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Mission & Goals
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 Our Mission

  • Advance rational, patient-oriented drug therapy.
  • Promote pharmacists as integral members of the health care team, fully utilizing their clinical and drug-use-control functions.
  • Serve as a primary advocate for advancing professional practice, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of pharmaceutical services, and improving the quality of patient care.
  • Promote the pharmacists' value to patients to insure that appropriate medication management is applied for their benefit.
  • Encourage good health by fostering the optimal and responsible use of drugs, including prevention of improper or uncontrolled usage.
  • Assure sufficient, competent manpower in the profession by offering education and training programs.
  • Contribute to continuing education programs for pharmacy practitioners and support staff.
  • Provide leadership in the identification, analysis and evaluation of health care trends and in the development of public policy, and to address legislative and regulatory initiatives of concern to the pharmacy profession.

Our Goals

  • Promote the value of pharmacists as integral members of patient-centered health care teams.
  • Advocate the advancement of pharmacy practice through legislation and regulation.
  • Identify and mentor current and future leaders within health-system pharmacy.
  • Deliver unique and innovative programs and share best practices for pharmacists, students, and technicians.


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