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2014 July Board Meeting Minutes
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July 16, 2014 3:09 – 4:35 pm

Oklahoma City, OK (Room 311) and Tulsa, Ok (Room CPT 1D29)



With a quorum present, President McCracken called the meeting to order at 3:09 p.m.


Members Present:

·         Kari McCracken, President

·         Randall Sharp, President-Elect

·         Miki Finnin, Past-President

·         Teresa Lewis, Secretary

·         Debbie Poland, Western District Chair (via telephone)

·         Emily Gray, Eastern District Chair


        Members Absent: Matt Bird, Treasurer


Guests Present:

·         Michelle Splinter, OU sOSHP faculty sponsor and Scholarship & Awards Committee Chair

·         Kristen Montarella, Newsletter Committee Co-Chair

·         Yvette Morrison, Newsletter Committee Co-Chair

·         Julia Reffert, Program Committee Co-Chair



Minutes from the May and June Board meetings were approved during the July Board meeting.



        A.  Secretary

·         OSHP board members and committee chairs have been emailed the OSHP conflict of interest forms for completion. 

·         An updated Committee list was forwarded to Ben Welch to post on the current OSHP website.

        B.  Treasurer - none

        C.  Eastern District Chair

·         There were 36 attendees at the last Eastern District Meeting.  The next meeting will be held on July 28th

·         The August meeting will be the Residents’ Recognition Night for the Eastern District.

·         We have sponsors for the September and October meetings.

        D.  Western District Chair

·         The next Western District meeting will be held on August 19th.

·         Meetings for September and November have been scheduled.

·         Teresa will forward contact information for the Alexion medical liaison to Debbie for consideration as a potential meeting sponsor.

        E.  President-Elect – no report

        F.   Past-President

·         Miki reported that she will not able to attend the August 6th State Board of Pharmacy meeting.

        G. President

·         PTCB’s 2014 Semi-Annual State Associate Report: the survey was due on July 14th and had been completed and submitted.

·         Kari reported that she is working with the colleges of pharmacy to find out which student representatives they wish to send to OSHP Board meetings as liaisons.

        H.  Student Liaisons - none



        A. Finance Committee – none

        B.  Legislative Committee - none

  C.  Membership Committee

·         Nasim and Bruce are working with the student chapters. 

·         Proposed items to increase student participation and involvement include collaborations with OSHP to provide forum for mock interviews and having the OSHP President speak at the student chapter meetings.

        D.  Newsletter Committee

·         Kristen and Yvette reported that they will continue to maintain the user friendly format of the OSHP newsletter and the committee will continue with the same goals from last year.

·         The newsletter committee will be asking OSHP technician members for feedback as to how we can offer more pertinent information to technicians. 

·         Kari will get the list of technician members from Lisa and forward to the newsletter committee co-chairs. 

·         Miki suggested checking with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and see if that organization would be willing permit OSHP to include articles from or links to PTCB in our newsletter.

        E.  Nominations Committee

·         Kari reported that the Nominations Committee will keep the same goals as from last year with one additional goal to provide better officer position descriptions.

        F.   Program Committee

·         Julia Reffert reported that the Program Committee will continue to keep the same action items from last year.

·         Julia provided the preliminary budget report from the Spring 2014 meeting.  The Spring meeting generated ~$12,000 and $708 was spent on food with another $724 spent on drinks and catering.  Julia reported that there were still unresolved issues with payment for catering from the Spring meeting; however, this will be resolved soon. 

·         Miki moved for approval of a $50 gift card to thank the person who helped us on site at the Annual Meeting at Mercy.  Teresa seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion.

·         Fall 2014 meeting

o   The meeting will be in Tulsa on October 3, 2014. 

o   Julia reported that Virginia College has offered meeting space free of charge.  There were concerns that this venue may not be sufficiently large to accommodate the needs for the fall meeting.  The Board ask the Program Committee to investigate for fee venues such as Glenpool and report their findings back to the Board for consideration and approval.   The Program Committee provide the requested information to the Board via email following the July Board meeting and the Board approved via email to use the Glenpool site for the Fall meeting.

o   No one has been identified to Chair the vendor showcase.  Lisa will send the vendor list that she’s used in the past. 

o   Programming for the Fall meeting will include:

a.    Evolving strategies for stroke prevention in patients with A. Fib, presentation by Paul Dobesh, Pharm.D.

b.    Preventing Hospital Drug Diversion, presentation by Darin Smith, Pharm.D.

c.    Multi-Drug Resistant Gram Negative Bacilli, presentation by Ken Lamp, Pharm.D.

d.    Affordable Care Act, presentation by Kevin Farmer, Ph.D.

e.    Febrile Neutropenia, presentation by Kate Kupiec, Pharm.D.

f.     Palliative Care for a terminally ill healthcare system, presentation by Doug Schram, M.D.

g.    Pharmacy Directors forum

h.    Residency showcase

        G.  Scholarship and Awards Committee

·         Michelle Splinter reported that there very few changes made to goals from last year.  The committee will send out information to the membership in January regarding nominations for awards and scholarship.  A deadline of 6 weeks will be given to allow sufficient time for determining recipients, notification of recipients, and for plaques to be made.  The committee will notify the staff Secretary of dates and deadlines so that she can maintain and update this information on the OSHP website.  

·         In previous years, there has been limited submissions for technician awards.  The committee will work to increase awareness for submission of technician award applications.

·         The Senior awards will be given at the awards ceremony.  The recipient will receive a free 1 year membership to ASHP and to OSHP.

·         The use of Baskets has been a successful method for fundraising dollars for the cost of scholarships.  The committee will continue to do this.   

·         Emily asked the Board to consider a “Resident of the Year” award.  This could be offered as a plaque with no money…maybe based upon the resident’s research. 

        H.  Social Media and Communications Committee

·         Jacyntha Sterling has been updating the OSHP facebook page and the Twitter account.

·         Miki reported that no funds have been spent to date from the amount that was requested and Board approved during the May meeting.

·         Miki will be emailing Board members the link to the new website for review prior to going live.

·         The Board voted via email to offer a discount for online registration for the Fall 2014 meeting of $10 off for full-day and $5 off for half-day attendance at the meeting.


V.    OLD BUSINESS - none



·         The current website has exceeded capacity.  It will cost $137 to upgrade and the shortest amount of time to maintain is 23 months.  The Board agreed that we should maintain the current website at the current capacity as the new website will be going live soon.


With no further items to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 pm.  The next Board meeting will be held on August 20, 2014 at 3pm in room 230 on the OU College of pharmacy OKC campus and in room 2H37 on the Tulsa campus


Submitted by: Teresa Lewis, Secretary

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