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2016 OSHP Annual Report
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Office of President

How quickly this year has gone by!  It has been a challenging but exciting year for OSHP and I am honored to have served as President for 2016 – 2017.  Special thanks to Alice Kirkpatrick, Mark Mills, Randall Sharp, Brian Hughes, Kaili Melton and Jennifer Bird for their passion and commitment to making OSHP a dynamic organization focused on changing to meet the needs of its members.   Also the committee chairs and members who donate their time and ideas to further our mission of continuing education, scholarship, leadership and the optimization of patient-oriented drug therapy.  I am also grateful for the help of Lisa Slaton, our administrative secretary for her willingness and availability to help with any task.

I attended many of the state affiliate meetings at the ASHP Mid-year meeting including the President’s Dinner and several round table discussions.  It was a wonderful learning experience gathering information on how other states serve their members and all the resources available through ASHP.  We will be utilizing one of these services in the coming year by having our Constitution, Bylaws, Policies and Guidelines reviewed by ASHP.  The have agreed to make recommendations for changes based on best practices throughout the organization. 

The Programming Committee again provided two state-wide educational programs.  The speakers were outstanding and included national thought leaders, as well as, experts from our own membership.  Paul Abramowitz, CEO of ASHP gave the keynote address at the Annual meeting and performed the instillation of the new officers.  Special thanks to Edna Patatanian and Jeremy Johnson , Committee Chairs for their efforts and all the Program committee members.  Kim Whitley, Donna Wilk and Lisa Slaton did an outstanding job of organizing the Vendor Showcase this year.  Vendor financial support is critical to our efforts in providing 12 hours of ACPE accredited continuing education to our members annually and I appreciate their efforts.   Mark Gales, Residency Showcase Chair, continued his excellent work with the residency programs in our state in promoting their programs to interested students.

The OSHP Board authorized two important projects this year:  1) a complete review and re-categorization of income/expenses for OSHP and 2) development of the first annual Residency Research Forum. 

Special thanks to Mark Mills and members of the Finance Committee for their time and expertise in revising  the accounts.  This effort was undertaken following the semi-annual audit and has resulted in a much improved process for developing our annual budget and tracking our finances throughout the year.

Jamie Miller and Jennifer Bird took on the challenge of organizing the first OSHP Residency Research Forum which will be held May 19th, 2017.  This project was undertaken at the request of OSHP members and is designed to provide the opportunity for all residents to showcase their research at a state-wide level.  OSHP members will benefit from hearing about new projects throughout the state.  Preceptor continuing education will also be offered.

It has been a busy and rewarding year and I look forward to continuing my involvement with OSHP in the coming year.

Debbie Poland, Pharm.D., BCPS

President 2016-2017


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Office of President-Elect 

Serving as President-Elect of OSHP for the 2016-17 term of office under the leadership of Debbie Poland, and with a fantastic team of Board members, has been a great learning experience and helped prepare me for the 2017-18 term as President. 

This year marked the start of the President-Elect assuming the responsibility of planning the Oklahoma Reception at the ASHP Midyear Meeting.  This year the Oklahoma Reception was held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV and was co-sponsored by OSHP, the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, and Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy.    The refreshments and fellowship boasted a fantastic networking opportunity for all those in attendance.

During my tenure as President-Elect, I worked with Jamie Miller and Pete Johnson to organize the first Annual Oklahoma Residency Research Conference.  Our first meeting was a huge success with attendance exceeding our expectations.  The residents delivered phenomenal, professional presentations and received high-quality feedback from their peers and preceptors.  Attendees not only benefited from the knowledge that was shared, but also from an interactive 1-hour preceptor development session.  We have received valuable feedback from those in attendance, and are looking forward to preparing for next year’s meeting to occur in the Tulsa area! 

Last, but not least, this year I served on the Finance Committee and as the liaison to the Nominations Committee.  The Finance Committee met several times and we were able to reorganize and finalize the budget.  The leadership of our treasurer, Mark Mills, throughout this project was greatly appreciated.   The Nominations Committee also worked hard and was successful in ensuring the needs and positions of the organization were met.

In summary, I am very excited to serve as President of OSHP for the coming year and I sincerely appreciate this opportunity you have given me.  I want to keep the momentum going next year.  While we have several administrative updates planned such as having ASHP review and provide consultation on our bylaws, updating our website, and renewing our ASHP affiliation; we look forward to continuing our membership outreach.  My goal is to serve this organization and our members in the best way possible.  I aim to enhance the feeling of community within our organization; to establish open lines of communications among members, committees, and the board; and to empower our members to become more actively engaged in the mission of OSHP.  Without engaged members, we cannot function as an organization.  I want to challenge each of our members to “get engaged” during 2017-18 year!

