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OSHP History
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The Oklahoma Society of Health-System Pharmacists originated in 1951 under the name of the Oklahoma Society of Hospital Pharmacists. This new organization was formed by 30 members of the Oklahoma Pharmaceutical Association who wished to create an organization that held a greater focus on issues related to hospital pharmacy practice. The first elected Board of Directors included George West as President, Elaine Haddad as Vice President and Sister Teresa as Secretary-Treasurer. Originally the organization began as a local chapter but soon progressed to officially become affiliated with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. 

Pharmacists' membership in the Society grew steadily
over the years. In 1970, the membership was divided into geographical districts -- the Western and Eastern district. At that time, membership was also extended to "supporting members" who by their work in the health services, the teaching of prospective pharmacists, or otherwise contributing to hospital pharmacy, made them eligible for participation. There are now multiple membership categories adding to the diversity of the group. The membership categories include; Active Pharmacist, Active First Year Pharmacist and Associate (Supporting, Technician and Student).

The Society has historically been involved in supporting
the education of pharamcy students and the promotion of health-system pharmacy as a career path. In 1976, a student chapter was established at Southwestern State College, now know as Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy. Following suit, in 1984, a chapter was formed at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy. Fourth-year student pharmacists are acknowledged with awards from OSHP at each Annual meeting. A scholarship fund has been established and a monetary award is given yearly to a student from each college of pharmacy. A representative from each college also sits of the Board of Directors as a non-voting member. The organization, for many years, has encouraged post-graduate education of pharmacists. A pharmacy residency showcase is held at each Annual meeting, allowing students to learn more about the opportunities for residency training in Oklahoma.

Promoting and educating pharmacists on the advancements
made in the pharmaceutical field in relation to hospital practice has long been a goal of the organization. This information is traditionally shared at state-wide meetings, with the first Annual meeting held in the Spring of 1954. OSHP now provides an additional yearly meeting held in the Fall, as well as monthly district meetings providing members from across the state valuable education and networking opportunities. The organizatoin also communicates new advancements and important information regularly through an official OSHP publication. The Lantern was the original OSHP publication and was started in 1965. The publication has evolved overtime to a newsletter that is now published quarterly.

For over 60 years, the Oklahoma Society of Health-System Pharmacists
has been dedicated to advancing and supporting the professional practice of pharmacy in health-systems. The organization and their representative members will continue this mission into the future by promoting the professional practice of pharmacy in health systems by healthcare teams, advocating the advancement of pharmacy practice through legislation and regulation,identifying and mentoring current and future leaders, delivering unique and innovative programs and sharing best practices for pharmacists, students, and technicians.

Reprinted from the booklet presented at the dedication of the Bryan H. Potter Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy Building, Sept. 21, 1013.
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