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2014 March Board Meeting Minutes
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March 17th, 2014,11:00 – 1:00 pm

University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy

Oklahoma City, OK (Room ORI 4410) and Tulsa, OK (Room CPT 2H40)

 I.        CALL TO ORDER

With a quorum present, President Finnin called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.

 Members Present:  Miki Finnin, President

                                   Ann Lloyd, Past-President

                                   Matt Bird, Treasurer

                                   Darlene Doty, Secretary


Members Absent:   Kristie Williams, Eastern District Chair

                                  Kari McCracken, President-Elect 

                                  Debbie Poland, Western District Chair


 Ann made a motion to approve the February BOD e-mail meeting minutes and it was seconded by Darlene. The minutes were approved.


A.   Secretary

1. Darlene reported that she is working on compiling the annual reports and will submit to Lisa Slaton. Lisa had asked whether the annual reports could be electronic or had to be written. Ann consulted both the by-laws and guidelines and there is no specific requirement as long as they are presented at the annual meeting. So, Lisa can make the reports available electronically to the membership.

2.  The Scholarship and Awards Committee will provide a list of award recipients and Darlene will work with Kari and order the awards next week.

B.   Treasurer

1. Matt presented the budget reconciliation detail dated January 31, 2014 showing a balance of $174,666.98.

2. February 6th, 2014 Balance Sheet – Total of all current assets total $248,302.85. $10,000 has recently been transferred to checking from Paypal leaving approximately $5000 in Paypal. BOK CD is now almost $60,000 per a quarterly statement received after this report was submitted.

3. Matt is scheduled to meet next week with F.D. Thompson, our accounting firm’s representative Mike, to streamline Paypal and Quickbooks to help make the annual budget easier. Quickbooks was recently updated to PC2014 version to make it compatible with, the online version is not compatible at this time.

4. Matt set up a new e-mail: to make the transition easier when there is a new treasurer. This has been changed with paypal, the banks, etc.

5. There are boxes of information from past OSHP secretary Shirley Dunn that passed away that have been stored in an OUHSC lab for the last few years. Those have been given to Lisa Slaton, the current secretary, who is going through the boxes and will keep the past 7 years of data. Lisa spoke with Nino, our accounting person who said we need to keep the green sheets which are payment receipts and tax information for 7 years. Some historical information is stored at the Poison Control Center and the annual reports will be given to them. Ann consulted the guidelines “Document Retention Policy” and annual reports must be kept permanently. Also meeting brochures, membership database, PTCB contracts all must be kept permanently so they can be scanned and put on a disk. Miki will research whether these can be stored on

 C.   Western District Chair

1. Debbie did not have a report.

 D.   Eastern District Chair

1. Kristie did not have a report.

E.   Past-President

1.  There was no report from Ann. She was unable to attend the previous OSBP meeting which was February 19th. 2014. There was not a March meeting. The next OSBP meeting is April 16th, 2014. The meeting begins at 8 a.m. they break for lunch and sometimes come back after lunch. It was difficult for Ann living in Tulsa to get to Oklahoma City for the meetings. She also pointed out to Miki that sometimes meetings change, always check the OSBP website.

F.    President-Elect

1. Kari did not have a report.

G.   President

1. See programming committee and old and new business items.

H.   Student Liasons

1.  Miki presented a report from sOSHP OU chapter.

a. They had a heart healthy cook-off that was a huge success. They cooked their favorite dishes but made them healthy. Everyone who participated got to vote and the winner’s were Jevon Oliver and Felton Charace.

b. They are developing a smoking cessation program at the Mid-Del clinic, where students are trained to counsel patients on smoking cessation.

c. Tulsa is hosting a health fair at Sam’s Club in Owasso on March 22nd, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and also on April 5th.

d.  Six students from OU will attend the annual OSHP meeting on April 4th, 2014.

2. The OU sOSHP representative is Ruby Oh. It is difficult for the sOSHP SWOSU to attend the meeting from Weatherford, sometimes they are able to Skype into the meeting if it doesn’t conflict with their classes.


