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What is pharmacy advocacy?

An ongoing commitment to advancing the awareness of the value that a pharmacist provides to the health and well being of society by actively supporting and communicating that vision concisely to opinion leaders, elected officials, decision makers, potential partners and any other audience in order to influence their perspective and ultimately have them speak and/or act on your behalf. (Am J Pharm Educ. Mar 12, 2013; 77(2): 24. )

Why should I care about advocacy?

The activity level of OSHP members determines the amount of attention our organization receives at the state legislature level.  The larger the number of active, vocal members, the greater the influence we will exert.  The OSHP Legislative Committee, is dedicated to protecting the interests of hospital and health-system pharmacy at the state legislature and working with the state Board of Pharmacy on practice rules and regulations.  But the committee cannot do this alone. The importance of being involved in advocacy at the state level cannot be overemphasized given that the state, not the federal government, has purview over key professional issues such as scope of practice and regulation of the profession.

OSHP Legislative Committee Members - Click HERE




Who represents me?

If you would like to locate your senator or representative, please use this link:


How do I contact my legislator?


Take your Legislator to Work


Health Care Reform Information

ASHP Advocacy Resources



For more information about initiatives that affect Oklahoma Pharmacy, please visit the Alliance of Oklahoma Pharmacists for Appropriate and Responsible Medication (AOKPharm) at:


Legislative Primer for Oklahoma
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