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OSHP Guidelines and Policies
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The President is the chairman of the Board of Directors of OSHP, which meets at least quarterly and functions as the official voice of Health-System Pharmacists in Oklahoma.  The President-Elect succeeds successively to the office of President for a one year term.


A.  Principal elected official of OSHP      

B.  Member and Chair of the Board of Directors;

C.  Prepares an address for presentation at the Annual Meeting of OSHP,

D.  Ensures effective administration of the operations of OSHP, assigning responsibilities and coordinating     activities;

E.  Establishes objectives for the year based on the strategic plan,  discussions with officers, and other key leaders

F.  Serves as the major contact person for OSHP, with responsibility for the majority of the formal communications between OSHP and other organizations; communicates with Board members and officers of other organizations to advise and establish dialogue;

G.  Serves as a secondary link between ASHP and chapter members; communicates with ASHP staff members to provide and obtain information and assistance;

H. Writes a presidents column in each newsletter;

I. Prepares an annual officer report for the membership to be presented at the OSHP Annual Meeting;


J.  Attends the ASHP President’s Leadership Conference.

K.  Appoints chairmen and members of committees as needed;

              Fills all vacancies by appointment;

Serves as an ex-officio member of all OSHP committees with the exception of serving as a member of the Finance Committee;

Approved 2-13, Reviewed 8-18
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