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April 2015 Board Minutes
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April 28, 2015 3:00-5:00 PM

Oklahoma City, OK  Pasteur Building and OHSCU-Tulsa, OK (Room 1D29)

With a quorum present, President Sharp called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.
Members Present: Randall Sharp, President
Debbie Poland, President-Elect
Kari McCracken, Past-President 
Mark Mills, Treasurer 
Emily Gray, Easter District Chair 
Brian Hughes, Western District Chair (via telephone)
Members Absent: Teresa Lewis, Secretary

II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES- Nothing to approve

A. Secretary- N/A
B. Treasurer 
The Profit and Loss statement from January 1 to April 28 was sent out prior to the meeting with a reported income of $1,604.74. There was also a balance sheet sent out which showed total assets of $271,981.35. 
Mark mentioned to the Board the form 1099 income reported for the OSHP staff secretary for the past three years: $3,616.75 for 2014, $2,983.50 for 2013, and $1,173.27 for 2012.
C. Eastern District Chair
There are district meeting booked and scheduled through December
D. Western District Chair
District meetings are booked for May, June, and July
E. President-Elect- Nothing to report
F. Past-President  
Kari is attending regular meetings of the State Board of Pharmacy as part of the office of Past-President
Kari will also deliver a recruitment presentation at the 2015 Summer ASHP Meeting
G. President- see items later in the minutes
H.  Student Liaisons- N/A

A. Finance Committee – nothing to report
B. Legislative Committee – President Sharp reported that Yvette Morrison has agreed to serve as Chair of the Committee to replace Tracey Hagemann. He also mentioned he attended the OPhA-sponsored Legislative Day at the state capitol on April 21. 
C. Membership Committee – nothing to report
D. Newsletter Committee – nothing to report
E. Nominations Committee – nothing to report  
F. Program Committee – nothing to report
G. Scholarship and Awards Committee – nothing to report
H. Social Media and Communications Committee – nothing to report

V. OLD BUSINESS- nothing to report

Standing committees- still seeking volunteers to fill the standing committees. A signup sheet was passed around at the last Western District meeting. It was decided to have the following Board liaisons for the committees: Membership- Emily Gray, Program- Randall Sharp, Legislative- Kari McCracken, Newsletter- Debbie Poland, Nominations- Kari McCracken, Scholarhip/Awards- Teresa Lewis, Social Media and Communications- Brian Hughes, Finance- Mark Mills
Fall meeting- it was decided to check into Friday October 2 as a possible date for the fall meeting in Tulsa. Emily and Kari will look into St. Francis Hospital and St. John’s Hospital as possible venue sites. 
Group discount for federal pharmacists and bulk membership- the Board decided to not offer a discount for federal pharmacists at this time, which is consistent with ASHP. The Board decided to have Randall instruct the Membership committee look into the issue of whether or not a discount for bulk membership would be feasible. 
Non-industry sponsored continuing education programs- some ideas discussed included residents presenting CE topics, having pharmacy volunteers present at hospitals, and also having a speaker present over USP 797. The Board will continue to formulate ideas and have a plan if industry cannot sponsor some district meetings in the future.
Matter regarding recent letter and proposed contract amendment from current OSHP staff secretary- the Board went in to executive session to discuss the matter
Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 20 at 3:00 PM. Place in OKC and Tulsa will be announced later
Meeting was adjourned at 4:50 PM

ADDENDUM: Items that were discussed via email following the April Board meeting.
There were email discussions related to moving the date for the OSHP fall meeting from October 2 due to unavailability of Saint Francis Hospital and the Glenpool facility.  The Board discussed changing the meeting date to October 23.  Saint Francis is available for booking for this date and the venue is available to OSHP for free.  Other dates in October may have potential conflicts (Octo
ber 7th OU-Texas game and ACCP on October 17th).

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