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2018-2019 OSHP Annual Report
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Office of President

“Great things are done by a series of small thing brought together.”  This quote from Vincent Van Gogh summarizes the year that OSHP has had.  It has been a busy but exciting and productive year for us, and I am honored to have served as President for 2018 – 2019.  After consultation with ASHP, your Board of Directors has completed a review and revision of our policies and guidelines, as well as completed our recommendations for bylaws revision, which will be voted on at the Annual Meeting on April 12th.   I am also excited to report that we were recently notified of approved re-affiliation with ASHP after submitting in mid-2018!  In January, we held a strategic planning retreat, and hope to see some tangible improvements in the near future based on our conversations. 

In spring 2018, we provided our second annual Oklahoma Pharmacy Resident Research Conference, which was a success in showcasing the excellent and varied projects our state residents have worked on throughout the year.  Much thanks to Jennifer Bird, Jamie Miller, Pete Johnson, and Ann Lloyd for organizing and continuing this conference into its sophomore year. 

We had two great educational conferences again last year.  I want to recognize Kelly Murray and Janice Tsui, Program Committee Chairs for all that they do in keeping these meetings fun, educational, and engaging.  Kim Whitley and Lisa Slaton always do a great job in organizing the Vendor Showcases, while Mark Gales once again served as Residency Showcase Chair, helping to provide an important touchpoint for students and residency programs. 

Special thanks to 2018-19 OSHP board members: Jennifer Bird, for mentoring me through this year and answering my unending questions; Kiya Harrison, for maintaining our minutes and keeping the board all on the same page;  Jeremy Johnson, for stepping up and preparing for the President’s role while organizing a fantastic Oklahoma Reception at the 2018 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting; Tiffany Kessler, for serving as steward and board liaison of our financial accounts ,preparing our budget, and overseeing the Finance Committee; and of course Allyson Oyler and Richard Wheeler for breaking new ground while providing us with interesting and varied district meetings, including some continuing education.

Thanks to our student leaders, Caroline O’Hare, Kyle Klish, MaryBeth Acosta, and Huy Nhan, for providing ideas and working with us to build stronger engagement between OSHP and sOSHP.  Our other committee chairs merit individual kudos as well for their leadership and very hard work:  Jacyntha Herbers, for maintaining our social media and member communications;  Beth Resman-Targoff and Kristen Montarella for providing our informative newsletter, Melanie Claborn and Marsha Sauer for running our member renewal process and providing novel ideas for member recruitment and retention; Teresa Lewis for running our nominations/elections process; Barry Gales for running our scholarship and award programs; and Yvette Morrison for providing legislative support and information.  

Lastly, a huge thank you to Lisa Slaton, our Staff Secretary, for her continued support and knowledge, serving as a cohesive force for our society.  I also want to say thank you to all of our members for providing feedback, remaining engaged, volunteering, and allowing me the opportunity to serve in this position.  I look forward to remaining on the board during my Past-President year, and helping mentor our newest additions as they continue to lead our organization to new heights!



Brian Hughes, PharmD, BCPS

OSHP President 2018-2019

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Office of President-Elect 

It has been an honor to serve OSHP as the 2018-19 President Elect along with the other Board members. I have been very impressed with the commitment this Board and committee leaders have shown to the growth of this organization.  I have had wonderful examples and mentors to show me the inner-workings of our great organization, and I am excited about our future.  Our outgoing president, Brian Hughes, displayed great leadership in accomplishing his goals to update our bylaws and renew our ASHP affiliation.  I look forward to working with him as our Immediate Past President. 

This was the third year wherein the President Elect planned the Oklahoma Reception at the ASHP Midyear Meeting.  This year the Oklahoma Reception was held at one of the headquarters hotels, the Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, CA and, as in prior years, was co-sponsored by OSHP, Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy, and the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy.  Although I was not able to attend, I received feedback from Brian and others that it was an enjoyable and successful reception.

As a responsibility of my office, I served as a member on the Finance Committee and on the Programming Committee as a liaison to the Board.  Both of these committees had a productive year.  I would like to acknowledge Tiffany Kessler as our outgoing Treasurer and applaud her for her dedication to managing our finances and developing methods to help with efficiency.  I also must recognize our outgoing Programming Committee chair, Kelly Murray, and her co-chair, Janice Tsui, along with their other committee members for working so hard to put together such high-quality Annual and Fall meetings to ensure speakers that would stimulate and educate attending members.  They all worked tirelessly and with a dedicated passion to serve our membership with excellence!

I truly enjoyed my term as President Elect, and am excited to continue my service as OSHP President for 2019-20.  My primary goals for the year are to increase membership and membership engagement, and to help develop our students as they grow to become our future members.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve our profession and to help grow OSHP!


Jeremy L. Johnson, PharmD, BCACP, CDE, BC-ADM

President-Elect, 2018-2019

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Office of Immediate Past-President

I want to thank all my fellow OSHP members for allowing me the opportunity to serve on the Board over the past three years through the Office of President.  This tenure has been both challenging and rewarding, and I am so grateful for the experience.  The opportunity to work with dedicated pharmacy colleagues to uphold our organization’s missions and values has continued to confirm the strength and growth of OSHP.   The time volunteered for the organization by those who serve on the Board and Committees has been so appreciated.  It has truly been a joy and honor to work with such a great team.  The many accomplishments by the team over the past 3 years cannot be overlooked.  I am very proud of the team for successfully securing re-affiliation with ASHP, the continuation of the recently established Oklahoma Resident Research Conference, and the countless other successful efforts.  

