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2014 June Board Meeting Minutes
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June 18, 2014 3:05 – 3:49 pm

Oklahoma City, OK (Room 230) and Tulsa, Ok (Room CPT 1D25)


With a quorum present, President McCracken called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.
Members Present:

  • Kari McCracken, President
  • Randall Sharp, President-Elect
  • Miki Finnin, Past-President
  • Matt Bird, Treasurer
  • Teresa Lewis, Secretary
  • Debbie Poland, Western District Chair (via telephone)

Members Absent:

  • Emily Gray, Eastern District Chair

Guests Present:

  • Tracy Hagemann, Legislative Committee Chair



The revised draft of the May Board meeting minutes was emailed to the board members July 7th for review and potential revisions.  Approval was obtained via email from Kari, Miki, and Randall.


A. Secretary – Teresa clarified student faculty sponsors for OU were Michelle Splinter on the OKC campus and Kelly Murray on the Tulsa campus. 


B. Treasurer

·         Matt reported not much going on other than paying Lisa, Tracy and Darin for their representation at the ASHP meeting.  He will be sending the documents to the board once they are ready to submit. 

·         Matt asked the Board to let him know what the Board wants directly from the finance committee this year.  He stated that last year, goals were to get QuickBooks up to speed.  He stated that there are no issues left over from last year other than working on a budget which will come in the future when we meet with our accountant.  Kari and Miki indicated that having QuickBooks and a reconciled budget to review is important.  Tracy asked when the last audit occurred.  Matt reported that audits are biennial and the last audit occurred last year. 

C. Western District Chair

·         Debbie stated that she has a sponsor for June.  The meeting date is June 26th.

·         The sponsor for the September meeting has backed out. Debbie asked the Board members to let her know of other potential sponsors for this meeting date.

·         Debbie stated that the drug company sponsors for the past two meetings have requested members RSVP directly to the sponsor.  An OSHP member voiced concerns that sending RSVPs directly to the drug company sponsor made the meetings too commercial. Debbie stated the sponsor chooses the speaker and the venue so if there is commercial bias then it would not matter whether the sponsor or the Western District Chair receives the RSVP. It was discussed that RSVPs have been sent directly to the sponsors for the Eastern District meetings and Western District meetings in previous years have also had RSVPs sent to the drug company sponsors.  This is policy that some drug companies require and in order to have sponsorship for the CE activities.


D. Eastern District Chair – not present


E. Past-President

·         Miki reported that she did not make it to the Board of Pharmacy meeting this last time.  The next meeting is August 6th.  Miki will not be able to attend but it would be helpful if another Board member can attend.

F. President-Elect – nothing to report

G. President

·         Kari will be sending Teresa a list of secretary responsibilities.

·         Kari and Tracy attended the ISMP CE offered by the State Board of Pharmacy on June 17th.  There were almost 200 people who attended this 4 hour CE.  There will be at least 1-2 meetings offered like this per year by the State Board of Pharmacy.

·         Kari emailed the committee list to board members.  (An email had been sent out to OSHP members asking for volunteers to serve on the different committees.  The Eastern and Western District Chairs had also asked members during district meetings to volunteer to serve on committees as well.)  For the most part, all committees have chairs/co-chairs.  Yvette Morrison has agreed to stay on as the newsletter committee chair.  Kari indicated that the newsletter committee needs the most help.  She will be communicating with residency directors to recruit residents to this committee.  Additionally, there is currently no vendor showcase Chair for the programming committee.  The vendor showcase Chair for last year was Lisa Mayer and Sarah Payne.  Sarah will be moving to Texas.  Debbie mentioned that Lisa would like to pass the vendor showcase Chair role onto someone else this year.  It was proposed to consider having residents take on this role.  Concern was brought up that residents have limited time to invest in this role and they will be moving on after their training is completed.  It was discussed to ask Lisa if she has a person in mind to take on this role and have her serve as a mentor to this person by providing a checklist of jobs/tasks and timelines.  It was also brought up that if another request for volunteers is sent out to the membership that the communication highlights the fact that we already have a great vendor list to work from.  It was also suggested to ask past Eastern or Western District chairs to serve as the vendor showcase Chair since they’ve already had contact with the different vendors.

·         Kari stated that she will contact the OU and SWOSU faculty members to get student liaisons to attend board meetings.

·         Kari stated that she would like to plan a board meeting/retreat and invite committee member chairs to attend.  She will also poll the committee chairs and ask them to identify top problems they feel needs to be addressed or top things that they would like to see from OSHP.

·         Kari stated that she spoke with our ASHP affiliate and they strongly suggested that we focus on student involvement.  (Data from the benchmarking survey showed that our student numbers have tripled over the last year.)  The ASHP affiliate mentioned doing CV reviews to increase student involvement.  Matt mentioned that OU and SWOSU already do this for their students.  Mock interviews for residencies or jobs were suggested as an option.

