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OSHP Guidelines and Policies
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Access to Membership Roster

1.  Access to the membership roster may be granted for:
     1.1  Organizations or groups wishing to promote a specific event which will provide education or other professional enrichment to the membership;

     1.2  Institutional healthcare providers wishing to advertise current employment opportunities to the membership; and in

     1.3  Other situations discussed and approved by the OSHP Board of Directors.

2.  The requested communication should be sent to the OSHP Board for approval.  The OSHP Staff Secretary will send the approved communication to the current membership roster.  Upon request, the OSHP Board will consider releasing a copy of the membership roster in label format.  Access to or release of the membership roster will be with the understanding that it can only be used once and for the approved purpose.  The information may not be copied or redistributed without prior permission from the Board.

3.  The following information must be supplied to the Secretary of the Society prior to the release of the membership roster:                

     3.1  Name and address of the requesting group;                

     3.2  Intended use of the information;                  

     3.3  Statement as to the anticipated benefit to OSHP members;                  

     3.4  Acceptance of the one-time use, redistribution prohibition, and fee;

     3.5  Information as to how the membership roster should be complied, i.e. alphabetical, etc.;
     3.6  Desired means of communication (i.e. website, email, or request for roster).

4.  The fee charged for access to or release of the membership roster will be:                

     4.1  $100 for posting to the website                  

     4.2  $50 for survey distribution by email from the Staff Secretary                  

     4.3  $500 for release of a membership roster in label format

     4.4  The OSHP Board may determine an alternate fee based on the nature of the request upon the review and approval of access to the membership roster.  Requestors who are not OSHP members may be charged an additional fee that equates to the membership fee.

Approved 7-88.  Reviewed 11-91 & 4-99 & 8-18.  Revised 8-05 & 2-13.
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