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2014 January Board Meeting Minutes
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January 17th, 2014, 2:00 – 4:00 pm

University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy

Oklahoma City, OK (Room ORI 4408) and Tulsa, OK (Room 1D25)


With a quorum present, President Finnin called the meeting to order at 2:22 p.m. after some slight technical difficulties.

Members Present:  Miki Finnin, President

                           Ann Lloyd, Past-President

                           Matt Bird, Treasurer

                           Darlene Doty, Secretary

                           Kari McCracken, President-Elect 

                           Debbie Poland, Western District Chair

Members Absent:   Kristie Williams, Eastern District Chair


Guests Present:      Ruby Oh, OUsOSHP


The December Board meeting minutes were approved via email voting.


A.   Secretary

1.      Darlene had no report.


B.   Treasurer

1.Matt presented the budget reconciliation detail dated December 31, 2013 and also the complete detailed budget totaling $246,030.29.

 2.December 31st, 2013 Balance Sheet – Total of all current assets total $173,477.79.

 3.Matt mentioned that the bank has the ability to scan in receipts but possibly the Board should wait until the new website is set up. After some discussion, the Quickbooks piece with will cost extra and they recommended that we wait to see if we want it after the site is set up.

 4.Kevin Rich with Oklahoma Pharmacists Helping Pharmacists requested money for the Southwest Pharmacists Recovery  Network meeting in Branson, MO. Last year we gave $250.00 so the motion was made by Miki and seconded by Ann to do the same this year also. Motion was approved.


C.   Western District Chair

   1.Debbie Poland reported that the January meeting will not be until Jan 30th.

    2. The February meeting will be approximately a week later.

     3.Meetings are set up until June except for the May meeting.


D.   Eastern District Chair

1.Kristie had a question about why the OSHP CE is not on the NABP CPE monitor. There was discussion about restrictions with pharmaceutical reps being allowed to give food when they are providing CE. Most of the pharmaceutical reps presentations are promotional presentations and would not qualify for ACPE but they are approved by the OSBP.

2.A list of CE is currently posted on the OSHP website. Miki will investigate whether the new website may be able to offer members the option to store their CE in their individual folders and/or print their CE certificates.

3.The January meeting will be Tuesday, January 21st  at the Chalkboard Restaurant.


E.   Past-President

 1.There was no report from Ann. She was unable to attend the OSBP meeting which was January 15th. 2014.

 2. Ann looked into nominating OSHP members for ASHP committees and people can self-nominate so the Board did not have worry about coming up with nominations.

 3.There was discussion about whether anyone was interested in being nominated for ASHP Board positions. The consensus of the Board was that members in current and past OSHP officers will be contacted by Miki to see if they are interested.


F.    President-Elect

 1.Kari did not have a report.


G.   President

 1.Miki contacted OUsOSHP, Oklahoma City and Tulsa campus and SWOSUsOSHP faculty regarding student representatives. She is waiting to hear back from them. Someone from OKC OUsOSHP should be attending the Board meeting today.

 2. The PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) sends us money each year and in return, we sign a contract that OSHP agrees to promote PTCB. This is not a joint venture with OPhA. Miki completed the required survey and sent in to PTCB.


H.   Student Liasons            

1.We do not currently have OU or SWOSU student representatives.




A.   Programming Committee – Miki Finnin, Board Liaison

 1.Fall meeting

a.There were only 31 members and approximately 40 students that attended. The Board felt this was an average attendance.

b.We made almost $10,000 on the meeting. The printing cost budget was $25 and actual costs were $107 but much lower than previous year’s of approximately $1500 due to not printing handouts. No members voiced any opinion, positive or negative about handouts.  

c.The residency showcase was a little too crowded. In the main room, the presenters were unable to see their slides and the audience was very close.

d.Vendor feedback has been requested and will be reported when we receive it.