As I exit my role on the OSHP Board, I want to encourage each OSHP member to challenge oneself to become more involved in OSHP.  The rewarding experiences and friendships along the way are very much worthwhile.

Once again, thank you very much for the opportunity to serve and I look forward to watching OSHP continue to grow and meet the needs of our members in the future.


Jennifer Bird, Pharm.D., BCPS, CACP

Immediate Past President 2018-2019

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Office of Secretary

OSHP held seven (7) Board Meetings during the 2018-2019 term.  The Board meetings were held via telephone conferencing using a telephone conferencing line coordinated by Brian Hughes at his institution. The available communications technologies allowed flexibility and reduced commute time for the Board members, committee chairs, and guests. 

The Board also held a planning retreat in January 2019 at the education center at Mercy Hospital in OKC.  The Board and committee heads discussed goals for the organization.  A couple of the items discussed included ways to engage current members, gain new members, and enhance interaction with vendors at the fall and annual meetings.

The Board and Society have received tremendous support for our day-to-day activities and member communication from our staff secretary, Lisa Slaton. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet her, please introduce yourself to her at one of our Annual or Fall Meetings.  She can also be contacted at:

Database reports have documented the following for the Society membership:





Eastern District




Western District




Total Members*





*Total members include Pharmacists, Students, Technicians and Residents. This may include Out of State members.

The membership database remains updated throughout the year and updated reports are provided to the Board at each Board meeting and are listed within the Board meeting minutes.  The minutes for each Board meeting are posted on the OSHP website.  We encourage all members to provide us with a current e-mail address to facilitate communication and keep membership updated on current issues and available programs. 

Another great online source for the Society is the OSHP webpage (  The website continues to evolve into an indispensable tool for OSHP.  Special thanks again to our staff secretary, Lisa Slaton, for keeping the webpage updated.     

I would like to thank the members of the Board and our staff secretary, Lisa Slaton, for their assistance over the past year.  It has been a pleasure to work with such great leaders and I looking forward to continuing my service this 2019-2020 term.


Kiya Harrison, Pharm.D., BCPS

OSHP Secretary 2018-2020

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Office of the Treasurer

Thank you to the Board of Directors, Lisa Slaton, and the finance committee for their assistance and support with the treasurer duties and decision making for the organization. Working with great people has made this a great experience.

As with my prior treasurer report, and many before that, a deficit in the budget for the same historical reasons is still a concern. The 2018 budget anticipated a loss; however, due to less expenses than expected and a lot of hard work of the programming committee (meeting registration and increased vendor support) and others we had financial gains for 2018 ($7,203). When the finance committee reviewed the budget to prepare for 2019 we put conservative increases in place yet still predict a deficit. While we do have excess money in our checking account and money in savings that will be used to offset the predicted difference it is not a long-term solution and the board will continue to evaluate new ways to try to generate income.

FD, Thompson & Co., P.L.C. remains our certified public accounting firm and does an excellent job of preparing our tax returns and conducting our bi-annual audits. This year the bi-annual audit will be performed. The finance committee reviewed the ASHP recommended amount of reserve and this year the board must move forward with transferring money out of the checking account and determining the best type of investments for our organization.

The income, expenses, and net revenue for each of the meetings are listed below:

OSHP Meeting

Total Income

Total Expenses

Net Revenue

2018 Annual Meeting




2018 Fall Meeting





As of March 31, 2019, the total current assets are as follows:



Bank of Oklahoma checking account (interest-bearing)

$ 226,457.62

Bank of Oklahoma CD

$ 67,002.40

Total Current Assets

$ 293,460.02


 The budget for 2019:






Meeting registration








Membership dues


Board member


PTCB survey


Subaccount: mileage


Vendor support




Web Ad


CE Certification Fee


ASHP support (delegate)


Charitable Organization Renewal


Oklahoma reception support from SWOSU and OU


Credit card fee


Misc (scholarship)


Credit Card Processer



$51, 370



District Meeting support




Honorarium & speaker expense


Subaccount: mileage


Board Insurance


Internet website




Meeting venue




Oklahoma reception






Secretarial support



Secretarial support


Total Secretarial support

Sponsorship & donation


Student scholarship




Overall predicted net: -$ 8,415 

I have appreciated the opportunity to serve our organization. I hope you benefit from your membership and will continue to support OSHP.  Please let me know if you have any specific questions about our finances.


Thank you,

Tiffany Kessler

OSHP Treasurer, 2017-2019

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Office of the Eastern District Chair


OSHP Eastern District Meetings





Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE) and Reduction in the Risk of Stroke and Systemic Embolism in Patients with Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation by Marissa Quiniones, PharmD, Bristol Myers Squibb

Representative: Leanna Wyatt

Ti Amo South, Tulsa, OK


Update on Smoking Cessation and Quality Resources by Michael Dutro, PharmD and Brian Maves, PharmD, MS/Pfizer

Representative: Aaron Wing

Roka Bar and Asian Flavors Restaurant, Tulsa, OK


Voraxaze (glucarpidase) for Methotrexate Toxicity by Anish Ray, PharmD/BTG International

Representative: Elliot Schultz

Villa Ravenna, Tulsa, OK


In-Hospital to Home: New Standards for Extended-Duration VTE Prophylaxis in Acutely Ill Medical Patients by James Groce, PharmD, C ACP/Portola Pharmaceuticals

