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OSHP Guidelines and Policies
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Document Retention Policy


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act addresses the destruction of business records and documents and turns intentional document destruction into a process that must be carefully monitored.

Nonprofit organizations should have a written, mandatory document retention and periodic destruction policy.  Policies such as this will eliminate accidental or innocent destruction.  In addition it is important for administrative personnel to know the length of time records should be retained to be in compliance.

Documents                                      Time Period Responsible Party
Bylaws Permanent District Chairs
District Meeting CE (including sign-insheets
grants, OSBP Application, etc.)
 3 years District Chairs
Bylaws  Permanent Past President
Bylaws  Permanent President
Bylaws  Permanent President-Elect
Annual Reports Permanent Secretary
Bylaws  Permanent Secretary

     ~ General
     ~ Legal
     ~ Member 

2 years
2 years

Meeting Brochures  Permanent Secretary
Meeting Minutes Permanent Secretary
OSHP Historical Documents  Permanent  Secretary
Staff Secretary Contracts Permanent Secretary
Delegate Ballots 3 years Secretary
Membership Application/Renewals 3 years Secretary
Office Ballots  3 years Secretary
Statewide Meeting Sign-in

(Statewide meeting documentation maintained by
ACPE provider for 6 years)
3 years


Membership Database

(At a minimum, to be backed up and a hard copy
distributed to BOD on a quarterly basis.)

Staff Secretary

Bank Statements (e.g. check copies) 3 years Staff Secretary
Membership Applications/Renewals 3 years  Staff Secretary
Audit Reports Permanent Treasurer
Bylaws Permanent Treasurer
Other Federal/State Tax Forms

     ~ 1099s
     ~ W2s

6 years
PTCB Affiliation Contracts Permanent Treasurer
Staff Secretary Contracts Permanent  Treasurer
Tax Returns  Permanent Treasurer
Bank Reconciliations 3 years Treasurer
Bank Statements (e.e. check copies) 3 years Treasurer
Online Receipts/Reports 3 years Treasurer


Files will be maintained by each officer as described above and will be transferred to each new elected officer.  A file cabinet containing the records maintained by the Board Secretary is maintained at the Oklahoma Poison Control Center, 940 NE 13th Street, Rm 3N3510 Oklahoma City,  73104 (405-271-5062405-271-5062). When a file is added to the file cabinet archive, the respective Board member is responsible for ensuring the upkeep of their documents as outlined above.

Approved 5-09.  Revised 4-10 & 2-13.  Reviewed 8-18.

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