Jennifer Bird, Pharm.D., BCPS, CACP

President-Elect, 2016-2017


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Office of Immediate Past-President 2015-2016

I sincerely want to thank the OSHP membership for allowing me to serve on the Board of Directors these past three years. This opportunity has not only allowed me to grow and learn as a person but also serve in the best interests of the membership. This has also been a great opportunity to learn more about our membership on a more personal basis.

I also want to sincerely thank the other Board members I have served with these past three years. You have put forth great time and effort to keep this organization strong and I sincerely appreciate this. You all are very talented individuals and I sincerely thank you for your ideas and input.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you who have volunteered and served on our committees. Your committee service is the backbone of this organization and is what keeps moving this organization forward. I might also add, your service helps make the job of being Board President much easier, and for your efforts I am sincerely grateful.

Once again, thank you very much for the opportunity to serve on the OSHP Board of Directors and I am confident this organization will remain strong for the foreseeable future.

Randall Sharp, Pharm.D., BCPS

Immediate Past President 2016-2017


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Office of Secretary

OSHP held eight (8) Board Meetings during the 2016-2017 term.  The Board meetings were held via telephone conferencing using a telephone conferencing line coordinated by Mark Mills through his work contacts. The available communications technologies allowed flexibility and reduced commute time for the Board members, committee chairs, and guests.  

The Board and Society have received tremendous support for our day-to-day activities and member communication from our staff secretary, Lisa Slaton.    If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet her, please introduce yourself to her at one of our Annual or Fall Meetings.  She can also be contacted at:  

Database reports have documented the following for the Society membership:






Eastern District




Western District




Total Members*





*Total members include Pharmacists, Students, Technicians and Residents. This may include and Out of State members.

The membership database remains updated throughout the year and updated reports are provided to the Board at each Board meeting and are listed within the Board meeting minutes.  The minutes for each Board meeting are posted on the OSHP website.  We encourage all members to provide us with a current e-mail address to facilitate communication and keep membership updated on current issues and available programs. 

Another great online source for the Society is the OSHP webpage (  The website continues to evolve into an indispensable tool for OSHP.  Special thanks again to our staff secretary, Lisa Slaton, for keeping the webpage updated.      

I would like to thank the members of the Board and our staff secretary, Lisa Slaton, for their assistance over the past year.  It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated and talented group of individuals.

Alice Kirkpatrick, Pharm.D., MS.

OSHP Secretary 2016-2017


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Office of the Treasurer 2016-2017

This second year of my two-year term has been one of accomplishment with the standardization of the transaction categories used for our record keeping as well as the completion of our annual budget, the first in a number of years. 

FD, Thompson & Co., P.L.C. remains our certified public accounting firm and does an excellent job of preparing our tax returns and conducting our bi-annual audits.  The 2017-2018 bi-annual audit will be underway soon.  With the OSHP Finance Committee’s work to develop the comprehensive set of transaction categories, the audit is expected take less time and expense and go very smoothly.

Using the standardized transaction categories, all transactions for 2014-15 were reviewed and re-categorized.   This re-categorization became the basis for developing a new budget.  I am happy to report that after much debate, negotiation, and compromise, a budget was sent to and approved by the Board for 2017. 

Our organization continues to be very financially sound.  As of March 31, 2017, the total assets are as follows:

Deposit account:  $215,909

Cash from matured three-year certificate of deposit:  $31,621

Investment in five-year certificate of deposit, mature August 2019:  $33,021

An important issue for the incoming Treasurer and new Board will be to consider what course to take with the certificate of deposit monies that have reached maturity as well as the monies in excess of six to twelve months of operations in our deposit account.  I am sure that our membership will present several exciting options for employing these funds for betterment within our communities and our organization. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank several outstanding members that have helped me through this second year as treasurer:  Debbie Poland, Jennifer Bird, Ann Ketelsleger, Michele Splinter, and of course, Lisa Slaton.  I am so appreciative of each and every one of you.

Each and every member is important to our organization and our financial soundness, so I do sincerely hope that you benefit from your membership and will continue to support OSHP.   

