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May 2015 Board Meeting Minutes
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May 20, 2015 3:10 – 4:28 PM

Oklahoma City, OK (Room 230) and Tulsa, OK (Room 1D29)



With a quorum present, President Sharp called the meeting to order at 3:10 pm.  


Members Present:

Randall Sharp, President


Mark Mills, Treasurer


Emily Gray, Eastern District Chair (via telephone)


Brian Hughes, Western District Chair (via telephone)


Teresa Lewis, Secretary



Members Absent:

Kari McCracken, Past President


Debbie Poland, President Elect



Guests Present:

Alex Cobb, Programming Committee Co-Chair



President Sharp made the motion to approve the April Board meeting minutes.  Western District Chairperson, Brian Hughes, seconded the motion.  The board approved the meeting minutes.



A.   Secretary:

·The 2014-2015 OSHP Annual reports have been compiled and are ready for posting to the website for membership review.  There was no report from the Legislative Committee because there had not been an individual designated as the Chair for that committee with Tracy Hagemann’s departure.

·Conflict of interest forms for the 2015-2016 year have been sent out.  Most everyone have completed and submitted the forms.

·Membership numbers

i.    Membership numbers are listed in the tables below. 

ii.    Randall stated that he will send out an email to the Membership Committee to generate more ideas to increase membership numbers. 

iii.    There were discussions that decreased membership numbers may be due to the fact that CE credit is no longer provided with industry sponsored dinners. 

iv.    The Board discussed options for CE while covering the expense of offering the CE (e.g. fees for the venue and possibly meal). Mark suggested handling CE similar to the fall and spring meetings by setting up a vendor showcase and using the exhibit fees from the vendors to pay for the CE event.

v.    Randall stated that he will reach out to surrounding state organizations to see how they handle non-industry sponsored CE. 

vi.    Brian asked if someone from ASHP may be able to come out 1-2 times per year to present CE to the membership outside of the Fall & Spring meetings.

Current membership numbers

Eastern District

Western District

Pharmacists: 94

Students: 24

Supporting: 4

Technicians: 15

1st Year Pharmacist: 3

Resident: 7

Total: 147

Pharmacists: 113

Students: 55

Supporting: 1

Technicians: 2

1st Year Pharmacists: 4

Residents: 13

Total: 188


2014 membership numbers

Eastern District

Western District

Pharmacists: 108

Students: 28

Supporting: 3

Technicians: 24

1st Year Pharmacist: 4

Resident: 8

Total: 175

Pharmacists: 131

Students: 72

Supporting: 3

Technicians: 5

1st Year Pharmacists: 11

Residents: 14

Total: 239


B.   Treasurer  

·There were no financial reports to send out for this meeting because QuickBooks is locked for audit.

·Update on the audit: The accountant has all the required documents except for the green sheets, hard copies of the expenses & deposits.  Mark stated that he is considering either personally delivering the documents to the accountant in Oklahoma City or sending it via the postal service.  Nina Frost is assigned as our accountant.  She is on vacation starting next week so she’ll likely not be able to start the audit until June 1st.

·Accountant engagement letter:  An engagement letter was sent to Mark by our accounting firm.  Previously the accounting fee has been ~1200/year.  The current engagement letter presents an accounting fee of $2575 for 2 years.  This is a $55 increase from previous 2 years.  The second letter that Mark received from the accounting firm describes the organization’s goals and objectives.  It states that there could be some additional hourly charges but the firm will notify OSHP if the work/fees gets to be excessive.  President Sharp will sign the letters and return to the accounting firm. 

C.  Eastern District Chair

·We have meetings through January.

·15 people did not show up at the most recent meeting.

·Mark proposed making future meeting dates available to the members via emails and posted on the OSHP website to allow members to plan.  Each of the District Chairs will be responsible for letting Lisa Slaton know to have this information posted on the rotating screen on the OSHP home page.

D.   Western District Chair

·The May Western district meeting is on May 21.

·The June meeting will likely be on June 30th at KD’s.  The topic is Dalbavancin.

·There will not be a meeting in July.

·Brian is currently negotiating with a sponsor for an August date.

·No sponsors yet for the September and November meetings.

        E.  President-Elect – N/A

        F.   Past-President – N/A

        G. President

·ASHP benchmarking survey: ASHP has sent Randall a notification and a link to complete the survey.  The completed survey is due at the end of June. Randall will be emailing Kari and Mark to complete the financial information that is required.