Representative: Gregory Ford

Polo Grill, Tulsa, OK


Baxdela by Gregory Perry, PharmD/Melinta Therapeutics

Representative: Angela Smith

Polo Grill, Tulsa, OK


Immune Globulin by Dr. Despina Kotis/Shire

Representative: Michele Meyer

Polo Grill, Tulsa, OK


Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome by Dr. Sanjay Hapani/Alexion

Representative: Jessica Dyer, John Stoner

In the Raw South, Tulsa, OK


Xarelto: COMPASS Trial Results for Patients with Chronic CAD/PAD by Dr. Frank Gaffney/Janssen Pharmaceutica

Representative: Dee Ann Wicks

Bodean Restaurant and Market, Tulsa, OK


Orbactive by Dr. Martin McBee/Melinta Therapeutics

Representative: Angela Smith

Fleming’s Steakhouse in Utica, Tulsa, OK


 The Eastern District of OSHP had another great year! In 2018, Eastern District members have gathered a total of 9 times to network and attend educational programs. Our membership continues to show diversity, consisting of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, residents, and supporting members. Also, pharmacy residents were highlighted and acknowledged in the fall of 2018.

I would like to thank the members of the Eastern District for their support, the members of the Board for their guidance and assistance, and the industry sponsors for their unwavering encouragement.

Allyson Oyler, PharmD, BCPS
OSHP Eastern District Chair, 

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Western District Chair Report






January 18

o Attendees: 35


Crotaline Snakebite Management: The Role of CroFab Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune FAB (Ovine)

William Banner, MD, Ph.D.

BTG International

Clarisha Cummins



February 22

o Attendees: 22


Clinical Considerations in Neuromuscular Blockade Management

Craig Lampe, MD


Paige Wrede


March 22

o Attendees: 29


Emerging Therapies: Vitamin C in Sepsis, Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy and Omecamtiv Mecarbil.

Jaclyn Coffey Pharm D

Mona Kamali Pharm D

Michael Wisner Pharm D

OSHP Chapter Dues

1 hour


No Meeting – Annual State-Wide Meeting

May 29

o Attendees: 37


Aptiom: Fine Tuned for Your Prescribing Needs

Barry E. Gidal, Pharm D

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Mario Freeman


June 7

o Attendees: 44

In-Hospital to Home: New Standards for Extended-Duration VTE Prophylaxis in Acutely Ill Medical Patients

Charles Mahan Pharm D., PHC

Portola Pharmaceuticals

Gregory Ford



No Meeting – Summer Break

August 16

o Attendees: 26



Clinical Trial Results Complemented by a Real-World Database analysis of medical nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF) population

Sean M. Halleran, MD, FHRS, FACC

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Alan Imhoff


September 20

o Attendees: 51


Andexxa (coagulation factor (recombinant), Inactivated-zhzo

Mark Alberts, MD, FAHA

Portola Pharmaceuticals

Gregory Ford


October 25

o Attendees: 41


The High Clearance Rate of Plasma Methotrexate Concentrations with Voraxaze (Flucarpidase)

Heidi Trinkman Pharm D

BTG International

Elliot Schultz



November 6

o Attendees: 39


VONVENDI [von Willebrand factor (Recombinant)]: A Treatment Made Specifically for von Willebrand Disease

Mary Moody BS RPH


Joshua Lukefahr



No meeting – Winter break

The Western District of OSHP had another great year!   In 2018, Western District held nine educational meetings, with diverse attendance consisting of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy residents and physician guests.  The three residents from Norman Regional Hospital provided a live continuing education program at our district meeting in March.   The Western District enjoyed our traditional resident introduction at our September meeting that was well attended (51).  The 20 residents and one fellow provided their bio as well as a “fun fact” about themselves.  We look forward to their ongoing participation in OSHP.

The Western District had a great year, and not only did we have outstanding educational programs, but our OSHP pharmacists, students, and residents had the opportunity at each meeting to socialize, and reconnect.



Richard Wheeler, PharmD, BCPS

OSHP Western District Chair, 2017-2019

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Program Committee 2018-2019


Kelly Murray (Eastern District) and Janice Tsui (Western District)


Alice Kirkpatrick, Anjly Kunapuli, Bryan White, Debbie Poland, Edna Patatanian, Julia Mathew, Kari McCracken, Kate Newman, Mark Gales, Tad Autry, Richard Wheeler, Morgan Alonzo, Nasar Ansari

Residency Showcase

Mark Gales

Vendor Showcase

Kim Whitley

Board Liaison:

Jennifer Bird / Jeremy Johnson


The Program Committee is proud to report a very productive year, and the committee chairs would like to thank the wonderful committee members for their hard work in planning the 2018 Fall Meeting and the 2019 Annual Meeting.  Between these two meetings, the committee was able to offer 12 hours of continuing education programming to the OSHP members. American Council of Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) accreditation was provided in cooperation with the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, Office of Continuing Professional Development for both meetings (12 hours).

The summaries that follow provide more information regarding the 2018 Fall Meeting and the 2019 Annual Meeting. It also provides information regarding the upcoming residency research conference.


2018 Fall Meeting Summary

The 2018 OSHP Fall Meeting was held Friday, September 14, 2018 at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   Fall meeting attendees were eligible for up to 6 ACPE-accredited hours on the topics listed below.

