
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August 20, 2014 3:17 – 4:09 PM
Oklahoma City, OK (Room 230) and Tulsa, OK (Room 2H37)

With a quorum present, President Kari McCracken called the meeting to order at 3:17pm.

Members Present: Kari McCracken, President
Randall Sharp, President-Elect
Debbie Poland, Western District Chair (via telephone)
Emily Gray, Easter District Chair
Teresa Lewis, Secretary
Members Absent: Miki Finnin, Past-President
Matt Bird, Treasurer 
Guests Present: Lisa Slaton, Staff Secretary (via telephone)

The July Board meeting minutes were emailed to board members and approved via email voting. 

A. Secretary
Membership report
Western District: 191 Members                   Eastern District: 156 members
1st Year: 14                                              1st year: 6
Pharmacists: 122                                       Pharmacists: 103
Students: 47                                              Students: 17
Supporting: 2                                             Supporting: 3
Technicians: 5                                           Technicians: 19
Residents:   3                                            Residents: 3

B. Treasurer – no report
C. Eastern District Chair
There were 27 members at the July Eastern District meeting.
The Resident’s recognition night will be on August 28, 2014.
Eastern District meetings are booked through February.

D. Western District Chair
The August Western District meeting had 40 attendees.  
Alexion will be sponsoring the September Western District meeting.
Western District meetings are booked through December including a western district meeting for the month of October.  There are 2-3 sponsors interested in hosting meetings for the upcoming year. 
Debbie will talk with sOSHP faculty mentors and students, to explore student interest and options for the OSHP student mentoring programming.  She will report findings at the next OSHP Board Meeting.  Options for student mentoring include: mock interviewing in October/November 
E. President-Elect: 
Randall will assist with the vendor showcase for the upcoming Fall Meeting.
F. Past-President – no report
G. President
Kari will contact the OU and SWOSU sOSHP chapter liaisons to identify student representatives who will attend OSHP Board Meetings.

A. Finance Committee – Matt Bird, Board Liaison – no report
B. Legislative Committee – Emily Gray, Board Liaison
At this time no one has been identified to replace Tracy Hagemann as the Chairperson for the Legislative Committee
C. Membership Committee – Randall Sharp, Board Liaison – no report
D. Newsletter Committee – Debbie Poland, Board Liaison 
The summer newsletter will be out soon…before the end of the month.
E. Nominations Committee – Miki Finnin, Board Liaison – no report
F. Program Committee – Kari McCracken, Board Liaison
The venue for the fall meeting will be the Glenpool Conference Center.  The brochures will be sent out tomorrow.  Debbie and Randall will be taking care of the vendor showcase.
G. Scholarship and Awards Committee – Teresa Lewis, Board Liaison – no report
H. Social Media and Communications Committee – Lisa Slaton, Staff Secretary 
The new website will go live tomorrow.  The web address is the same as the old address  There is a link on the homepage to allow members to provide feedback and report problems with the website.
Lisa stated that she can list meeting dates (e.g. district meetings, board meetings, fall and annual meetings, etc) on the website if the information is provided to her.  This information will be made available to all members.
Events can be created on the website for members to RSVP through the website for attendance at District meetings.
Members and vendors can register for the fall meeting on the website.  Board members need to register for the meeting online as well.  Lisa will send the promotion code for registration to the fall meeting to each board member, the program committee chairs and to the Debbie.


The OU sOSHP chapter President asked Kari if OSHP would consider donating two free student memberships (1 for an OU Tulsa and 1 for an OU OKC student) to boost interest in the OU sOSHP Membership drive and to increase student attendance at their first meeting of the semester on September 8, 2014.  The Board approved donating two free student memberships to the OU sOSHP chapter.  Randall will communicate with the SWOSU sOSHP faculty mentors to see if SWOSU would like to be considered for a similar donation.
Professional liability insurance: The Affiliate Relations Office at ASHP sent Kari information about Professional Liability insurance (general liability insurance plan) for the organization.  (We currently have insurance through the partner company (Marsh).  The current plan covers the Directors and Officers.)  It has been asked if there is a liability policy that can be used when negotiating for meeting space as many hotels, convention centers and sub-management companies are requiring this now.  Kari will contact Wiley Williams to get his opinion of whether OSHP should pursue this further.
Criteria for Supporting members: The Board discussed the criteria for qualifications of a Supporting member as described in the bylaws.  The Board will consult Wiley Williams related to application of this definition.
CE certificates and Drug Company Sponsored District Meetings:  Emily made the motion to not offer CE at the Eastern and Western District Meetings.  Randall seconded the motion and the board approved the motion.

With no further items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 4:09pm.  The next Board meeting will take place on October 3rd at the OSHP Fall meeting.

ADDENDUM: Items that were discussed via email following this scheduled board meeting.
Acceptance of donations via the website: on 9/2/14, Emily forwarded an email from a member to the Board inquiring about means for members to make a memorial donations to OSHP.  Kari indicated that there is a way to accept donations via the website.  She also asked if the requestor would like to designate the donation for a specific purpose (e.g. scholarships, etc)
Fall Meeting: 
o As of 9/9/14, 8 vendors have registered for the fall meeting. 
o Acceptance of American Express: on 9/16/14, Lisa reported that vendors were not able to pay for participation in the vendor showcase for the fall meeting because OSHP does not accept American Express.  American Express has a 2.89% processing rate fee.  The Board discussed this issue and voted via email to accept payment with American Express cards.  Lisa worked with Affinipay to permit acceptance of American Express card payments from the OSHP website.
o August: ~114 member logins 
September:  40 member logins
17 new members joined and paid via website
49 Profiles have been updated
We have 380 registered members
Collected $835.00 in dues so far on the website
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