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May 2014 Board Meeting Minutes
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May 20, 2014, 3:04 – 4:41 pm

Oklahoma City, OK (Room 230) and Tulsa, Ok (Room 2H37)


With a quorum present, President McCracken called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m.
Members Present:

  • Kari McCracken, President
  • Randall Sharpe, President-Elect
  • Miki Finnin, Past-President
  • Matt Bird, Treasurer
  • Teresa Lewis, Secretary
  • Emily Gray, Eastern District Chair
  • Debbie Poland, Western District Chair (via telephone)

Members Absent: None

Guests Present: None



The minutes of the April 4th meeting, held during the Annual Meeting, submitted via email by Darlene Doty was approved by email.

A. Secretary – no report
B. Treasurer

1.      Matt presented updates related to data entry within PayPal and Quickbooks.  Currently there is a lot of manual entry because PayPal does not talk to QuickBooks.  We had updated to 2014 QuickBooks in our PC’s because that’s what uses.  Our accountant says that once and QuickBooks communicate with each other.  In the future Matt with be working with our accountant to run a budget program setup from QuickBooks rather than entering things in manually.


2.      Matt sent Miki’s reimbursement check on April 3, 2014.


3.      Julia, programming committee chair, made a request to Matt and Kari to pay the outstanding catering bill to Mercy for the annual meeting.  The catering for the annual meeting was $3300 and a drug rep was supposed to cover that amount; however, was only able to cover $2500.  There is roughly $800 outstanding to Mercy for the catering.  Originally, $2500 had been allocated in the programming budget for catering for the annual meeting.  The Board had already approved the budget for the programming committee so no motion was needed to pay the outstanding $800 to Mercy Hospital for catering as the amount fell within the amount allotted.  Kari will respond to Julia about approval for payment of the catering bill.  Miki asked Matt to obtain a final reconciled budget from the programming committee chairs.  Miki suggested that we invite the programming committee chairpersons to the board meetings so that the board can ask the chairpersons questions directly.


4.      Matt presented the budget reconciliation detail for the period ending April 30, 2014 as well as the 5/19/2014 Balance sheet.  There are a few outstanding checks that have not gone through yet but there is $186,000 currently in our checking account.  Total of all current assets total (Bank of Oklahoma CD & PayPal) $259,207.  [Miki asked about all the checks that have been paid: Courtney Bishop for $1000.  This was for OSHP student scholarship.  Jason Lee was also a student scholarship.  OU College of Pharmacy $500 for honorary fees and travel related to PPP.  Lisa Slaton entry was for income + secretary purchases (e.g. postage, etc).  The rest of the items on the spreadsheet were honorarium and travel fees related to the annual meeting (residents traveling from Tulsa).  Matt suggested having residents carpool for future meetings to reduce cost related to travel reimbursements.]


C. Western District Chair

1.      Debbie is working on the June meeting with a sponsor but did not have a date set yet.  The sponsor is working on the details.  Debbie has all the western district meetings scheduled through the rest of the year with exception for November. 


2.      We did not have many volunteers for committee involvement.  Kari already has a couple of people assigned to positions.  Kari stated that she will contact the people on the list as well as people on the committees from last year.  Kari stated that Alex Cobb will co-chair the programming committee.  Darlene and Miki will co-chair the social media committee.  Tracy Hagemann told Kari that she will continue being the legislative committee chair if no one wants to do it.  So far no one has requested this position.  The Social Media & Communications committee was also inadvertently left off the committee signup sheet that was passed around at the annual meeting.  Kari stated that she will have Lisa send out another email to the membership to include this committee.


D. Eastern District Chair

1.      Emily reported that the last Eastern District meeting had 42 attendees.  The next Eastern District meeting is on June 19th. Speakers have been scheduled through October.


2.      Emily asked about programming delivered at Integris Baptist Medical Center on May 8, 2014 “Pharmacist Provider Status in Oklahoma” which Senator Standridge discussed pharmacist provider status and other issues Oklahoma healthcare is facing. Kari stated that one of her pharmacists attended this meeting.  She stated that this topic should be made a part of OSHP’s strategic plan for pharmacists in the state of Oklahoma.  Kari reported that she had attended the Pharmacy Leadership Institute meeting in Boston which was organized by ASHP in April/May.  She reported that some states already have legislation in place.  Matt asked whether we should reach out to our legislative person (Tracy Hagemann) to find out what’s going on with the status of pharmacists in the state of Oklahoma.  Miki proposed to consider a co-chairperson on the Legislative committee with Tracy Hagemann.  Kari proposed encouraging increased member involvement on Tulsa and OKC side on this committee.

E. Past-President

1.      Miki stated that as past president, she will try to attend more of the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy meetings.  She attended the first meeting and reported the following:

·         The OK Board of Pharmacy is considering a new competency exam for pharmacists who have been out of the practice after an extended period of time and are coming back into to the workforce.  This exam is in place of training under a practicing pharmacist.  The exam costs $ 350 and has three sections (clinical, pharmacology, and ethics/law). 

·         Related to parenteral licensure of sterile products: Oklahoma has always let other states inspect their own sterile products at the state level even if they are shipping to sites in Oklahoma.  The OK Board of Pharmacy may now require these sites to apply for an Oklahoma parenteral license and may require them to have an Oklahoma licensed pharmacist in charge on board.

·         The next OK State Board of Pharmacy meeting is June 12th.

·         On June 17th the OK State Board of Pharmacy will have an ISMP CE and 4 hours of law scheduled.