Continuing Education Program Topics, Speakers, and Hours Available




CE Hrs


Practical Considerations for Using Oral Anticoagulants in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Cyrille Cornelio



Transitions of Care for Healthcare Providers

Marcus Tad Autry



Medical Marijuana: Weeding Out the Myths

Scott Schaeffer



Combination Antimicrobial Therapy in Gram Positive Bacteremia: Moving the discussion away from whether it is beneficial to assessing in whom it is beneficial

George Sakoulas



Drug-Induced QTc Prolongation in Acute Care Pharmacy

Kelly Murray



There were a total of 97 registrants for the meeting, and these registrations are broken down as follows:    



Fall 2018

Member Full Day


Member Complimentary


Member Half-Day


Non-member Full Day


Non-member Half Day











The Vendor Showcase was held during the morning and lunch breaks, featuring 17 vendors. They are listed here:


Company Name

Company Products

Melinta Therapeutics, Inc.

Orbactiv, Baxdela, Vabomere, Minocin IV

BTG International INC


Morris & Dickson Co., LLC

Wholesale Distributor

Salix Pharmaceuticals

Xifaxan and Relistor

Seattle Genetics

Adcetris (brentuximab vedotin)




Neulasta, Vectibix, Xgeva, Prolia, Nplate, Aranesp, Neupogen

Equashield, LLC

Closed System transfer devices for hazardous drugs handling

BTG International Inc





Teflaro, Avycaz, Dalvance

Pfizer, Inc



Xarelto, Invokana

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation

503B Outsourcing and Generic Respiratory

Merck & Co., Inc.

Bridion, Entereg, Dificid, Zinplava, Prevymis

La Jolla Pharmaceutical

Giapreza (angiotensinII)

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals



The Residency Showcase followed the meeting, highlighting 15 residency programs from across the state. They are listed here:


Program Name

Program RPD/Program Coordinator

Chickasaw Nation Division of Health

Jonathan K. Willett, Pharm.D.

Choctaw Nation Health Care Center

Christopher Pack, Pharm.D.

Hillcrest Hospital South

Jennifer Gass, Pharm.D., MS, BCPS, BCCCP

Integris Baptist Medical Center

Claudia A. Kamper, Pharm.D., BCNSP

Med-World Pharmacy

Travis Wolff, Pharm.D., BCACP

Norman Regional Health System

Debbie J. Poland, Pharm.D., BCPS

Oklahoma City VA Medical Center

Jennifer K. Bird, Pharm.D., BCPS, CACP

Oklahoma State University Medical Center

John Bury, Pharm.D.

Saint Francis Hospital

Jacyntha A. Sterling, Pharm.D.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) College of Pharmacy/ Walgreen Co.

Nancy Toedter Williams, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCNSP, FASHP

St. John Medical Center

Kari A. McCracken, Pharm.D., BCPS

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis

Bob M. John, Pharm.D., BCPS

USPHS Lawton Indian Hospital

Jessica Steinert, Pharm.D.

The University of Oklahoma

Carla Lawson, Residency Program Coordinator

Via Christi Hospitals Wichita, Inc.

Todd R. Schroeder, Pharm.D.


2019 Annual Meeting Summary


The 2019 OSHP Annual Meeting was held Friday April 12th, 2019 at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Annual meeting attendees were eligible for up to 6 ACPE-accredited hours on the topics listed below.





CE Hrs


Updates on Novel Oral Anticoagulant Reversal

Kaili Donahue



Pain Management

Allison Baxley



2019 Update on Recent Guideline Releases for Diabetes, Hypertension, and Dyslipidemia: Can We, Please, All Just Get on the Same Page?

Jeremy Johnson



Advancing Workforce Well-Being and Resilience to Build Long-Term Change

Anna Legreid Dopp



The Science and Power of Hope

Ashten Duncan



Is It Safe? Investigating the Use of Statins in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease

Kiya Harrison



There were a total of 82 registrants for the 2019 Annual Meeting, and these are broken down below.



Spring 2019

Member Full Day


Member Complimentary


Member Half-Day


Non-member Full Day


Non-member Half Day











During this meeting, there was a Clinical Skills Competition (CSC) where teams of two competed in and presented interpretations from a simulated clinical case. The individual responsible for organizing the CSC was Ashley Fox. There were also two other pharmacists who volunteered their time to help Dr. Fox grade the written cases: Janice Tsui and Tad Autry. There were 14 pharmacy students registered to compete in the CSC. The top three teams and their respective Colleges of Pharmacy are:


1st place:                     Amanda Riggs and Julia McElyea                        OU College of Pharmacy

2nd place:                    Jennifer Walling and Anna Sahlstrom                   OU College of Pharmacy

3rd place:                    Darby Bryce and Nicole Webb                              SWOSU College of Pharmacy


The Vendor Showcase was held during the morning and lunch breaks, and featured 12 vendors.


Company Name

Company Products

Portola Pharmaceuticals


BTG International Inc.


Fresenius Kabi

Smoflipid, Kabiven

Theravance BioPharma


Allergan Pharmaceuticals

Avycaz, Teflaro, Dalvance

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Soliris, Ultomiris


Zerbaxa, Bridion, Renflexis

Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.


Pfizer, Inc.


Merck Oncology


Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Brovana, Seebri, Utibron

Salix Pharmaceuticals

Xifaxan HE, Relistor


Resident Research Conference


The 3rd Annual Resident Research Conference on Monday, May 20, 2019 will take the place at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  


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Finance Committee 2018-2019

The duty of the Finance committee is to prepare and report a proposed budget for the Society to the OSHP Board for final approval and discuss financial issues of the organization.  The committee reviewed the 2018 budget to prepare the 2019 budget (see treasurer report). We also reviewed and discussed our alignment with the ASHP financial toolkit which provides guidance to state affiliates. We utilized this review to update the OSHP guidelines and policies pertinent to the treasurer duties and the finance committee.

