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2014 February Board Meeting Minutes
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February 2014 Board Meeting

(Update in Lieu of Meeting)

1.       ASHP Board – Email was sent to past and current leaders of our organization asking if they had interest in being nominated for ASHP Board.  No one is interested.

2.       Vendor feedback – Emails were sent twice to vendors for their feedback regarding the Fall meeting.  We received no responses, but the Vendor Showcase Chair did hear interest from vendors on the concept of having a reverse vendorship at our meetings. We did not get this organized in time for the Annual Meeting 2014, but will try to put in place for Fall Meeting 2014.  Darin Smith has agreed to spearhead and contact Pharmacy Directors to see if we can get commitments from them to participate.  He asked that we try and nail down a date for the Fall meeting before he starts speaking with the Directors so that he can give them the date.

Kari provided the following information:

ACCP’s meeting is October 12-15th.  ID week is October 8th – 12th.  ICAAC is September 6th-9th.  Other meetings???  

Here’s the dates that may work:  September 19th (OSU bye, OU in Tulsa), September 26th (OU and OSU both out of town), October 3rd (OU out of town, OSU Bye week), or October 31st (OU possibly at Iowa state on 11/1, OSU another bye week???)


Please look at calendars and dates above so that we can discuss at our March Board Meeting and come up with a date. 


3.       Nominations – Last I heard, there is 1 person for pres-elect, multiple for secretary, and 2 for ED Chair

4.       Logo winner – The state of Oklahoma logo received the most votes.  We will announce this in the Newsletter coming up and also at the Annual Meeting.

5.       Awards/Scholarship Applications - Michelle Splinter says that she has only received 3 scholarship applications from OU students and only 1 continuing excellence award. 

6.       Annual Meeting –

a.       The announcement and registration was just placed on the website.  There were a couple of errors, but Ben is fixing.

b.      Final count on residents for Residency Pearls is 14.  In order to accommodate all residents as wished by the Board there will be 3 break-out sessions – 1 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.  By doing this, it also builds a little bit of cushion in for time so that if someone runs over we can still keep on schedule.

c.       There will be a Director’s Forum and Darin Smith will lead this session.

d.      Pfizer is not able to sponsor the Pharmacist of the Year award plaque no longer.  We will use Midwest Trophy, the same company that is used for the traveling President’s plaque and of course, OSHP will have to bear the cost this year.  Perhaps we can find a sponsor next year.

e.      We requested the presence of an ASHP Board or staff member to be present at our Annual Meeting.  Miki had missed the original deadline but then sent an email seeing if it was still possible and they said “yes”.  Miki has sent several emails to them since that time but have heard nothing back.  At this time, we are NOT expecting an ASHP representative at our Annual Meeting. 

7.       Quickbooks - Matthew contacted our accountants to inquire if they would help him set up Quickbooks accounts to reflect proper categories.  They told him that our Quickbooks was out of date and that we needed to purchase Quickbooks Pro 2014.  The cost is about $225.  Expenses less than $250 can be approved without Board approval.  I instructed Matthew to go ahead and purchase.   

8.       Legislative Day – Feb. 25th – Tracy said that she sent out 2 emails to committee members but received only one response.  She is attending the full day and will put together a summary that can be sent out to members via email.  Legislative Briefing is at 10am, then lunch with legislator and a health fair in the afternoon with both schools involved as well as Walgreens and several independents.  We did not get anything posted to website or social media on this event to inform the members.

9.       Membership  - Below are our numbers for this year’s membership renewals:



For comparison:

Not renewed for 2014:   157
Not Renewed for 2013: 86

Miki will check with Lisa for any updates.

Submitted by Miki Finnin, President

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