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OSHP Guidelines and Policies
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Membership Renewal Policy


A standardized membership renewal form is to be mailed to each active member annually on October 1 for renewal applicable to the upcoming calendar year.  Membership renewal may also be completed online through completion of the membership application on the society‚Äôs website.   The OSHP Board of Directors will establish the membership fee in accordance with the Bylaws.  Individuals desiring to join OSHP shall pay the current annual fee as established by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Bylaws.  New members who join after July 1 will have extended membership through December 31 of the following calendar year.

Members must be made aware that membership extends only for the calendar year (January 1-December 31).

Calendar for Membership Renewal

October 1           Mail membership renewal forms for upcoming calendar year

All membership renewals received must be entered into the database as paid in the current membership renewal year regardless of when actually received (i.e., payment received 12/1 of previous year must be entered in the database as paid 1/1 of current membership renewal year).

February  1        All non-paid members will become inactive members in the database.

All files dated three years and prior to the current membership renewal year in the inactive membership database will be purged.

Within the first two weeks of January, after inactivating non-paid members and purging inactive member files, a letter notifying the member(s) of their inactive status will be mailed by the Membership Committee.

Approved 7-88.  Reviewed 11-91 & 4-99 & 8-18.  Revised 8-05 & 2-13.

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