Thank you,

Mark D. Mills

OSHP Treasurer 2015-2017


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Eastern District Chair Report 2016-2017


Gram-Negative Bacterial Resistance and New Treatment Options


David Scheck, MD



Principles to Advance Parenteral Nutrition Practice


Jay Mirtallo, PharmD

Fresenius Kari


Treating Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS): The Significance of Inhibiting Complement


Derrick van Beuge, PharmD

Alexion Pharmaceuticals


Treating Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE) and

Reducing the Risk of Recurrence Following Initial Therapy


Eugene Ichinose, MD



The first Single Dose Regimen for Treating ABSSSI

Peter Okwuasaba, MD

The Medicines Company


Evaluation and Management of Hyponatremia in the Hospital Setting

Neil Agrawal, MD



Use of FEIBA for Prevention or On-Demand Treatment of Bleeding in Patients With Hemophilia A or B With Inhibitors

Sarah Hawk (PA-C)



Understanding Treatment Options for Preserving Bone Density and Preventing Bone Complications Throughout the Spectrum of Cancer Care


Raoul Concepcion, MD



Activase (alteplase) labeling changes and review

Cindy Salem, RN, MHA



A Treatment for the reduction in the Risk of Stroke and Systemic Embolism in Patients With Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation (NVAF)

Michael P. Gulseth, PharmD

Bristol-Myers Squibb


aHUS Disease

Walter E. Kelley, DO, FCAP

Alexion Pharmaceuticals


Plasma Product Manufacturing, Economics, and Supply

Jerry Siegel, PharmD, FASHP



Reviewing Biosimilars

Jay Vollet, PhD and Vonda Ryan, PharmD


I began my two-year term as OSHP Eastern District Chair in April of 2016. Since the beginning of my term, Eastern District members have gathered a total of thirteen times to take part in networking and educational programs. These meetings are well attended by a variety of members – pharmacy technicians, students, pharmacists, and supporting members. In September 2016, the pharmacy residents and residency directors of the Eastern District were invited to participate in the meeting, being highlighted and acknowledged for their contribution to hospital pharmacy.

For 2017, we have plans underway to offer clinical and operational continuing education programs for our members.

I would like to thank the members of the Eastern District for their support, the members of the Board for their guidance and assistance, and the industry sponsors for their unwavering encouragement.

Kaili (Melton) Donahue, PharmD, BCPS
OSHP Eastern District Chair, 2016-2018


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Western District Chair Report 2016-2017








o Attendees: 27


Introducing VELTASSA (patiromer)

Marcos Rothstein, MD, FACP


Steven Waid


February 25

o Attendees: 27


Intravenous Lipid Emulsions

Todd Canada, MD

Fresenius Kabi

Alec Carlos


March 22

o Attendees: 39



Surgical Interventions with FEIBA (Anti-Inhibitor Coagulant Complex)

Sarah M. Hawk, PA-C


Joshua Lukefahr


May 5

o Attendees: 36


Trust, but Validate: Minimizing the Risk of Drug Diversion in the Hospital

Darin Smith, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP

Oklahoma Pharmacy Education Foundation

John Foust

1 hour

June 16

o Attendees: 46


Treating Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS): The Significance of Inhibiting Complement

Derrick van Beuge, PharmD


Jessica Dyer


July 2015

No meeting – Summer break


August 25

o Attendees: 45



Toujeo (insulin glargine): A Clinical Discussion

James Theodore Bonucchi, DO


Katherine Urban


September 22

o Attendees: 42



Principles for Treating Infections in Critically Ill Patients Receiving Renal Replacement Therapies

Bruce Mueller, PharmD, FCCP, FASN, FNKF

NxStage Medical, Inc. Josh Lukefahr

Oklahoma Pharmacy Education Foundation

John Foust

1 hour



No meeting – OSHP fall meeting

November 16

o Attendees: 50


Advancing Parenteral Nutrition Practice

Jay Mirtallo, MS, RPh, BCNSP, FASHP

Fresenius Kabi

Alec Carlos


December 2014

No meeting – Winter break




In 2016, the OSHP Western District held eight meetings which were well attended, with an average of almost 40 attendees. Students represented approximately 20% of registrants.  There was a wide range of topics, venues, and sponsors throughout the year.  One of the highlights of the year was that we were able to once again offer our members continuing education (CE) at two of these meetings.  These efforts began with Randall Sharp, our President at the time, who started a conversation with the late, great John Foust, the director of the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy (OSBP) at the time.  As Western District Chair, I took over the responsibilities for trying to offer CE at 1-2 meetings per year, and worked with John as well as various other members and employees of the OSBP and two of our speakers, Darin Smith and Bruce Mueller.  Everyone at the OSBP was very helpful, but John Foust was exceptional in his efforts to help us reach our goal, spearheading an educational grant process and offering the OSBP conference room for our meetings.  John’s name now, fittingly, adorns that very conference room, and his memory can now live on with us through his efforts to help provide quality education for our pharmacists.  Thank you John, you will be missed.