·Strengthening OSHP on legislative issues and relationship with OPhA

a.    Randall’s goal during this year as president is to increase OSHP’s engagement with legislative issues.

b.    Yvette Morrison has agreed to serve as chairperson of the Legislative Committee.

c.    Randall attended Legislative day last month.

d.    Randall has exchanged phone numbers with the current president of OPhA, Shonda Lassiter.  The goal is to strengthen relationships with OPhA and increase OSHP’s visibility related to legislative issues.

e.    Mark suggested having the Delegates work with the Legislative Committee.

        H. Student Liaisons

·Randall will email the faculty mentors for OU and SWOSU to extend invitations to student liaisons to the OSHP Board meetings.



A.   Membership Committee – Emily Gray, Board Liaison

·The membership committee is considering a membership mixer.  Bruce Winchester will be emailing Emily some information about plans for the mixer.

B.   Program Committee – Alex Cobb, Co-Chair

·The meeting will be held on October 23rd at St Francis Hospital’s main campus.  The big auditorium and two big classrooms will be available for the meeting.  One classroom may be used for lunch and the other could be used for the vendor showcase.

·Alex will set up a meeting in 2-3 weeks with the committee members to discuss programming/speakers.

·The vendor showcase chairpersons are Kim Whitley & Lisa Mayer

·Mark suggested the programming committee look into free speakers from ASHP.  Alex will email our ASHP contact persons (Beverly Black, Nick Gentile, Kim Berry) to see if we can get a speaker funded by ASHP.



A.   Action plan for related to recent letter and proposed contract amendment from current OSHP staff secretary- the Board went in to executive session to discuss the matter.  Randall made the motion to pay Lisa Slaton $21.50 effective June 1st with language in the contract that the Board will review her performance on a yearly basis.  Language related to the indemnity clause will be kept the same as the original contract.  Teresa seconded the motion and the Board approved the motion.



A.   OSHP Board future meeting dates:  Randall made the motion to have a standing meeting to occur on the 3rd Wednesday of each month through December 15, 2015.  If there is a meeting date for which we do not have quorum then the board will work to find an alternative meeting date.  Brian seconded the motion.  The board approved the motion.

B.   Board members’ attendance at district meetings:

·Mark proposed Board members attend at least an Eastern and Western District meeting as a group to improve visibility of the Board and provide an opportunity for members to have an question & answer session with the Board

·The Board has agreed to attend the Eastern District meeting on June 18th



·Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday June 17th at 3:00 PM.

·Meeting was adjourned at 4:28 PM


ADDENDUM: Items that were discussed via email following the May Board meeting.

·         sOSHP student liaisons: 

o   The OU sOSHP student liaisons are Matthew Stailey (President), Olivia Anderson (Vice-President, Oklahoma City), and Katie Sisco (Vice-President, Tulsa).  The OU sOSHP preceptor advisor, Michelle Splinter, suggested contacting the chapter’s president with meeting dates and times and he will arrange for a student representative to be present at the Board meeting.

o   SWOSU student liaisons will likely be one of the officers.  SWOSU faculty advisor, Nancy Williams, stated that SWOSU student liaison’s attendance at Board meetings may be limited due to schedule conflicts between Board meeting dates and students’ courses.  The students may be available via distance technology or teleconference.

·         Staff secretary contract amendment

o   On May 27th Wiley Williams provided Randall Sharp with an amended version of the staff secretary contract.  The document reflected the changes that were approved during the May OSHP Board meeting.

·         OSHP Fall meeting

o   The Programming Committee met on Wednesday June 3rd to plan the Fall meeting.  The Committee requested Board consideration and approval to keep registration fees the same as last year’s Fall meeting ($120 for active members (all day) and $50 for associate members (all day).  The board voted via email and approved the proposed fees.

·         Non-Industry funded continuing education

o   Randall emailed the Presidents of the Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, and Missouri Health System-Pharmacists Society for their advice regarding continuing education options.  Representatives from Kansas and Missouri responded to the query. 

o   Missouri provides CE 3-4 times per year by having local resident seminars and research presentations that are sponsored by St Louis College of Pharmacy.

o   They try to schedule the CE at a restaurant or during a time of the day that people will come any way

o   The Kansas Society reported that their members are well aware that no CE is offered when an event is sponsored by a drug company.  They schedule the event a restaurant or during a time of the day that people will come anyway.  They open the meeting to non-members which provide an opportunity for membership recruitment. 

o   For CE ideas, the Kansas society send out district wide requests to members asking for topic suggestions.



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