Meeting minutes will be passed on to the incoming treasurer as a major focus identified needs to be investing some of our reserves.


Tiffany Kessler (Treasurer)



Ann Ketelsleger

Michele Splinter

Brian Hughes (President)

Jeremy Johnson (President-Elect)


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Scholarship and Awards Committee 2018-2019

The OSHP scholarships consisting of $1500 each will be presented this year to one student from each college at the annual meeting.  The recipients of the scholarships are Jennifer Walling from the University of Oklahoma and Caroline O’Hare from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Application forms for the Continuing Excellence Award were sent to all pharmacist members.  There were no applications submitted for committee review this year. 

The committee sent application forms for the Sylvia J. Martin Outstanding Technician Award to all technician and pharmacist members.  The recipient this year was Isaac Roberson from Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa.

Recipients of the OSHP Senior Student Awards were selected by faculty committees at The University of Oklahoma and Southwestern Oklahoma State University. These awards will be presented at the awards ceremony of each respective college.


Barry J. Gales


Teresa Cooper


Tiffany Kessler


Bobbie Jo Loflin

Brittany Maniga

Cathy May


Michele Splinter

Cheri Walker

Board Liaison

Kiya Harrison


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Newsletter Committee 2018-2019

The purpose of the Newsletter Committee is to disseminate information to the membership that is pertinent to OSHP and the practice of pharmacy.  The 2018-19 Committee was charged with producing three newsletters during the year. 1) the Winter Newsletter 2019 introduced the Oklahoma pharmacy residents; 2) the Spring Newsletter 2019 will feature end of year reports; 3) the Summer Newsletter 2019 will include Clinical Pearls written by pharmacy residents.

A popular feature of each newsletter continues to be the “President’s Podium” which allows communication to the membership from the OSHP President.  Also included in each issue is a Legislative Report.”  The Winter issue featured biographies and pictures of the Oklahoma pharmacy residents, annual reports from the Eastern and Western District Chairs, the College Chapters reflecting on their Fall 2018 activities, plus a review of the OSHP Fall meeting.  The Spring issue will provide updates from the Eastern and Western District Chairs plus the College Chapters describing their Spring 2019 activities.  The Summer newsletter will feature the “Clinical Pearls” section.  Residents from Oklahoma pharmacy residency programs will gain experience in submitting peer-reviewed “Clinical Pearls” on the topics of their choice for publication in the newsletter.

Since the Spring 2013 edition, the newsletter has been distributed as a series of article links at the OSHP website rather than the traditional newsletter format.  This allows readers the option of quickly perusing the table of contents with a brief description of each piece, then reading select articles of interest.

The Newsletter Committee greatly appreciates those who have contributed articles, photographs, and other information.  The Committee co-chairs would also like to acknowledge the following individuals: 1) Brian Hughes as our Board liaison and 2) Lisa Slaton for her assistance with formatting and distributing each edition.  Thank you to the OSHP membership for allowing us to provide this service to the organization!



Kristin Montarella


Beth Resman-Targoff


Nicole Correll


Taylor Epperson


Maura Harkin


Teresa Lewis


Dumitru Sirbu


Darla Spears


Brian Stamile

Board Liaison:

Brian Hughes


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Nominations Committee 2018-2019

The Nominations Committee was responsible for solicitation of names for consideration in the election of two Oklahoma State Board Selection Process nominees, two ASHP Delegates, and the OSHP offices of President-Elect, Treasurer, and Western District Chairperson.  All nominations and elections were conducted via electronic ballots.  The Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the results of elections for various offices and positions for the coming year(s).     

Oklahoma State Board Nominees:

Edna Patatania

 Yvette Morrison


ASHP Delegates:

Kari McCracken (Continuing Delegate, 2018-2019)

 Brian Hughes (New Delegate, 2019-2020)

Edna Patatanian (New Delegate, 2019-2020)


ASHP Alternate Delegate:

Kiya Harrison


OSHP Officer Positions:

President-Elect:  Jonathan Willett (3-year term)

Treasurer: Jennifer Tieu (2-year term)

 Western District Chair:  Kimberly Whitley (2-year term)


It has been a pleasure serving as the Nominations Committee Chairs this past year.   The Committee would like to thank all of the members for their participation in the nomination process and the candidates for their willingness to serve.  Additionally, we thank the Board for their continuing support.    

Nominations Committee Co-Chairs:  Teresa Lewis, Jamie Miller

Members: Jennifer Bird

Board Liaison: Jennifer Bird


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Legislative Committee 2018-2019

The First Regular Session of the 57th Legislature convened on February 4th, 2019, inciting a fast-paced flurry of activity. Due to the large number of bills that are filed each year, it is extremely important to keep tabs on these bills for their potential impact on the practice of pharmacy within the state. However, this daunting task is usually best accomplished by enlisting a lobbyist group charged with maintaining a watchful eye. As the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association (OPhA) retains said services and OSHP doesn’t, it makes strategic sense for OSHP to partner with OPhA in order to stay up to date throughout the legislative session.

OPhA has identified three main legislative focus areas that can have potential impact on Oklahoma pharmacists. These are 1) Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs); 2) Provider Status Payment Model (NOT a pharmacy scope of practice bill but rather intended to ensure pharmacists are paid for services CURRENTLY provided); and 3) Oklahoma managed health care. All bills had to be out of their House of Origin by 5:00 pm on March 14, 2019, signifying the halfway point of the Session. The pieces of legislation that made the “cut” include two PBM bills, SB 841, which passed unanimously out of the full Senate, and HB 2632, passing unanimously out of the full House. Regarding pharmacist provider language, SB 497 was also passed out of the Senate. These bills continue to be aggressively worked as they course towards their companion legislative chamber for hearing as those in opposition are trying to ensure the bills don’t go any further.