     2. Annual meeting

a.The programming committee met on Friday, January 10th. The Board has not received a report yet.

b.The annual meeting will be held at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City on April 4th.

c.Residency Project Pearls were presented by Ann. Jennifer Wakefield, programming committee chair, already sent an e-mail to the residency directors this year. In the past, the top ten residents were allowed to present abstracts and the remainder did poster presentations. The Board discussed the possibility of all the residents being allowed to present since OSHP wants to support the residency program. It was also discussed that the Board judged the abstracts last year but they decided to allow the programming committee to do a blind review of the abstracts. Also, in the past, it was a problem if two residents were presenting at the same time, so we haven’t overlapped the presentations. PGY-2 residents were not allowed to present if they presented their PGY-1 year. The programming committee will let the Board know how many residents submit and then decide how to proceed by e-mail.


B.   Membership Committee – Kristie Williams, Board Liaison

1.Kristie was not able to be at the meeting today. We do not have current numbers on memberships.


C.   Nominations Committee – Ann Lloyd, Past-President

 1.Calls for nominations for President-elect, Secretary and Eastern District Chairman will go out in February to give the nominees enough time to be able to attend the annual meeting.


D.   Finance Committee Items were previously discussed.


E.   Legislative Committee – Darlene Doty, Board liason

1.The next meeting will be held January 29th, 2014.

2.Legislative Day will be February 25th. Darlene will find out what OSHP needs to do and report at the February meeting.


F.    Scholarship and Awards Committee – Kari McCracken

 1.No report.


G.   Newsletter Committee – Debbie Poland

 1.The newsletter went out last month.


H.   Social Media and Communications Committee –

1.Jacyntha Sterling has been maintaining the OSHP facebook and twitter accounts and is doing a great job.

 2.Miki presented the current logo but also several new suggestions for the logo. The question was raised, do we need to have a brand logo? After some discussion, the Board felt this would be a good idea and will go back to the committee for some more logo ideas and then get the membership to vote for the logo.

 3.Miki is sending our information and contacting appropriate people within OSHP for information that they need. After some discussion, it was decided that the social media committee would be allowed to make decisions about the website on behalf of OSHP.


           V.OLD BUSINESS

A.   Oklahoma Reception at ASHP Midyear Meeting

1.Matt was contacted by the Hyatt Orlando and they are going to reimburse OSHP approximately a third of the cost of the reception at midyear since attendance was low and the attendees did not eat or drink as much as expected.

2.Feedback was obtained from Tracy Hagemann, Phil Woodward, Nancy Williams and Yvette Morrison and they all felt that the attendance was low, but not unusually so. They also felt weather was also a factor. Ann mentioned that KU gives out prizes so we may want to consider this also. Miki also suggested that we use the new website and social media to promote the reception, especially to students and residents. Matt stated that the ASHP Midyear Meeting is no longer focused on CE but mainly focused on residency activities and that this may have something to do with attendance.


B.   Presidential Officer’s Retreat

This will be postponed until February meeting in the interests of time.



A.   ASHP Affliliate eBook Proposal

OSHP can create a link on their website and we will get 8 percent. Ann made the motion and Matt seconded and the Board voted to include this on the OSHP website.

B.   Sponsor Rx5K – Letter of request from Laura Petty for the run on March 8th. After some discussion, there was no motion to sponsor the run at this time.

C.   Meeting times – Kristi has class and is unable to attend the Friday Board meetings. With only two remaining meetings during her term, the Board decided not to make any changes to meeting dates.



With no further items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.  The next Board meeting will be held on February 7th at 2:00 p.m. Miki will be out-of-town so the meeting will be led by Kari McCracken.


Submitted by:  Darlene Doty, Secretary




A.   The artists that worked on the Logo project came up with 9 suggestions. These were presented to the Board via e-mail and they selected 3 options. The options were put on the OSHP website for the membership to vote by Feb. 19th and that one will be the official OSHP logo.

B.   Seven residency abstracts were submitted by the deadline and then 5 more were submitted late. The deadline was short and the decision about what to do was presented to the Board. Via e-mail, it was decided to allow all 12 residents to do presentations rather than just posters. Adjustments to the schedule will be made by the programming committee.


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