I would like to thank Darin Smith for volunteering (actually, allowing himself to be volunteered) to speak to our group, as well our other speakers. And thank you to our industry sponsors who have made our meetings possible including Alexion, Baxter, Fresenius Kabi, NXStage, Relypsa, and Sanofi.  As a result of their support, Western District members had the opportunity to learn about a variety of relevant and exciting topics. 

Lastly, I want to thank you, the members, who contribute to our society in so many ways.  Thank you for your help in setting up and taking down tables, cleanup, etc. at the meetings. Thanks for your feedback, suggestions, and for listening to me ramble on at the Western District meetings the last 2 years before we get to the “real” speakers.  I have enjoyed socializing with all of you at the meetings, and your encouragement has meant a lot to me.  I am excited to be able to remain on the Board of Directors, as President-Elect, and look forward to seeing you all at future Western District meetings.


Brian Hughes, PharmD, BCPS

OSHP Western District Chair, 2015-2017


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Program Committee 2016-2017

The Program Committee is proud to report a very productive year, and the committee chairs would like to thank the wonderful committee members for their hard work in planning the 2016 Fall Meeting and the 2017 Annual Meeting.  Between these two meetings, the committee was able to offer 12 hours of continuing education programming to the OSHP members. American Council of Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) accreditation was provided in cooperation with the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, Office of Continuing Professional Development for both meetings (11 hours) and The Medical Learning Institute (1 hour) for the Annual Meeting.


2016 Fall Meeting Summary

The 2016 OSHP Fall Meeting was held Friday, October 14, 2016 at Saint Francis Hospital Education Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   There were a total of 69 registrants for the meeting.  A vendor showcase was held during lunch featuring 15 vendors.   A Residency Showcase followed the meeting, highlighting 13 residency programs from across the state.

Fall meeting attendees were eligible for up to 6 ACPE-accredited hours on the following topics:





CE Hrs


Antimicrobial Stewardship: The Time is Now

Ann Lloyd



CV Risk Reduction in Diabetes –

Medication Update

Katherine O’Neal



The Impaired Pharmacist

Chelsea Church



Hepatitis C Treatment Update

Christina Connel



Drug Shortage Update – What’s New in 2016

Erin Fox



New Concentrated Insulin Products: How to avoid dosing errors

Jeremy Johnson




2017 Annual Meeting Summary


The 2017 OSHP Annual Meeting was held Friday April 21, 2017 at Saint Anthony Hospital, Saints Medical Plaza RAPP Foundation Conference Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  We were honored to have ASHP’s CEO, Paul Abramowitz, in attendance at the meeting.  There were a total of 68 registrants for the meeting.  A vendor showcase was held throughout the day during lunch and breaks that featured 21 vendors. The 1st Annual Resident Research Conference on Friday, May 19, 2017 will take the place of resident presentations at the Annual Meeting this year. 

Annual Meeting attendees were eligible for up to 6 ACPE-accredited hours on the following topics:





CE Hrs


Pharmacists Must Be Leaders:

Perspectives on Leveraging

Leadership to Improve Patient

Care for State Affiliates

Paul Abramowitz



Reducing Hospital

Readmissions in Heart Failure:

Pharmacy’s Pivotal Role

Michael Bottorff



Cancer Immunotherapy:

Exploring the Role of Novel

Agents in Cancer Treatment

Patrick Medina



Biosimilars, Biobetters, and


Steven Lucio



Clinical Pharmacogenomics

Barry Gales





Edna Patatanian (Western District)


Jeremy Johnson (Eastern District)


Julia Mathew


Lisa Mayer


Anna Wallis


Whitney Rohlman


Kelly Murray

Residency Showcase

Mark Gales

Vendor Showcase

Donna Wilk

Kim Whitley

Board Liaison:

Debbie Poland



Finance Committee 2016-2017

The duty of the Finance committee is to prepare and report a proposed budget for the Society to the OSHP Board for final approval and discuss financial issues of the organization.  The committee met in November 2016 to begin work on the annual budget and met again in February 2017 to finalize the budget for Board review and approval. 

Our major sources of income continue to come from membership dues, member meeting registrations, vendor meeting registrations, and joint participation with OPA in their Pharmacy Technician Certification Board twice a year state survey. 

An important issue for the incoming Treasurer and Finance Committee will be to consider whether to continue to keep our financial records on one laptop or to change to the cloud for storage.  The cloud would make things more accessible, but increased accessibility does not come without some security risks. 

As my term comes to an end, I am very happy to report that the Society enjoys very good health financially, but of course, it will be important to make sound decisions and spend wisely as our organization evolves into the future.


