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OSHP Guidelines and Policies
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Maintaining Minutes of the Society

1.  Philosophy/Policy

     1.1  Minutes of any Society Board of Directors is important because they represent a legal record of what transpired.  If there is any dispute among the parties present at the meeting as to what occurred, the minutes, once approved, are the contemporaneous record of what took place at the meeting.  They are a legal document if what occurred at the meeting is ever questioned by a court or government investigative agency.

2.  Procedure

     2.1  The minutes should represent a record of what was done, not what was said by those in attendance.  The report should not reflect the recorder’s sentiments or opinions on anything said or done.

     2.2  Minutes are recorded by the Secretary of the Society as directed in accordance with the OSHP Bylaws and Administrative Manual.

     2.3  The minutes shall show the place, date, and time of the meeting.   A statement of whether this was a regular or special meeting should be included.

     2.4   The minutes should reflect who was present, including guests, and an appropriate title or identification for each one.

     2.5  The minutes shall state the presence of a quorum as defined by the OSHP Bylaws.

     2.6  The minutes for consideration and ratification shall be distributed prior to the meeting.   Any action for a previous meeting shall be noted in the current minutes.  If no errors are noted, the minutes should be approved as submitted upon motion made, seconded and adopted.  Minutes may be corrected whenever an error is noticed regardless of the time that has elapsed; but after their adoption, when too late to reconsider the vote, they require two-thirds vote for their amendment, unless previous notice of the proposed amendment has been given; then only a majority vote is required.

     2.7  The minutes should reflect each report made at the meeting.  Only a limited amount of detail concerning the report shall be included in the minutes depending on the action taken.  Any written report submitted for consideration should be appended to the final minutes of the Board to provide added background and remove the need for extra verbiage in the Board’s minutes.

     2.8  The minutes should reflect any business transacted between meetings, e.g. expenditure of funds, signing of contracts, appointments, etc.  These actions shall be recognized and ratified separately.

     2.9  All major actions shall be recorded in the minutes to show disposition of the motion.  Recording of the exact outcome of any vote will not be necessary unless it is by roll call or an individual request that a vote be recorded.  Withdrawn motions shall not be recorded.

     2.10  The use of topic sentences or titles as headers may be used to separate the minutes into sections.

     2.11  All Board minutes shall be posted to the OSHP website within a timely manner upon approval by the Board of Directors.

     2.12  Minutes shall be signed by the Secretary.

Approved 7-88.  Reviewed 11-91 & 4-99 & 8-18.  Revised 8-05 & 2-13.
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