Additional activity this past year included the formation of a Technician Rules Review Committee by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy. The Committee began their work in June 2018 with the goal of reviewing technician duties, training/certification and the technician to pharmacist ratio. The Committee was divided into two subcommittees, one representing the community pharmacy sector, chaired by Derek Dennis, and the other subcommittee representing health-system pharmacy practice, chaired by OSHP’s own Darin Smith. The Committee presented their final recommendations to the Board on January 16, 2019 at which time the Board voted to accept the recommendations and move forward with drafting language to modify the Pharmacy Technician section of the Pharmacy Practice Act. The recommendations were as follows:

1. Initial order entry of prescriptions be a technician duty (disallowing pharmacy clerks to perform this task);

2. Electronic transfers be allowed by technicians;

3. Technicians be allowed to clarify non-controlled prescription orders pursuant to specific criteria;

4. Hospital technicians be allowed to stock and replenish inventory medication trays and point-of-use systems without a final check by the pharmacist (assuming use of barcode technology);

5. Drug room technicians be allowed to transport non-controlled stock to the licensed drug room and to refill the stock in an automated dispensing cabinet;

6. If the above are permitted, the ratio should not exceed 5:1. In a sterile compounding setting, the language should reflect that the ratio is not to exceed 2:1; and

7. Require an annual technician law exam and diversion training for technicians.

An open comment period was followed by a Board Rules Hearing on March 26, 2019, and the rules were approved. In the meantime, SB 856 was passed through the Senate which has language ensuring pharmacies inside and outside the state are compliant with all laws governing Oklahoma pharmacy practice and sets the technician to pharmacist ratio at 2:1. It will be up to the Legislature to decide which will prevail, the Board-approved rules or SB 856.

To be sure, health-system pharmacists are an integral part of the pharmacy profession, and we should actively participate in advocacy efforts. When a “Call to Action” is sent to OSHP members to contact their legislators, unfortunately, there is little notice and one needs to respond quickly. However, EVERY phone call made and email sent to a legislator DOES matter. It is paramount to present a unified voice in order to defend against legislation that may threaten the pharmacy profession. If you have not been involved to date and aren’t sure where to start, begin by taking the following steps:

1. become familiar with the names and contact information of your federal and state legislators (; and

2.  donate to the Oklahoma Pharmacy Political Action Committee (OK Pharm PAC) at Your donation to the OK Pharm PAC supports legislative initiatives affecting ALL Oklahoma pharmacists and is NOT used to fund any one particular organization’s activities.

The success and sustainability of Oklahoma Pharmacy needs YOU! Thank you for the opportunity to represent OSHP!


Chair:  Yvette Morrison

Members:  Jessica Easterwood, Kari McCracken, Butch Williams, and Jonathan Willett

Board Liaison:  Richard Wheeler


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Membership Committee 2018-2019

During the last year the membership committee continued to develop and propose activities to the board.  The committee suggested ways to potentially recruit and provide retention of past members. 

An email was sent through the national organization (ASHP) to help promote state membership at the beginning of 2018.  A renewal letter was sent out electronically by the OSHP secretary to all active members.  Renewal reminders were also sent by the OSHP secretary to members that had not renewed recently (all past members for the past three years). 

New members were welcomed in a section of the OSHP website.  There was discussion at the OSHP workshop to send a personal welcome email/phone call by the membership committee and/or a board member.  The membership committee developed a letter for this purpose.  This letter includes benefits of new membership, volunteer opportunities, as well as upcoming events. 

New Membership 1/1/2019-3/31/2019:

Eastern District: 7

Western District: 22


The Committee would like to thank the OSHP Board of Directors and members who continue to support OSHP with their active membership.  The Committee urges members for the upcoming year to get involved in the active recruitment of members to OSHP.


Co-Chairs:  Melanie Claborn, Marsha Sauer

Committee Members:  Marlene Hall, Victoria Lam, Kaili Meadows, Kailyn Ogle, Leith Prise, Susan Rourke-Webb, Anna Wallis, Nancy Williams

Board Liaison:  Allyson Oyler 


As of March 31 2019

Eastern District

1st Year Pharmacists














Western District

1st Year Pharmacists

















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The Social Media and Communications Committee

The Board approved converting the Committee from Ad Hoc status to standing committee status in the past year.

The Committee evaluated national trends in social media use. In order to expand reach, the Committee is evaluating addition of Instagram presence with the Board’s approval in order to extend OSHP reach.

Engagement statistics are available for Facebook. Facebook page likes have increased to 353 (from 291 in May 2017). The Committee has encouraged posting photos from events, which are typically tied to more engagement/reach. The Western District has begun to provide photos of district meetings. Photos of state-wide meetings are also posted to social media platforms. Increased number of page likes are typically noted after publishing photos of local events. In the first quarter of 2019, OSHP Facebook posts reached 18,073 people (average reach 301 per post).  The post with the biggest reach during that time period was an article about a nurse indicted on reckless homicide charge after a medication error. There were more than 3000 engaged users during the first quarter of 2019 (users click on or engage with the post). The number of users that engaged daily during this time period was 44, with the maximum number of users that engaged in a single day being 1245.

Webpage enhancement is planned for residency programs. A plan is being developed for residents or residency program directors to update resident information directly.