A.   Programming Committee – Miki Finnin, Board Liaison

1.   Annual meeting

a.  The annual meeting will be held at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City on April 4th.

b.  Sarah Payne reported that so far, there are 14 vendors for the annual meeting. The vendors were sent a questionnaire after the fall meeting but there were no responses received. However, when the vendors signed up for the annual meeting, several  expressed interest in reverse vendorship that was mentioned on the questionnaire. Reverse vendorship would allow vendors to pay an additional premium price for an opportunity to meet with pharmacy directors from Oklahoma for an hour. This was not able to be set up for the annual meeting but Darin, director from Norman Regional Hospital, will be willing to spearhead this effort to get director’s to attend next fall meeting. Miki will contact other states that have this program and see how much they charge and how it is set up. Our vendor fee is currently $500 and the reverse vendorship fee was discussed that $500 would be reasonable. After some discussion of football schedules and other meetings, Darlene made a motion to set the fall meeting date for October 3rd, 2014 and it was seconded by Matt. It will be held in Tulsa.

c.  Kari, the new president will host a dinner in the evening of the annual meeting for the new officers, current officers and outgoing officers as well as the committee chairs and vendor chair, Sandy Warner. Lisa Slaton should be invited as well.

d.  BOD usually provides a donation basket with a date night theme with restaurant or movie gift cards for the silent auction to provide money for the scholarship committee. Each board member buys a gift card for the basket. There was some discussion about whether OSHP should buy these gift cards but the decision was that each board member would get a $20 gift card for the basket. Miki will e-mail Lisa and Michelle to see who is preparing the basket. There are some black XL t-shirts that Miki will have Lisa bring to the annual meeting and possibly put them in the silent auction.

B.   Membership Committee – Kristie Williams, Board Liaison

1.  Kristie had no report. Miki reported the membership numbers at the February meeting.

C.   Nominations Committee – Ann Lloyd, Past-President

1.   Ann reported that she was happy that several people ran for office this year.

D.   Finance Committee Items were previously discussed.

E.   Legislative Committee – Darlene Doty, Board Liaison

1.   Legislative Day was held on February 25th where OU and SWOSU hosted a health fair. Tracy only had one committee member respond to her e-mail. Matt suggested that it would be helpful to have OSHP work with OPhA’s legislative committee and since Tracy is on both, that is already occurring. It might be helpful to have a co-chair next year so she will have more help. Darlene will get a report of the day’s activities to present at the annual meeting.

F.  Scholarship and Awards Committee – Kari McCracken

1.   The awards will be submitted next week.

G.   Newsletter Committee – Debbie Poland

1.    The committee is working on the newsletter and it will be sent out soon.

H.   Social Media and Communications Committee –

1.   Lisa and Miki attended a conference call with the lead project contact person at and they made some decisions on privacy settings, etc. There is a timetable for different projects that need to be completed for an estimated go live date of April 15th. This will not happen because of annual meeting, Miki will be on vacation, etc. The projects will be divided up among committee members and when completed, they will be reviewed by other committee members.

2.  New logo

Miki will send everyone the new logo that the membership voted on. Darlene will use it on the annual reports and Lisa can update any printed material.


A.         Website newletter

The link on the left side was to an old newsletter but the body of the newsletter had a link to the current newsletter, so that glitch was fixed.



A.         Paypal

Ben presented that Paypal has a new application to swipe credit cards if we were selling something at an annual meeting. Miki asked if this is something we are interested in and we don’t know how much it costs, if it is a set fee or a per transaction charge. If we were a business, this would be very useful but we would not have very much use except at meetings. After more discussion, Miki will have Ben get more information.  

B.         Reverse vendorship

 This was previously discussed.



 With no further items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 12:15 p.m.  The next Board meeting time will be determined by the new slate of officers

 Submitted by:  Darlene Doty, Secretary



The budget for the annual meeting was approved by e-mail with a projected profit of $9550.00.






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