Mark Mills (Treasurer)


Ann Ketelsleger

Michele Splinter

Debbie Poland (President)

Jennifer Bird (President-Elect)


Scholarship and Awards Committee

The OSHP scholarships consisting of $1000 each will be presented this year to one student from each college at the annual meeting.  The recipients of the scholarships are Katelynn Doran from the University of Oklahoma and Lindsey Bastemeyer from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Application forms for the Continuing Excellence Award were sent to all pharmacist members.  There were no applicants this year.

The committee sent application forms for the Sylvia J. Martin Outstanding Technician Award to all technician and pharmacist members.  The recipient this year is Sherry Brake of the Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis.

Recipients of the OSHP Senior Student Awards were selected by faculty committees at The University of Oklahoma and Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  These awards will be presented at the awards ceremony of each respective college.


Barry J. Gales


Amanda Bozell


Teresa Cooper


LeAnn Graham


Tiffany Kessler


Alice Kirkpatrick


Ann T. Nguyen


Emily Oliphant


Betsy Poorman


Michele Splinter

Board Liaison

Alice Kirkpatrick


Newsletter Committee 

The purpose of the Newsletter Committee is to disseminate information to the membership that is pertinent to OSHP and the practice of pharmacy.  The 2016-17 Committee was charged to produce three newsletters during the year and has done so to coincide with key OSHP events: 1) the Fall Newsletter 2016 served as a semester kick-off, introducing the Oklahoma pharmacy residents; 2) the Winter Newsletter 2017 featured end of year reports; 3) the Spring Newsletter 2017 included Clinical Pearls written by pharmacy residents.

A popular feature of each newsletter continues to be the “President’s Podium” which allows communication to the membership from the OSHP President.  Also included in each issue is a Legislative Update and a section on “Get to Know Your Board Members.”  The Fall issue featured biographies and pictures of the Oklahoma pharmacy residents and the ASHP House of Delegates report from the OSHP delegates.  The Winter issue provided updates from the Eastern and Western District Chairs plus the College Chapters.  The Spring newsletter featured the “Clinical Pearls” section.  Residents from seven Oklahoma pharmacy residency programs gained experience in submitting a peer-reviewed “Clinical Pearl” on the topics of their choice for publication in the newsletter.

Since the Spring 2013 edition, the newsletter has been distributed as a series of article links at the OSHP website rather than the traditional newsletter format.  This allows readers the option of quickly perusing the table of contents with a brief description of each piece, then reading select articles of interest.

The Newsletter Committee greatly appreciates those who have contributed articles, photographs, and other information.  The Committee co-chairs would also like to acknowledge the following individuals: 1) Brian Hughes as our Board liaison and 2) Lisa Slaton for her assistance with formatting and distributing each edition.  Thank you to the OSHP membership for allowing us to provide this service to the organization!



Kristin Montarella


Beth Resman-Targoff


Richard Abrahamson


John Donner


Teresa Lewis


Kristi Rice


Darla Spears


Brian Stamile

Board Liaison:

Brian Hughes


Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee was responsible for solicitation of names for consideration in the election of two Oklahoma State Board Selection Process nominees, two ASHP Delegates, and the OSHP offices of President-Elect and Treasurer, and Western District Chairperson.  All nominations and elections were conducted via electronic ballots.  Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the results of elections for various offices and positions for the coming year(s).     

Oklahoma State Board Nominees:

                Yvette Morrison

                Ann Lloyd

ASHP Delegates:

                Kari McCracken (Continuing Delegate, 2016-2017)

                Ann Lloyd (New Delegate, 2017-2018)

                Edna Patatanian (New Delegate, 2017-2018)

ASHP Alternate Delegate:

                Brian Hughes


OSHP Officer Positions

President-Elect:  Brian Hughes (3-year term)

Treasurer: Tiffany Kessler (2-year term)

 Western District Chair: Richard Wheeler (2-year term)

It has been a pleasure serving as the Nominations Committee Chair this past year.   The Committee would like to thank all of the members for their participation in the nomination process and the candidates for their willingness to serve.  Additionally, we thank the Board for their continuing support.    