Chair:  Jacyntha Sterling

Board Liaison:  Brian Hughes

Board Members:

 Amanda Rice

 Cassie Shaw

 Carly Holmes

 Dorothy Gourley

 Danielle Trierweiler

Darlene Doty 


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Student Affiliate Chapters


SWOSU Student OSHP Chapter Activity Report, 2018-2019 Academic Year

Faculty Advisors: Tiffany Kessler, Pharm.D. and Nancy Williams, Pharm.D.

The OSHP student chapter at Southwestern Oklahoma State University had another great school year including community service and educational activities. The new officers were able to build off of the previous officers’ successes.

As per usual, our first meeting in August was a membership drive where lunch was provided to any student wanting to learn more about sOSHP and the events planned for the upcoming semester. We hosted several speaker meetings over the fall semester. We teamed up with Phi Delta Chi to host Dr. Ross Day, a former SWOSU graduate, who was able to discuss his expertise in biosimilars and his career as a senior pharmaceutical operations manager. Our next speaker meeting hosted Dr. Mark Ray who talked to our students about Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship (RPIF). He was able to present information about the opportunities available through RPIF and answer questions about the program. Our last speaker meeting of the fall semester hosted Dr. Brian Hughes, current president of OSHP. Dr. Hughes came in to discuss the goals and visions of the Practice Advancement Initiative.

In October, we hosted our annual SWOSU-ASHP Clinical Skills Local Competition and had a record of 40 members (20 teams) compete. Our local winners were Claire Bullard and Morgan Patton who traveled to Anaheim, CA, to represent the SWOSU sOSHP student chapter at the national competition.  In addition to our local winners, we sent Lana Spandley to present our chapter’s professional development project over HPV awareness at the Student Society Showcase.

 We started off the spring semester with our membership drive and had a great turnout of about 50 students. Lunch was provided as president Brooke Lizotte and vice-president Lana Spandley explained the goals and vision of SWOSU OSHP to prospective members. Our next event was in collaboration with NCPA and APhA-ASP to host Debra Billingsley to speak to our members about upcoming legislation that is pertinent to our practice of pharmacy. Mrs. Billingsley stressed the importance of talking to our senators and representatives to get a few very important bills passed regarding PBMs. This session brought light to the importance of being aware of the legislative process and how crucial it is to know what’s going on in our profession. It lit a fire under a lot of students to get more involved in the political side of pharmacy as we saw 26 of our SWOSU COP students attend Legislative Day at the capital on March 5th. Our next event was hosting guest speaker Dr. Vonya Streetz, a former SWOSU COP graduate and current Emergency Medicine Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at Integris Baptist in Oklahoma City. We had a fantastic turnout for this meeting with over 50 students in attendance to learn what being a pharmacist in the emergency medicine setting is all about.

On April 3rd, we hosted our annual residency panel, which consisted of eight residents from different programs around the state speaking to students about the ins and outs of residency. We had a great turnout with about 70 students in attendance. Weatherford is a very tight knit community in which everyone lends out a helping hand. It came to our attention that the Weatherford Food and Resource Center is in need of hygiene products. We have organized a hygiene drive in which all donations collected will go to the Weatherford Food and Resource Center. We have made it a competition between all of the professional pharmacy organizations to see which organization can bring in the most hygiene products. The competition will be held April 15th-19th. To close out the semester, we plan to introduce our professional development project of improving patient care by enhancing the well-being and resilience of pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians, by handing out laminated, wallet-sized cards that give advice and coping strategies on how to deal with stress. These cards will also include the contact information for our school counselors that are available at no cost to our students. In addition, we will have coloring pages in the student lounge during finals week along with word puzzles, stress balls, and other fun activities to help combat the stress and burnout that tends to accumulate quite rapidly during finals week.

The spring chapter had great fundraising success as we sold more Silipints left over from previous semesters. Our fundraising chairs also designed a shirt that was very popular among the pharmacy students that helped accelerate our fundraising success.

Our officer elections will be held on April 17th in which seven new officers will be elected. The chapter will continue to succeed as president-elect Lana Spandley will take over with her newly elected officer team.             


PRESIDENT – Caroline O’Hare

PRESIDENT-ELECT – Brooke Lizotte

SECRETARY – Laura Payne

TREASURER – Emit Leniger

HISTORIAN – Lana Spandley

FUNDRAISING CO-CHAIRS – Chloe Williams, Robert Hartwell



PRESIDENT – Brooke Lizotte


SECRETARY – Eduardo Iturregui

TREASURER – Dee Dee Williamson

HISTORIAN – Morgan Lewis

FUNDRAISING CO-CHAIRS – Brianne Kirchgessner, Parmida Alidaee


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University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Advisors:  Teresa Lewis, Pharm.D., BCPS,  Peter Johnson, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCPPS, FPPAG, FCCM,

Ashley Fox, Pharm.D., BCPS


Meetings and Events:

At the end of August, the University of Oklahoma’s (OU) student chapter of the Oklahoma Society of Health-System Pharmacists (sOSHP) had its first meeting of the academic year. In this meeting, we introduced sOSHP, OSHP, and ASHP to all new members and incoming P1’s. We discussed the exciting opportunities available to us to attend OSHP meetings, the ASHP Midyear Meeting, as well as the ASHP Summer Meeting. The chapter president, Huy Nhan, also went over the schedule of upcoming chapter meetings and events during the fall semester, including service activities and competitions to participate in with the chapter.