2.      Miki stated that 2 people, Sandy Warner & Lisa Mayer (co-chair for the vendor showcase), were inadvertently left off the list for the post annual meeting dinner.  Miki reached out to Sandy and Lisa.  Apologies were given for the oversight.  Miki discussed the oversight with Kari.  Thank you cards were sent along with $50 cards to Sandy and Lisa.  (Miki stated that the gift card purchases were approved by the President as per OSHP Guidelines & Policies “Expenditure Approval Policy” of President’s  discretion up to a maximum of $250.)

3.      Miki asked about Fall meeting dates and location.  Kari reported that the Fall meeting will be held on October 3rd.  A meeting site has not been attained at this time.  (Ann and Kari have contacted their respective hospitals and those sites are not available)  Miki suggested reaching out to her contact person at Virginia College.  Miki stated that we are trying to do a reverse vendorship this year.  Vendors can pay a higher fee to not only meet with members but will be given designated time to meet with directors of pharmacy.  Miki stated that Darin Smith will reach out to the directors of pharmacy to encourage their involvement.  With Board approval, the director and one or two of their employees, intern, or student can attend the OSHP meeting for free for their involvement with the reverse vendor showcase.


F. President-Elect – nothing to report


G. President

1.      Kari asked the Board members to consider if they would like to have a retreat or just plan for an extended board meeting.  This will be discussed at a future meeting.


2.      Kari reported that we have no student liaisons at this time.  Miki stated that faculty sponsors are Kelly Murray and Beth Resman-Targoff for OU and Nancy Williams for SWOSU.


3.      Board Liaison assignments were brought up by Kari. Kari is the Board liaison for the Program Committee.  Miki is the liaison for Nominations committee as well as the Social Media & Communications committee.  Teresa will be the Board liaison for Scholarship and Awards Committee.  Matt is the Board Liaison for the Finance Committee.  Debbie will remain the liaison for the Newsletter Committee.  Randall will be the liaison for the Membership Committee.


H. Student Liaisons


A. Programming Committee
B. Membership Committee
C. Nominations Committee
D. Finance Committee
E. Legislative Committee
F. Scholarship and Awards Committee
G. Newsletter Committee
H. Social Media and Communications Committee


1.      OSHP membership Award – On April 14, 2014 Michelle Splinter emailed the OSHP board of directors about a question she received related to OSHP membership awards for Brian Stamile.  Brian had received an OSHP Membership as a student award and an additional membership as a PGY1 award.  The board reviewed Brian’s case and approved via email to give Brian a check for $71 which is the current cost of membership for a first year graduate. 


2.      Board member pictures – on April 22, 2014 Miki suggested posting professional photos of board members for the OSHP website.  Board members corresponded via email and all members were agreeable to paying for their own professional pictures.  Matt Bird suggested having OSHP pay for the pictures.  Board members were agreeable to this suggestion.  Miki purchased certificates for head shots at JC Penny for Board Members.  JC Penny will provide electronic copies of the images.


1.      Printer/Ink for OSHP secretary – Presented by Miki.  Lisa’s personal printer is no longer functioning.  Lisa was using her own personal printer for OSHP related printing (primarily printing associated with OSHP meetings).  Every other print cartridge had been purchased by OSHP.  Miki asked if the board wishes to have Lisa buy her own replacement printer and OSHP continue to pay for print cartridges or shall OSHP buy Lisa a replacement printer along with all print cartridges.  Miki also brought up the issue of moving to all electronic documents.  Miki made the motion to approve the purchase of a new printer with capabilities for scanning as well as an external hard drive to store the files.  Matt seconded the motion.  The Board unanimously agreed to make these purchases as well as purchasing every print cartridge for Lisa.


2.      Website update – Presented by Miki.  Professional photos of board members for website.  Miki showed the Board members the layout of the new website.  Miki and Lisa are working on the website in collaboration with the social media committee.  Miki stated that plans for the new website would be for the committee chairs to write up summaries for their pages.  There will pictures posted from the Eastern and Western District meetings onto the new website.


3.      Miki proposed branding OSHP such that the letterhead is the same as the website header.  Currently the OSHP logo is unreadable and she would like to have a professional graphic designer revise the logo so that it is readable when posted on the new website.  She is requesting approval for a $500 budget for the social media committee to facilitate development of the new website, revising the OSHP logo, etc.  Miki proposed that she would report to the Board financial accounting on a monthly basis.  Matt asked when does the financial cost stop associated with establishing the website.  Initially, there was a lump sum paid to set up  Miki stated that the fees have been paid up for the year.   The amount she is requesting is to help make the website appear more professional.  Matt motioned to move for approval of a onetime $500 amount to the social media committee.  Randall seconded the motion.  The Board approved to provide the social media committee with $500 to help make the new website look professional and Miki will report to the Board at monthly Board meetings how the funds were allocated.


4.      Miki stated that the new website may be testable by the end of June.  Once the website is finalized, it will be maintained by Lisa Slaton with plans for a second person to serve as backup for support.  She stated that there will be a cost to update and maintain the website but thinks that the amount would not be much.


5.      Board members’ contact information on – Presented by Teresa Lewis. Ben Welch had asked Board members to consider how much of their contact information they wish to be viewable on the current OSHP website.  The Board agreed to keep the information as it is currently posted (member name, position, and ability to contact via email by clicking on Board member name rather than having a viewable email address.)  Miki stated that the new website will have individual’s pictures, board member names, title, practice site, email address but no phone number. 


6.      ASHP 2014 Affiliate Benchmark Survey – Presented by Kari McCracken.  Kari stated that she will update everyone on what has been submitted.


With no further items to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 4:41 pm.  The next Board meeting will be held on June 18, 2014 at 3pm.


Submitted by: Teresa Lewis, Secretary

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