Nominations Committee Co-Chairs:  Jamie Miller, Jenny Stemm

Members: Jennifer Hollister, Teresa Lewis, Giau Phan

Board Liaison: Jennifer Bird




OSHP Logo official.jpeg

Annual Report


Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is responsible for keeping abreast of both state and national legislation that may impact the pharmacy profession. Nationally, legislation known as the Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act (HR 592 and S 109) was reintroduced in January 2017. This legislation would allow Medicare Part B recipients access to pharmacists’ services provided in medically underserved populations. To date, the lack of pharmacist provider recognition in the Social Security Act has limited the ability of pharmacists to provide and be compensated for those healthcare services we are qualified to perform. On the state level, the 56th Oklahoma Legislative Session has given way to several bills on the “watch list”. HB 1824 advocates medication synchronization, which is intended to improve patient medication adherence by coordinating chronic prescription refill dates. HB 1284 and SB 679 each contain “central fill” language that is heavily supported by the larger pharmacy chains. “Central fill” jeopardizes the Oklahoma pharmacy workforce by allowing a prescription to be filled out of state but also puts patients receiving those prescriptions at risk as the Oklahoma State Board only has jurisdiction over the out-of-state Pharmacist-in-Charge and the facility but not the individual technicians or pharmacists filling the actual prescription. However, HB 1284 also included language permitting a pharmacist to prescribe and dispense naloxone without a dispensing protocol. Another bill of interest has been HB 1013 which relates to the prescribing authority of advanced practice registered nurses by removing the supervisory physician requirement.

The Committee continues to work closely with the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association (OPhA) to pursue collaboration opportunities and maintain open lines of communication. For example, several OSHP members attended the annual OPhA-sponsored Pharmacy Legislative Day on February 22, 2017 at the State Capitol. Keep in mind, legislative issues don’t only affect our colleagues in the community/retail settings, and it is paramount for pharmacists to present a unified voice in order to tackle issues with widespread impact (e.g. pharmacist provider status).

A health-system perspective has been maintained on the Oklahoma State Board as Mark St. Cyr continues his tenure of service. Unfortunately, the State Board suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of former Executive Director John Foust. John’s roots were in hospital pharmacy, and he was a longtime OSHP member. Oklahoma pharmacy has been well-served since his appointment in 2009, and John will be greatly missed!

Health-system pharmacists are an integral part of the pharmacy profession and we should actively participate in advocacy efforts. If you don’t know where to start, begin by taking the following steps:

1) become familiar with the names and contact information of your federal and state legislators (; and

2) donate to the Oklahoma Pharmacy Political Action Committee (OK Pharm PAC) at Be assured that your donation to the OK Pharm PAC supports legislative initiatives affecting ALL Oklahoma pharmacists and are NOT used to fund any one organization’s activities.

Please get involved, the success and sustainability of Oklahoma Pharmacy needs YOU! Thank you for the opportunity to represent OSHP!

Chair: Yvette Morrison

Members: Katelynn Doran, Jessica Easterwood, Dorothy Gourley, Dimitri Sirbu, Darin Smith, Riley Williams, Wiley “Butch” Williams

Board Liaison: Randall Sharp


Membership Committee 2016-2017

During the last year the membership committee continued to develop and propose activities to the board.  One proposal that we discussed and implemented was a social mixer.

We had a successful OSHP meet and greet in November 2016.   The social mixer included invitations to all hospital pharmacists in the area, OU student chapter and SWOSU student chapter for an evening get together at Hideaway Pizza in Yukon.    Twenty-five members and potential members attended.  From the mixer, we gained 6 new members!  The board continues to review these and other proposals.   

Membership figures:

    Years        Members

2016-2017        244

2015-2016        392

2014-2015        414

2013-2014        334

2012-2013        283

The Committee would like to thank the members who continue to support OSHP with their active membership. 


Jerri Cody

Amy Garrett


The Ad Hoc Social Media and Communications Committee

The Committee prioritized activities to address engagement, enhance communication and collaboration, and evaluate content/format of social media and communications with membership. OSHP Secretary Lisa Slaton joined Committee discussion as content manager for the OSHP webpage. She was able to provide an overview of webpage features and shared analytics for web traffic.

 Our University of Oklahoma student committee member was very successful in promoting OSHP social media among other pharmacy students at her college. The Committee recruited a SWOSU student to join the committee to help promote OSHP social media among SWOSU students.

 A website review was conducted to identify opportunities for update and development; the review was submitted to the Board for consideration. Website forum development is a desired area of future focus.

Statistics are available for Facebook, but not Twitter. Facebook page likes have increased from 258 at the time of the Committee’s September meeting, to 291 as of May 2017. The Committee has increased the number of posts to Facebook and Twitter in order to increase reach. The posts that tend to have greater reach include photos of OSHP members or discuss advancement of pharmacy practice. It is unusual for members to share posts to the OSHP page. Average total daily reach has more than doubled since the Committee met in September.

Chair: Jacyntha Sterling Herbers 

Members: Cheri Walker, Amanda Rice, Anna Wallis, Dorothy Gourley

Board Liaison: Brian Hughes



SWOSU Student OSHP Chapter Activity Report, 2016-2017 Academic Year

Faculty Advisors: Tiffany Kessler, Pharm.D. and Nancy Williams, Pharm.D.

