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2015 February Board Meeting Minutes
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February 19, 2015 3:00 – 3:45 PM
Oklahoma City, OK (Room 227) and Tulsa, OK (Room 1D29)

With a quorum present, President McCracken called the meeting to order at 3pm.

Members Present: Kari McCracken, President
Randall Sharp, President-Elect
Matt Bird, Treasurer 
Teresa Lewis, Secretary
Debbie Poland, Western District Chair (via telephone)
Emily Gray, Easter District Chair
Members Absent: Miki Finnin, Past-President
Guests Present: Matthew Stailey, OU student
Alex Cobb, Programming Committee Co-Chair

The December Board meeting minutes were sent via email for board review.  Past President, Finnin, responded via email to include the date of purchase of the two CD’s.  This information added to minutes and a revised document was sent electronically to the board for review.  Board members approved the minutes via email. 
The January and February Board meeting minutes were sent electronically to the board for review.  Board members approved the minutes via email.

A. Secretary
Board members and Committee Chairpersons have been sent emails requesting annual report submissions
B. Treasurer  
Follow up items from the last board meeting:
o Matt has sent an email to OSHP’s accountant to see if they will be willing to maintain the accounting books for OSHP.  We are still waiting for the accountant’s response.
o Review of revenues vs expenses.  The summary that was sent out prior to the meeting included data from the last 4 years. 
2011: Revenues $56,254 – Expenses $36,730 = total profit $19,524
2012: Revenues $61,277 – Expenses $39,671 = total profit $21,606
2013: Revenues $53,233 – Expenses $42,477 = $10,756
2014: Revenues $29,935 – Expenses $23,760 = $6,175 
(The 2014 values came from OSHP treasurer’s records while the values from the other dates came from OSHP accountant’s records)
o Average expenses ~$36,000 for the past 4 years.  
o Per the bylaws we need to maintain enough funds to cover 2 years’ worth of expenses.  Conservatively, we could keep $100,000 in the bank account to cover expenses.
o OSHP has $204,000 in the checking account.  
o There is roughly $100,000 that could be considered for investment.
o There are also 2 CD’s purchased on 8/22/13 that have a combined total of $60,000.  One CD has a 5-year maturity date and the other has a 3 year maturity date.
C. Eastern District Chair - No report
D. Western District Chair
The February meeting will take place February 26, 2015.  The sponsoring company is Astra Zeneca.
There are sponsors for the April and June meetings
There is no sponsor yet for May.
E. President-Elect 
We will need to get with the finance committee and the accountant to make sure that the books are in order.
We will need to find out if the accountant will be maintaining our accounting books or if they will clean up our Quickbooks information to allow us to make better sense of the budget data.
F. Past-President - none
G. President – see below in committee reports
H.  Student Liaisons
There are a couple more student meetings left in the year.
New T-shirts are available for sale on the OU marketplace webpage for the next week.  The link is available through the OU College of pharmacy webpage.

A. Finance Committee – no report
B. Legislative Committee – Presented by Kari McCracken
There is currently no chairperson for the legislative committee.  President McCracken will check with Wiley Williams to see if he would like to serve as the chairperson for this committee.
On Feb 19th, an email was sent to the board from Yvette Morrison for dissemination to OSHP members regarding SB727 being introduced into the 2015 Oklahoma Legislature.  The proposed language would permit a Certified Nurse Practitioner “to order, select, obtain, and administer legend drugs and Schedules II through V controlled substances” and with the addition of “dispensing” capabilities, a pharmacist theoretically would not be needed in that scenario.  This bill was introduced by Corey Brooks on February 2nd.  It has gone through the 1st reading on February 2, 2015 and the 2nd reading on Feb 4, 2015.  See attached communications.
Legislative day is next Tuesday at the State Capital
C. Membership Committee – Randall Sharp, Board Liaison  
The membership committee has been working with some of the student groups.  President McCracken was asked to present to the OU sOSHP chapter a few weeks ago.
There was no membership recruitment mixer this year.
D. Newsletter Committee – no report
E. Nominations Committee – Presented by Kari McCracken
There are several nominees for the Western district chair position as well as the treasurer position
The recruitment for President elect nominee is underway.
F. Program Committee – Alex Cobb, Programming Committee Co-Chair
The meeting brochure was sent to the Board via email for review and approval.  The meeting duration has been shortened to adjourn before 4:30pm due to increased cost for use of the facility.  
Treasurer, Matt Bird made a motion to vote on approval of the brochure.  President Elect, Randall Sharp seconded the motion.  The Board approved the brochure with minor revisions: correct typographical errors, inclusion of qualifications/certifications after speaker names, correction of the lettering of the breakout sessions.
The programming committee will submit a budget to the Board via email by Wednesday, Feb 25th, for review and approval.
Discounts for registering online for the annual meeting:  Treasurer, Matt Bird made a motion to vote on the discount.  President Elect, Randall Sharp seconded the motion.  The Board approved the following discounts:
i. $10 discount for the full day registration
ii. $5 discount for half day registration 
We did not get enough pharmacy directors interested in participating in the reverse vendorship sessions.
G. Scholarship and Awards Committee – Teresa Lewis, Board Liaison
There has not been any submissions for the pharmacy technician award.
There are 2 complete applications for the OU scholarship and 2 incomplete applications for the SWOSU scholarship.  
H. Social Media and Communications Committee – no report

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm.  

ADDENDUM: Items that were discussed via email following the December Board meeting.
Annual meeting budget: The proposed budget for the annual meeting was emailed to the board.  Total Expenses: $10,579.  It was identified that one speaker’s honorarium may have been incorrectly low based on the duration of the presentation.  It was verified with Sandy Warner that this speaker was promised $600 for the 2 hour presentation.  Because the amount exceeded the $500 limit defined within the bylaws, the board communicated and voted via email to approve honoring the honorarium amount of $600 that was promised to the speaker.  With this minor revision, the Board approved the budget for the annual meeting.    See attached budget summary 
Scholarship and Awards: the winners for the student scholarships were Carissa Foster from OU and Jamie Anderson from SWOSU.  Jane Carpenter received the Sylvia J. Martin Outstanding Technician award.  There were no recipients this year for the Continuing Excellence Award.
Nominations Committee: Debbie Poland has been elected as President Elect.  Mark Mills was elected Treasurer.  Brian Hughes was elected as Western District Chair.  Randall Sharp will transition from president-elect to President.
Annual meeting time allotment for awards ceremony/officer installation: Because of the time constraints with the meeting venue, only 35 minutes have been allotted for updates from the various pharmacy organizations.  The Board discussed via email and approved asking representatives of OU, SWOSU, the Board of pharmacy, and OPHA to provide a handout with updates for their respective organizations.  On March 12, 2015.  President McCracken notified the Board via email that she has sent emails requesting written updates from these organizations instead of presentations at the spring meeting.
Transfer bank cards: Matt will coordinate with Debbie, Randall and Mark Mills to obtain their driver’s license for OSHP’s bank account.
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