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OSHP Guidelines and Policies
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Health-System Pharmacist of the Year Award

1.0          There shall be a consistent method for nomination and selection of the OSHP Health-System Pharmacist of the Year.


2.0          The award will be presented annually to an individual meeting the minimum criteria:


2.1          Service to the profession and specifically health-system pharmacy

2.2          Contributions to pharmacy programs

2.3          Cooperation with the entire health care team

2.4          Service to the community


 3.0          The Selection Committee for the award will consist of all past recipients of the award and will be considered the official electorate for the award.


 4.0          The Selection Committee will be chaired by the immediate past recipient of the award or an appointee of the President if the individual is unable to serve.


5.0          Sponsorship


5.1          The award will be sponsored by the Oklahoma Society of Health-System Pharmacists.


6.0          Nominations


 6.1          The Selection Committee Chair will be responsible for canvassing nominations from the active members through:

 6.1.1      A formal written and/or electronic correspondence to be distributed no later than 12 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting;

 6.1.3      Coordination of a verbal announcement at the January and/or February District meetings.

 6.2          Nominations must be submitted in written and/or electronic format including justification of the nominee’s worthiness and activities.  Nominations must be received by the Chair no later than 8 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.

 6.3          Written and/or electronic acknowledgement to those individuals submitting nominations will be processed by the Chair no later than 6 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.



7.0          Selection Process:


 7.1          Nominations will be compiled by the Chair into a blinded ballot form and distributed to committee members.  The ballot is to be returned to the Chair no later than 6 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.

 7.2          The Chair shall reserve voting in case there is a tie vote, at which time the Chair will cast his or her vote.

 7.3          The Chair shall notify the President of the completion of the selection process.  The name of the recipient will not be divulged.  The Chair shall maintain strict confidentiality of all material during the nomination and selection process.


8.0          Presentation


 8.1          The award will be presented during the awards banquet at the OSHP Annual Meeting by the Chair or their designee.

 9.0          Recipient Database


 9.1          A database of past recipients of the award will be maintained via manual or computerized means by the OSHP Staff Secretary and include the following

 9.1.1      Name

 9.1.2      Preferred email address

 9.1.3      Mailing address and telephone number (if available)

 9.1.4      Year of Award


 9.2          A listing of past recipients and year of award should be maintained on the society’s webpage and kept by the current award recipient.

9.3          The Chair shall submit an updated past recipients contact list and an updated list of key dates and correspondence templates for the nomination process to the OSHP Staff Secretary and to the new recipient of the award within 4 weeks after the award is conferred.


Approved 11-88.  Reviewed 3-92.  Revised 2-13 & 5-18.

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