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OSHP Guidelines and Policies
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ASHP Delegates


ASHP Delegates will be elected according to policies and procedures established by ASHP.

The Society will hold an election of ASHP members who reside in Oklahoma.  There will be three delegates (number determined by ASHP) elected to serve in the ASHP House of Delegates.  One delegate will be chosen in year one and two delegates will be chosen in year two.   This sequence will continue so each delegate will maintain continuity in their two-year term.  The nominee(s) receiving the largest number of votes will serve as delegate(s).

The alternate delegate will serve only a one-year term.  He/she will have received fewer votes than the chosen delegate in descending order.  A first and second alternate will be nominated in each election if there are an adequate number of nominees to allow for alternates. 

In the event that a delegate should relocate out-of-state, or resign as a delegate from Oklahoma, the next alternate delegate will replace him/her and finish the remainder of the term.

In order to encourage participation in the delegate process by a majority of Oklahomans, the Board will subsidize funding to reimburse delegates (and alternates if required to serve) for expenses to the Regional Delegates Conference and the ASHP Annual Meeting.  The delegates (and alternate delegates if required to serve) to the ASHP House of Delegates shall be reimbursed commensurate with the ASHP reimbursement to the state affiliate to attend the Regional Delegates Conference and up to $2000.00 to attend the ASHP Annual Meeting and up to $750 for a regional meeting.  The Board of Directors will consider additional reimbursement based upon anticipated expenses.

Approved 7-88.  Reviewed 11-91 & 4-99.  Revised 8-05 & 2-13 & 11-17.

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