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Continuing Excellence Award
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Continuing Excellence Letter

Continuing Excellence Application

The purpose of OSHP's Continuing Excellence Program is to recognize health-system pharmacy practitioners for their continuing excellence in advancing the profession of pharmacy in Oklahoma.

The OSHP Continuing Excellence Program is designed to:

  1. Stimulate pharmacists to use their expertise and to become more actively involved in their health-system and communities;
  2. Provide public relations for OSHP, and the profession of Pharmacy in Oklahoma;
  3. Be accessible to practitioners in all sizes of hospitals and in all areas of the state;
  4. Recognize all job descriptions (i.e., staff, supervisors, faculty, and directors);
  5. Recognize pharmacists who demonstrate a variety of services to their community.
Although attendance at continuing education programs is recognized, presentations to peers and professional involvement with other health professionals and patients are important components of this program.

Program Description

The OSHP Continuing Excellence Program requires members to submit documentation of their involvement in three categories of service:

Category I: Continuing education programs currently recognized for continuing education credits by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy and applicable for relicensure. One hour of continuing education qualifies for one hour of credit.

Category II: Activities associated primarily with Pharmacist-to-Pharmacist interactions.

Category III: Participation in programs or activities with health professionals, patients, and the public.

** Examples of credits awarded for each category are shown in Table 1.

** A total of fifty (50) credits must be attained in a calendar year to be eligible for the Continuing Excellence Award. Practitioners must submit required documentation of participation to receive the award. The OSHP Scholarships and Awards Committee will review all applications. Awards will be presented at the OSHP Annual Meeting.

Administrative Criteria

  1. All active and honorary OSHP members may apply for the award.
  2. Each year OSHP members will be notified of the program by a direct communication and when possible additional information will be published in the OSHP newsletter.
  3. Pharmacists wishing to be considered for the award must submit documentation to the Chair of the OSHP Scholarships and Awards Committee.
  4. There are no limits to the number of people who can be recognized each year. However, only one award will be given to any one participant in any year. Credits do not "carry over" or accumulate and all required hours must be attained in one calendar year.
  5. The Scholarship and Awards Committee Chair will coordinate examination of  applications and notification of successful applicants.
  6. Awards will be given at the OSHP Annual Meeting during the Awards Banquet. Attendance at the banquet is highly recommended but not mandatory.
  7. Category  Description  Required Credits
     I  Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy Approved continuing Education (1 CE hour=1 Credit)  30
     II  Pharmacist to Pharmacist activities 10
     III Pharmacist Interactions with health professionals, patients, and the public 10
  8. Clarification of the number of credits awarded, areas covered, etc. may be obtained from the Chair of Scholarship and Awards Committee.  Appeals will be considered by the OSHP Board of Directors
  9. No credit will be given for any in-service or class given as part of one's job (i.e., college lectures by faculty, attendance at P&T meetings, or other duties listed in one's job description).
  10. No additional credit will be given to OSHP officers for participation in performance of their elected office (i.e., the President's article in the OSHP newsletter, or attending OPhA meeting to bring greetings from OSHP).  Board liaisons to committees will not receive additional credits that is one of the duties of the office.
  11. An annual award will be given for the demonstration of Continuing Excellence in the profession of pharmacy.


An OSHP plaque noting the recipient's accomplishment in attaining Continuing Excellence;

Press release to local newspapers and the institution's newsletter (if applicable);

Letter of commendation to the Hospital Administrator and Pharmacy Director (if applicable) of the recipient's institution;

Free registration for each recipient to the OSHP Annual Meeting at which the award is presented.



CATEGORY I - Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy or ACPE Approved Continuing Education Programs*
    Examples (not an inclusive list):
  • OSHP CE meetings
  • OPhA CE meetings
  • ASHP CE meetings
  • ACPE approved CE presentations or correspondence programs
  • Other programs meeting Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy requirements

*One CE contact hour = one credit

CATEGORY II - Pharmacist-to-Pharmacist Interactions*
  • Journal club presentation
  • Lecture to hospital pharmacy staff
  • Lecture to students and other work with a college1
  • Intern/preceptor interactions2
  • Article in OSHP newsletter3
  • OSHP office/committee duties4
  • Serving on an ASHP (or other national organization) Council or Committee
  • Office/committee duties in other pharmacy local/regional/national/international organiziations
  • Lecture/poster at professional meeting (local, regional, national, etc)
  • Serving as ASHP officer or delegate to the Annual Meeting
  • Any journal publication
  • Webinar presentation
  • Mentoring programs

*One credit= one hour.  A maximum of two credits may be awarded for each activity/encounter even if the actual time spent on the activity/encounter was greater than two hours.  No more than 6 credits may be claimed in any one of the line items listed above.
1 lecture(s) may not be part of employment
2 to claim intern/preceptor interaction, you must be a licensed preceptor and must give direct instruction
3 may not be articles done as part of office (i.e., President's column, etc.)
CATEGORY III - Pharmacist Interactions with Health Professionals/Patients/Public*
  • Professional interactions with other health practitioners: provision of pharmacy knowledge to a group
    • Presentations to service organizations (e.g. American Cancer Society Meeting)
    • Representation on committees with other disciplines
    • Nursing or physician lectures, orientation programs, etc.
    • Service on local committees (Board of Home Health, Mental Health Agency, etc.)
    • Teaching first aid, BCLS, etc.
    • Preparation of an article for your health-system newsletter.
    • Journal article in non-pharmacy professional publication

Professional interactions with patients/community groups


  • Drug abuse, poison prevention, or pharmacy career opportunity lectures to schools
  • Newspaper article on a pharmacy topic
  • Working at an OSHP booth in a mall
  • Staffing at a free medical clinic
  • Presentation to a local group (Kiwanis, PTA, Senior Citizens Group, etc.) on a pharmacy topic
  • Poison education lecture
  • Television/radio interview on a pharmacy topic

 *One credit = one hour.  A maxiumum of two credits may be awarded for each activity/encounter even if the actual time spent on the activity/encounter was greater than two hours.  Not more than 6 credits may be claimed in any one line item listed above.

Application forms must be mailed by February 15 of the current year, to

Lisa Slaton
P.O. Box 2371
OKC, OK 73101

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