Our Southwestern OSHP Student Chapter has had very busy and very successful year filled with activities and events. Each year, we have various guest speakers, conduct the local Clinical Skills Competition, host membership drives, and participate in community service projects as well as professional development projects. This year we also focused on increasing membership and student involvement, not only within the organization, but within the community as well.

We begin every semester with a lunchtime membership drive aimed at recruiting new members. Our OSHP chapter places an emphasis on student involvement and professional development so we like to emphasize recruitment of teammates rather than just enrollment of students. Our chapter presidents Anna Wallis (Fall President) and David Nguyen (Spring President) spoke to students about the benefits of joining our student and state chapters. At each meeting, we had excellent turnouts and garnered a lot of interest in the activities we had planned for each semester.

Our favorite activities involve our speaker meetings. Every semester we invite various speakers to come discuss different topics with our members. In September, Dr. Mark Gales, SWOSU Pharmacy Practice faculty member, introduced students to the local Clinical Skills Competition where he explained the rules and offered tips before reviewing a previous case with interested members. We ultimately had 8 teams compete in the competition with Victoria Denny and Nicole Schmits winning first place and moving on to compete nationally in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Yevette Morrison also volunteered her time to discuss current and upcoming legislation with us, as well as how important it is in the upcoming years for all pharmacy students and pharmacists to be involved in politics. In February, Mrs. Ramos, a hospital pharmacist at the AllianceHealth Hospital in Clinton, gave us some insight into what day to day life is like for a pharmacist in a hospital setting, emphasizing how the practice has changed in the last decade and dispelling stereotypes surrounding the hospital pharmacy. For Legislation day, in March, Dr. Davis reiterated how important activism is to our profession and helped us participate in a letter writing campaign to our Oklahoma representatives in the Senate and the House of Representatives where we had a total of 20 participants.  

During the year we also participated in three community service projects. In honor of Halloween and the upcoming holiday season, we had a blast Trick-or-Treating for canned goods which, when coupled with our on-campus canned food drive, raised about 75 pounds of canned goods. We donated the canned goods to Weatherford’s Food and Resource Center to pass along to those in need. In November, students volunteered their time to create door decorations for rooms at Weatherford’s Faith Hospice facility. In April, we teamed up with the Rho Chi chapter and participated in a Book Drive for children’s books to donate to local schools in our area.

At SWOSU, we are really proud of our professional development projects and would like to give a huge congratulations to member, and past president, Elizabeth Sandman for presenting her professional development project poster at the Student Society Showcase of the ASHP Midyear Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, this past December. The tradition of hosting our annual residency panel continued this year on April 10th. Victoria Felder and Robert Holliday from Norman Regional Hospital, Katherine Lutek and Stephanie Giancola from Oklahoma City VA Medical Center, Jamie Wroge from Chicasaw Nation Medical Center, and Katherine Rice from Walgreens volunteered their time to come have dinner with our members and discussed their experiences in their residency programs as well as answered any questions from students.

To be fair, it wouldn’t have been such a wonderful year if we didn’t make time to have some extra fun on the side. In April, we teamed up with the Rho Chi Fraternity to host a College of Pharmacy Quiz Bowl where teams comprised of both faculty and students competed to out-smart each other by answering various Jeopardy trivia questions. It was a great way to close out a great year.

We would like to, once again extend a thank you to all of our guest speakers, officers, volunteers, and our faculty advisors. With all of their hard work and effort, we had a productive year filled with rewarding events and activities that enriched the lives of student pharmacists at Southwestern. Looking forward, we genuinely hope to continue to expand our organization on campus and grow as future pharmacists.


OSHP Officers

Fall 2016

Spring 2017


Anna Wallis

David Nguyen


David Nguyen

Cassie Shaw


Cassie Shaw

Jordan James


Patra Kositchaiwat

Meenu Thomas


Jordan James

Megan Oertel

Fundraising Co-Chairs

Neha Abraham and Nissy Cherian

Paul Vahchuama and Cindy Phan



University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Advisors:  Michele Splinter, Teresa Lewis and Peter Johnson



In September, the University of Oklahoma’s (OU) student chapter of the Oklahoma Society of Health-System Pharmacists (sOSHP) had its first meeting of the year. During this meeting, we introduced sOSHP, OSHP, and ASHP to all the new incoming P1s. The chapter president, Emily Oliphant, also went over the schedule of upcoming events for the Fall semester.

In October, the chapter paired with the committee for pharmacy month and had Kate Bacon come from the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  She educated the students on what the society is about and how to become involved if people were interested.

