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August 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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Date:   August 26, 2016      Time: 3:00 p.m.

Conference Call 1(929)237-1729 Conference ID 365783



        Members Present: Debbie Poland, Kaili Melton, Brian Hughes, Alice Kirkpatrick, Randall Sharp, Jennifer Bird

        Members Absent: Mark Mills 


II.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES – approved with correction on spelling and title of document



A.   Secretary- Alice Kirkpatrick: 300 current members

B.   Treasurer – Mark Mills, not present

C.   Eastern District Chair- Kaili Melton: the August meeting was Thursday, August 11th. The board members who attended the meeting were Kaili Melton, Alice Kirkpatrick and Randall Sharp.

September meeting will be when residents will be introduced. 

Plan to have a CE meeting at St. John conference center. The topic will be drug diversion from a nursing perspective Date TBD

        D.  Western District Chair – Brian Hughes, September meeting will offer CE.  The residents will also be                         introduced.  Brian is working to have another CE Western District meeting in Jan or Feb. 

        E.  President-Elect – Jennifer Bird- see old business

        F. Past-President – Randall Sharp: no report

        G. President –Debbie Poland- See new business

        H. Student Liaisons: not present- Debbie will send meeting schedule to SWOSU, Alice will send meeting                     schedule to OU.


IV.   COMMITTEE REPORTS/UPDATES- The board liaisons for the various committee have been updated.  Information with committees may be found in the OSHP dropbox.  Debbie to resend directions.

        A. Finance Committee – Mark Mills, Board Liaison – no report

        B.  Legislative Committee – Randall Sharp, Board Liaison – no report

        C.  Membership Committee – Kaili Melton, Board Liaison- Jerri Cody at Norman Regional is planning OSHP mixers.  Plan to schedule a fall mixer for Western District and a spring mixer for Eastern District. Kaili plans to follow up with the membership chair.  Want to recruit membership from Hillcrest Hospitals.  

        D.  Newsletter Committee – Brian Hughes, Board Liaison

        E.  Nominations Committee – Jennifer Bird, Board Liaison

        F.   Program Committee – Debbie Poland, Board Liaison- Fall Meeting program is ready. Good job Program Committee.  The space will be tight for vendor showcase. The proposed budget for the conference was presented for review.

        G.  Scholarship and Awards Committee – Alice Kirkpatrick, Board Liaison

        H.  Social Media and Communications Committee – Brian Hughes, Board Liaison-see old business




A.    Social Media/Newsletter Committee: proposal to amend the bylaws to make one committee with Social media and newsletter sub-committees. - With further discussion the board decided that it would be better to keep these as two committees, but submit a new proposal to create a permanent committee for Social Media.

B.   Scholarship and Awards: having a resident award- We will wait until we have decision on resident forum presentation event.  May be better to have award tie in to that event.

C.    Residents’ forum- Jennifer Bird:  Jennifer has received a positive response from the RPD’s. Jamie Miller voiced an interest in helping plan event.  Some discussions the board had about the event focused on increasing attendance.  One thought was to provide board sponsored CE for the event.  Also, look to see if the meeting could be held at the State Board location.  Another suggestion was to provide a session that would be Preceptor Development at the meeting.  We will continue to pursue this event.  Jennifer will check calendar to see possible dates avoiding other conflicts.  Looking for a date in early May.




A.   Proposal from Darin Smith - This proposal has been withdrawn for now.

B.   Delegate reimbursement for annual meeting- Debbie Poland: The board voted to reimburse the attendees for their costs to attend the Annual meeting. The board will discuss guidelines for travel reimbursement at next meeting.

C.   Yvette Morrison will introduce proposal on pharmacy technician training at September meeting.

D.   Debbie- The ASHP website, under the affiliate umbrella is offering a webinar on micro volunteering.  Debbie will send link to board members to sign up for this webinar.

 VII.      ADJOURNMENT Adjourn 4:12 p.m.

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