During October, our chapter held a meeting during Philanthropy Week and joined together with the Pharmacy Month Committee and the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group (PPAG) to welcome Kristi Colclasure from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) to discuss what the society’s mission is, what research they are involved in, and the many fundraising programs they put on every year to support those affected by cancer and their families. Students were encouraged to wear yellow on this day in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and those who are battling cancer.

In late October, a few students from the OU sOSHP chapter also participated in the annual health fair at City Rescue Mission (homeless shelter and recovery program) to provide health services and information to the homeless population in Oklahoma City. Our members provided information to the attendees on smoking cessation and handed out pamphlets with tips on how to stop smoking.

In November, our chapter joined with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), Pharmacy Oncology and Hematology Organization (POHO), and the Pediatric Pharmacy Student Association (PPSA) to have our annual residency panel. We invited current PGY1 and PGY2 residents and a clinical fellow to speak to students about the various post-graduate opportunities. Students were given the opportunity to ask the panel questions about what residency programs are like, what the application and match process is like, as well as what to expect at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. The panel also gave advice to students about what they should get involved with during pharmacy school in order to boost their applications. This meeting was very insightful for those students who are considering pursing a residency or fellowship after graduation.

To start out the Spring semester in January, we welcomed OSHP’s current president, Brian Hughes, to  discuss his career path in pharmacy as well as his current role as OSHP president. He gave members some great information about the many different opportunities available to us as students to get involved with OSHP, as well as multiple scholarships that are available every year. Our chapter has been working with OSHP more throughout this year than in previous years in an effort to foster student involvement/membership at the state level. As a result of our collaboration, we have agreed to offer a dual membership for OSHP/sOSHP for our students at a discounted cost. We are excited about this opportunity and hope to continue working closely with OSHP in years to come!

In February, our chapter invited a panel of practicing pharmacists from a variety of clinical backgrounds to discuss their day-to-day tasks and give us some insight as to what their practice is like. Because many of these pharmacists have been involved in residency candidate selections and interviews, this was also an opportunity for members to ask questions about residency in general and get some advice as to what qualifications may be considered important on a residency application. We had a great turnout for this meeting, and the panel gave some excellent advice for those students who are interested in a clinical pharmacy career. Our members are always interested to learn more about the different responsibilities of clinical pharmacists in different settings.

To promote National Donate Life Month in April, our chapter has invited speakers from LifeShare of Oklahoma to give a presentation on the significance of organ donation. This event will be open to all students, faculty, and staff across the OUHSC campus in an effort to spread organ donation awareness. In anticipation of the meeting, our members also staffed a booth in our student union promoting organ donation awareness by offering organ-shaped cookies and LifeSavers and providing information on the facts and myths about organ donation. We anticipate a great turnout for this meeting! We will also be holding elections for upcoming officer positions.

Lastly, our chapter teamed up with the Rho Chi Academic Honor Society to organize a free tutoring service to OU pharmacy students. Our goal with this program is to help students in their academic studies and to bridge the gap between our respective classes. We are excited to bring this service to our fellow students!


During our October meeting, we also recognized the winners of our local Clinical Skills Competition, Jennifer Walling and Anna Sahlstrom, who went on to represent OU College of Pharmacy in the National Clinical Skills Competition in December at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim, California. A number of other OUCOP sOSHP members also attended the meeting to represent our college.

Our chapter was also pleased to have Monica Colpitt and Zach Dunn receive the Outstanding Professional Development Project Award from ASHP! They worked on a professional development project about smoking cessation and their work was presented at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. We congratulate them for this accomplishment and for increasing the recognition of the OU College of Pharmacy.


The OUCOP sOSHP chapter members have been involved in numerous service projects and health-related community events throughout the year, which highlight the community-oriented goals of the organization. OUCOP sOSHP chapter members have continued to provide hands-on medical learning activities and workshops on healthcare related topics at Millwood School of Arts and Academy throughout the school year. Members meet with a class of eighth grade students and provide small lessons covering health topics such as influenza vaccination, hypertension and physical activity. They also educate students about medication safety and storage of self-care products. We enjoy this opportunity to interact with students at a critical point in their lives. OUCOP sOSHP members also volunteer at the Mid-Del Community Health Clinic on Thursday evenings, providing intern services to the pharmacist on duty, counseling patients on their medications, and educating patients on smoking cessation. In October, OUCOP sOSHP members participated in the annual City Rescue Mission health fair for the homeless population in Oklahoma City. Members provided information to the attendees on smoking cessation and handed out pamphlets with tips on how to stop smoking. In February, our chapter teamed up with Greek organizations Kappa Psi and Phi Delta Chi to sell candy grams for Valentine’s Day. All proceeds went to benefit two different organizations, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Reach Out and Read. With the same Greek organizations, we will also be involved in putting on our college’s annual Dr. and Dr. of Pharmacy Pageant. T-shirts for this event are being offered and all proceeds will also go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Reach Out and Read. Throughout the year, we have had many great experiences practicing patient intervention, counseling, and interacting with the community as pharmacy interns.


The outgoing and incoming officers are as follows:


Outgoing officers:
Spring 2018-Spring 2019

Incoming officers:
Spring 2019-Spring 2020


Huy Nhan

Monica Colpitt


Zach Dunn

Laura Fritze


Megan Lenkov

Anna Sahlstrom


Monica Colpitt

Clark Moehlenbrock


Leith Prise

Alicia Hale

Service Chair

Laura Fritze

Megan McCarron

Smoking Cessation


Loc Ngo

Leith Prise

Fundraising Chair

Clark Moehlenbrock

Taylor Fallin


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