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2014 October Minutes
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October 3, 2014 12:30-1pm
Glenpool Conference Center
Glenpool, OK

With a quorum present, President Kari McCracken called the meeting to order at 12:35 pm.

Members Present: Kari McCracken, President
Randall Sharp, President-Elect
Miki Finnin, Past-President
Matt Bird, Treasurer 
Emily Gray, Easter District Chair
Teresa Lewis, Secretary
Members Absent: Debbie Poland, Western District Chair

The August Board meeting minutes were emailed to Board members for email voting and were approved.

A. Secretary
Membership report
Western District: 208 Members Eastern District: 169 members
1st Year: 9 1st year: 7
Pharmacists: 127 Pharmacists: 108 
Students: 56 Students: 23
Supporting: 2 Supporting: 3
Technicians: 4 Technicians: 22
Residents: 10   Residents: 6

Discussed how board meeting minutes and other documents that are sent to the Secretary should be maintained. The board decided that documents (e.g. board meeting minutes, signed conflicts of interest forms, financial documents addressed during Board meetings, etc) will be sent electronically to the OSHP staff secretary to archive rather than printing documents out and maintaining a binder of information.  

Discussed to whom Secretary shall forward requests or comments related to insertion of content (e.g. education material) onto the website.  The board decided that email requests related to the website should be forwarded to the Chair(s) of the Social Media and Communications Committee.  The Staff Secretary should be copied on the email as well. 

New information that are discussed via email following scheduled board meetings will be attached as an addendum to the previous board meeting minutes.

B. Treasurer  
The President, President-Elect and Treasurer will need to be listed on the Bank of Oklahoma Signature card for OSHP.  The Past-President (Miki Finnin) will need to be taken off this signature card.  Individuals who should be listed on the signature card are:
i. Kari McCracken, President
ii. Randall Sharp, President-Elect
iii. Matt Bird, Treasurer 
The board discussed options to encourage members to use the website instead of sending checks for membership renewals and for meeting registrations.  
Discontinue Paypal -  did not get to this
C. Eastern District Chair – did not get to this
D. Western District Chair – no report
E. President-Elect – did not get to this
F. Past-President – did not get to this
G.  President
More discussion on not offering CE for District Meetings if not allowed by the sponsoring pharmaceutical company. President McCracken will draft a letter to the membership to let them know that CE will not be offered for some Drug Company sponsored dinners.  A survey will be sent to the membership to inquire about possible alternatives for providing free CE. 
Supporting member: President McCracken have contacted the ASHP Affiliate Office for guidance but have not heard back from them.  She has contacted Wiley Williams and is awaiting a response from him. 
Renewal of the Officer's Insurance  ($485/year) – did not get to this
ASHP Delegate Election – did not get to this
October's Board meeting date change – President McCracken will email Board members with proposed dates for the October Board meeting. 
H. Student Liaisons - none

IV. COMMITTEE REPORTS/UPDATES – did not get to this
A. Finance Committee – Matt Bird, Board Liaison  
B. Legislative Committee – no report
C. Membership Committee – Randall Sharp, Board Liaison  
D. Newsletter Committee – Debbie Poland, Board Liaison
E. Nominations Committee – Miki Finnin, Board Liaison  
F. Program Committee – Kari McCracken, Board Liaison
G. Scholarship and Awards Committee – Teresa Lewis, Board Liaison – none
H. Social Media and Communications Committee – Miki Finnin, Board Liaison  


The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.  President McCracken will email Board members with proposed dates and times for the next Board meeting.

ADDENDUM: Items that were discussed via email following the October Board meeting.

Nominations & Membership:
o On 10/15/14, Nominations Committee Chairperson, Jamie Miller emailed the Board about sending out an early call for nominations for the OSHP representative for the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy ballot in order to separate this nomination from the ASHP Delegate nominations.  She reported that she plans to send out the ASHP Delegate nominations in mid-November.
o Nominations Committee Chairperson, Jamie Miller emailed the Board on 10/23/14 about nominations for new Delegates.  All three Delegate positions needed to be filled this year because Darin Smith and Lisa Mayer have completed their 2 year terms and the continuing Delegate from last year, Tracy Hagemann, has moved to Tennessee.  Darin Smith has agreed to continue to serve as Delegate for one additional year. 

The OSHP Board discussed the membership drive via email.  Renewal reminders were emailed to OSHP members on 11/13/14.

On 10/4/14, President McCracken emailed the Board regarding potential dates for the OSHP Annual meeting in the spring.  It was decided that the Annual meeting date will be March 27, 2015.  

On 10/6/14, staff Secretary, Lisa Slaton, emailed the Board with the OSHP Fall Meeting attendance numbers:
o Vendors: 21 registered (awaiting payments from several vendors)
o 1st years: 1
o Students: 18
o Pharmacists: 42
o Residents: 11
o Total: 72

President McCracken drafted a letter to OSHP members explaining the issue of CE and industry sponsored district meetings.  The draft was emailed to Board members for review and it was approved for emailing to OSHP members.  On 10/7/14 President McCracken emailed the CE letter to OSHP members.  (See appendix A)  She forwarded members’ responses to the OSHP Board for review and discussion.  As a follow-up, President McCracken will drafted a survey/questionnaire to send out to OSHP members to assess members’ thoughts/perceptions for other CE opportunities.

On 10/15/14, Past-President Finnin, emailed the Board and the Programming Committee Chairs about an incident that occurred during the Fall OSHP Meeting.  Due to a misunderstanding with the catering company, some of the staff members from the Glenpool Conference Center consumed food that was meant for meeting attendees.  The issue was brought up to the Conference Center Coordinator.  The Coordinator apologized for the misunderstanding and stated that if OSHP would like to have another meeting at the Glenpool Conference Center in the future then she will give OSHP a discount.

On 10/20/14 OSHP staff Secretary, Lisa Slaton, emailed the Board regarding Your Membership-QuickBook options. She reported that right now, the OSHP treasurer has to manually enter all the financial data in manually.  She stated that Your Membership will permit adding QuickBook Plug which will enable the OSHP treasurer to import all transactions and amounts quickly.  The cost is $395 for the initial setup followed by an annual fee of $595.  She reported that most customers who use this option roll this fee into the amount of membership.  The Board decided that this issue requires more discussion during an OSHP Board meeting.

OSHP staff Secretary, Lisa Slaton, proposed posting on the OSHP Homepage’s “Trending Now” button announcements for upcoming district meetings.  Board members agreed that this should be done.

Appendix A

Dear Member, 

As you know, we rely on pharmaceutical industry support for our monthly Eastern and Western District meetings.   Many of our meeting sponsors’ companies participate in what is referred to as the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Code.   The Code is a document that describes the appropriate ways representatives of these companies can interact with healthcare professionals.   

The fourth section of the PhRMA Code discusses the ability of pharmaceutical companies to provide continuing medical education.   If the company is sponsoring a presentation associated with a meal then the participants cannot receive continuing medical education credit for the program.   Based on this requirement, the OSHP Board of Directors has decided that it is no longer appropriate to submit a continuing medical education request to the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy for programs sponsored by companies that subscribe to the practices described in this document.   

The OSHP Board of Directors realize that this decision will impact many of our members.  Plans are already in the works to present alternative programing at some of our Eastern and Western District meetings that will provide continuing education.  However, the majority of our district meetings will remain sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.  

In the upcoming weeks, a survey will be sent out to the membership inquiring about possible alternative venues for providing free or low cost continuing education opportunities to our members. For those interested in learning more about the PhRMA Code, here is the link to the website:

Thank you

Kari McCracken, Pharm.D., BCPS
OSHP President 2014-2015

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