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May 2016 Board of Director Meeting Minutes
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May 24, 2016 3:05- 4:10 PM

Conference Call 1(929)237-1729



With a quorum present, President Poland called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm.


        Members Present:            Debbie Poland, President

                                                Randall Sharp, Past-President

                                                Jennifer Bird, President-Elect

                                                Kaili Melton, Eastern District Chair

Brian Hughes, Western District Chair

 Alice Kirkpatrick, Secretary

        Members Absent:             Mark Mills, Treasurer

        Guests:                             None



        The March meeting minutes submitted electronically were previously approved.


A.   Secretary:

·nual report has been circulated for approval from past secretary

·Membership numbers will be provided at next meeting

·Please watch e-mail for annual Declaration of Conflict of Interest forms.  Plan to sign and send back as instructed.

B.   Treasurer – N/A

C.   Eastern District Chair  

·There were 2 Eastern District meetings in May, good attendance at both

·June meeting is booked

·August meeting is planned

·Saint Francis Hospital Education area is available for the Fall Meeting, October 14, 2016 (see program committee report)

D.   Western District Chair

·May Continuing Education meeting at the State Board Office was a great success.  Darrin Smith was the speaker. Funding and support from the State Board helped defray meal and venue costs.  35-40 members were in attendance.  The tone was more conversational and less formal than traditional restaurant meeting venues.

·Plan to repeat a Continuing Education meeting.  Will work with Board of Pharmacy to secure venue and apply for grant to cover meal costs.

·OSHP Board discussion to plan to invite OSHP members from opposite districts to attend CE district meetings.  (i.e. invite the Eastern District members to attend the September meeting)

·Western District June meeting is scheduled for June 16th

·No Western District meeting in July

·Western District August meeting is scheduled for August 25th.  This meeting will be at a new venue: Iron Star BBQ.

        E. President-Elect – N/A

        F.  Past-President – None

        G. President – please refer to new and old business sections

        H. Student Liaisons – N/A


        Board members volunteered to be Board liaisons for each of the committees.  The Board Liaisons are as follows:

        A. Finance Committee – Mark Mills

        B.  Legislative Committee – Randall Sharp

·The legislative Committee submitted work on HB 2799 to the ASHP’s ‘Great Ideas” forum.  The idea was accepted and is going to be presented by Ann Lloyd at the ASHP summer meeting.

·The slides for the upcoming ASHP presentation are attached in the addendum.

        C.  Membership Committee – Kaili Melton

        D.  Newsletter Committee – Brian Hughes

        E.  Nominations Committee – Jennifer Bird

        F.   Program Committee- Debbie Poland

·Debbie has reached out to Eastern District members to fill co-chair spot for the Program Committee.  Would like a co-chair from each district.

·Plan is to have Fall meeting in Eastern District

o   Kaili Melton is looking into venue at St. Francis Hospital for Fall meeting.  Need to define space needed for breakout rooms and vendor showcase.  (Last year the vendor showcase area was cramped.)  Also need to decide on catering needs (St. Francis catering vs outside catering.)

o   October 14th is the planned date for the Fall meeting

o   The St. Francis Education Center is available on October 14th.

G.  Scholarship and Awards Committee – Alice Kirkpatrick

        H.  Social Media and Communications Committee – Brian Hughes

·         Proposed Communication Committee changes- see Old Business


·Social Media/Newsletter Committee proposed Amendment to the Bylaws – the discussion of this agenda item as was deferred by the Board to a Summer Board meeting.  The updated wording for the amendment is in Addendum A.

o   The plan is to introduce the amendment at the January District meetings and then propose for a vote at the Annual Meeting.

·Banners – The Board seemed in favor of purchasing banners.  Brian (?) will visit with program committee and with Lisa to get idea of costs.

·Scholarship and Awards: adding a resident award. –Alice will follow up with Scholarship Committee

·Program Committee has requested for structure of annual meeting allowing all residents to present without exclusions

o   Program committee- Debbie to follow up

o   Brainstorm ideas:

§  Residency showcase presentation- a platform for residents to show research and handle Q and A

§  Residency appreciation day: presentations and celebration for residents

·Debbie and Jennifer to work on this idea

·Randall and Brian will want RPD  follow up



A.   Proposal from Darin Smith- will present in June meeting.  Create best practices for preventing diversion in Hospital Pharmacy

B.   Committee chairs and Board Liaisons

a.    See Committee reports for Liaisons

b.    Debbie has sent out work do recruit 2 key chairs to be filled from Tulsa (Eastern) district

       i.    Membership Committee

       ii.    Program Committee

       iii.    Proposal to have members sign up for committees at next district meetings.


C.   Date of next annual meeting: tabled to next meeting:

a.    Looking at April 7th or April 21st

D.   Administrative Secretary evaluation

a.    It was agreed that Lisa Slaton has done a very good job as secretary.

b.    She is timely and extremely helpful to Board members and Committee chairs with all aspects of position

c.    The Board would like to extend a pay raise

      i.    5% increase would be $1.00 per hour increase to $22.50

      ii.    We will confirm with treasurer and follow up next meeting


E.   President Poland raised suggestion that the OSHP Board members plan to attend a meeting in each district as a group. 

·The suggestion was well received. Current plan is for Board to attend August Eastern District meeting and the September Western District meeting (planned CE meeting).                        Committee


VII.  ADJOURNMENT – The Meeting was adjourned at 4:10pm


Submitted by Alice Kirkpatrick


Items that were discussed by Board members following the May Board meeting are listed in Addendum A


Addendum A


Proposed amendment to bylaws:


Proposed amendment:   Communications Committee: This committee is comprised of two sections, which will collaborate as needed:

1) The Newsletter Section: This Section shall publish a quarterly newsletter for   the OSHP membership, and

2) The Social Media Section: This Section shall maintain the OSHP website and other social media related to OSHP

Rules for approving Amendments:

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