In November, the chapter invited current OU College of Pharmacy PGY1 and PGY2 residents to speak to the members about residency. The members asked the residency panel questions about being in a pharmacy residency and about the interview process. This was very insightful for members who have a real interest in pursuing residency training.

In February, we had a joint meeting with NCPA/APhA/PLS about Legislative Day. Senator Rob Standridge met with students and described Legislative Day.  He also discussed bills that were going through the House and Senate that impact pharmacy and if we, as pharmacists, wanted them to be passed or not.

In March, Dr. Mark Mills, Medical Science Liaison with Veloxis Pharmaceuticals, discussed organ donation and the Organ Donation Advocacy Challenge sponsored by the American Society of Transplantation Transplant Pharmacy Community of Practice Organ Donation Workgroup. 


During our October meeting, we recognized the winners of our Clinical Skills Competition, Katherine Newman and Matthew Stailey, who went on to represent the College in the National Clinical Skills Competition at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Las Vegas, NV in December.


OU sOSHP chapter members in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa have been involved in numerous service projects, which highlight the community-oriented goals of the organization.

The Oklahoma City OU sOSHP chapter members collaborated with the OU Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) members to provide hands-on learning activities and workshops on healthcare related topics at Millwood School of Arts and Academy throughout the school year.   Members met with a class of eighth grade students three times a semester. Lessons covered included health topics such as influenza vaccination, hypertension and physical activity. These visits lasted about an hour and included a brief lesson to the whole class followed by a small group activity. The students and the teacher at Millwood had a lot of questions. We enjoyed this opportunity to interact with students at a critical point in their lives. OU sOSHP members also volunteered at the Mid-Del Community Health Clinic every Thursday evening, providing intern services to the pharmacist on duty and educating patients on smoking cessation. In October, we participated in the City Rescue Mission health fair for homeless people in Oklahoma City. Members provided information to the attendees on smoking cessation and handed out pamphlets on how to stop smoking.  In November, members were encouraged to write Christmas cards to be distributed to hospitalized veterans throughout the Veterans Affairs (VA) system. We wrote over 3 dozen cards! In February, a small group of students staffed a booth at the Tulakes Elementary School Health Fair educating elementary school students and their parents about the Oklahoma Center for Poison and Drug Information and poison prevention. These students received magnets with the poison hotline number.  The children completed word search puzzles with “hidden poisons.” They also had the opportunity to test their skills by differentiating between medicines and candies that have similar appearances. As part of the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center’s annual Big Event day of service, sOSHP members partnered with three local independent pharmacies to set up booths to provide information about the Organ Donor Registry. Students handed out information to members of the community, and checked for the “little red heart” on people’s driver’s licenses to help individuals verify that they are registered as an organ donor.

The Tulsa OU sOSHP chapter members, in collaboration with other student organizations including SNPhA, organized and participated in several health-related events meeting the needs of community residents throughout the academic year. At the Union High School Employee Health Fair, we provided free bone density screening accompanied by handouts that included recommendations for calcium and Vitamin D intake. Students also had the opportunity to counsel employees on a walk-in basis about heartburn and how to best manage it with lifestyle modification as well as pharmacologic therapy. During National Diabetes Week, student members took a group picture together to be a part of the momentum of raising awareness of Diabetes nationwide. In addition, we volunteered to help at the Vestido Rojo Health Fair held by the American Heart Association (AHA) in Tulsa.  We performed blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol screenings to the attendees.  The goal of health fair is to enlighten Hispanic women to their potential heart health challenges and reduce disability and deaths due to cardiovascular disease and stroke in the Hispanic community. Last but not least, OU sOSHP members in Tulsa collaborated with SNPhA to offer medication counseling and smoking cessation to the people who are homeless at the Tulsa Day Center located in the downtown Tulsa metro. 


The outgoing and incoming officers are as follows:


Outgoing officers:
Spring 2016-Spring 2017

Incoming officers:
Spring 2017-Spring 2018


Emily Oliphant

Mary Beth Acosta


Katelynn Doran (OKC)

Kristen Young (Tulsa)

Katy Stephens (OKC)


Alanah Canfield (OKC)

Lauren May (Tulsa)

Megan Lenkov (OKC)


Elisabeth Kneeland (OKC)

Richard Goode (Tulsa)

Huy Nhan (OKC)


Macy Naas (OKC)


Beatrice Atoyebi (OKC)

Service Chair

Amanda Rice (OKC)

Hue Kim Le (Tulsa)

Joy Woods (OKC)

Smoking Cessation


Marius Vilimas (OKC)


Zach Dunn (OKC)

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