H. Student Liaisons

A. Program Committee – Presented by Ann

·         Virginia College has agreed to allow OSHP to have the fall meeting at this location but the program committee is still looking for a bigger place.  All the speakers are lined up for the meeting.

·         Reverse vendorship will not be doable for the fall meeting due to the fact that there is currently no one identified/assigned to take on the vendor showcase Chair responsibilities.

B. Membership Committee - none
C. Nominations Committee - none
D. Finance Committee - none
E. Legislative Committee

·         Tracy reported that she is trying to get a few more people to join the committee. The goals for the past couple years have been to increase grassroots efficacy.  This will continue to be kept in the forefront.  After the elections in November, (~after January) Tracy would like to organize an event such as “Take your Legislator to work day”.  She stated that this is something ASHP is really pushing.  Tracy suggests having members show up to town hall meetings and introduce themselves to the Legislators and indicate that they are a pharmacist to bring awareness to our profession.

·         Tracy stated that ASHP has a Provider Petition.  She also attended the PAC reception and they had very nice Provider flyers, postcards, etc. that provides education about Provider access for pharmacists.  We can hand these out at Eastern and Western District meetings to educate members and bring awareness to Provider access for pharmacists.

·         Tracy stated that OPHA does not plan on doing much legislatively this year.  She stated that she has been speaking with the current OPHA president, Josh Sheffield.  Provider status for pharmacists is also part of OPHA’s mission.  Tracy stated that she is on the legislative committee for OPHA as well.  She’ll see if this may be the year to reintroduce the AoK-Pharm collaborative efforts

·         Brief Delegate Report

o   A report is currently being drafted and it will be forwarded to the newsletter committee for distribution to the membership. 

o   Most of the policy recommendations presented were passed with no comments; however, there were a few which had a lot of discussion.  One came from the Council of Therapeutics related to non-prescription access to oral contraceptives.   The other pertained to standardization of oral liquid med concentrations.  Standardization of oral liquid concentrations was approved from the House of Delegates

o   Tracy mentioned that ASHP will likely need to address medical marijuana

·         Edna Patatanian has been re-appointed on the Commission on Affiliate Affairs.  Tracy has been re-appointed on the Council of Public Policy.  They will both be attending the meeting in September and will report back to the Board.

·         The current Chair of the House of Delegates was re-elected to the same position for next year.  The ASHP Treasurer will now be elected by the membership rather than being appointed. 

F. Scholarship and Awards Committee - none
G. Newsletter Committee - none
H. Social Media and Communications Committee

·         Miki reported that we are closer to completing the website.  The website people, Lisa Slaton and Miki had met recently.  Almost all pages are ready to go.  Lisa is working on putting together the database of all OSHP members.  The next step is to import the current list of OSHP members.  Miki will talk to Your Membership and have committee members and possibly Board members go through and review the website.  We will need people to review certain sections.  Miki stated that she can assign the different sections/duties to look for misspellings, formatting issues, etc.

·         Miki reported that no money has been spent from the $500 requested during the May Board meeting for use on the new website.

·         Miki asked the Board to consider how we wish to process credit card transactions.  She presented two options. 

o   The first was PayPal.  Considerations: Members must have a PayPal account.  Some members do not have a PayPal account and don’t want to start one.

o   The 2nd option is a credit card company called Blue Pay.  Per most organizations go through Blue Pay. 

o   Rates comparisons:

§  PayPal: 1.9% on the processing rate, per transaction fee $0.30.  $30/month regardless of amount of activity.  PayPal does not have an annual payment card industry data security standard (PCI compliance) fee.

§  Blue Pay: 1.49% on the processing rate, per transaction fee $0.20.  $25/month minimum fee (this is a recurring charge).  There is no minimum fee if you exceed a certain dollar amount per month.  $79/year PCI compliance fee

§  Matt stated that we currently are not charged a monthly fee and do not pay $30/month fee with PayPal.  The fee is per transaction.  Miki stated that the information she reported was from the company websites and she will call to verify this information as well as with the PCI compliance fee.

§  Miki verified with that there are no additional charges on their end related to automatic payments for meetings and memberships.


·         ASHP 2014 Affiliate Benchmark Survey – Presented by Kari McCracken.  Kari stated that the survey has been submitted.  The biggest information that was requested was adjustment in membership numbers from last year compared to this year.

·         Miki reported that Lisa has purchased her printer/scanner and she is trying to collect as much information as possible that can be archived.



·         Kari reported that she had sent future Board meeting dates out.  The November and February meeting dates conflicted with OU College of Pharmacy Faculty Meeting dates.  Kari asked if the meeting dates could be moved to the week before or the week after the original dates.  Because the meetings dates are far in advanced, members agreed to address the meeting dates at later Board meetings.


With no further items to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 3:49 pm.  The next Board meeting will be held on July 16, 2014 at 3pm.


Submitted by: Teresa Lewis, Secretary

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