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OSHP Guidelines and Policies
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Program Committee

This committee shall be responsible for the recruitment and retention of the OSHP membership. and shall be conducted as follows:

1.            Plans, organizes, and oversees a statewide Fall Meeting and an Annual Meeting (to occur in the spring).

2.             All speaker commitments and financial contributions should be obtained in writing prior to the meeting.  Copies should be sent in advance of the meeting to the Program Chair(s), President, Secretary and Treasurer.

3.            The Program Committee is authorized to offer honorariums of $300/hour up to a maximum of $500 total, plus travel expenses and registration for each speaker.   The Program Committee is authorized to offer no more than travel expenses and registration for panel members and resident project presenters.  Higher honorariums are permitted if funded directly by a sponsor or paid by the sponsor directly to the speaker.   Higher honorariums also may be paid by OSHP with Board approval.

4.            All arrangements for meeting accommodations and financial commitments must be signed by the OSHP President or his/her designee.  The Program Committee may make financial commitments when functions are funded directly by a sponsor.  However, all sponsors should be encouraged to make financial arrangements directly with the meeting facility.

5.            The Program Committee is responsible for preparing a “proposed budget” of income and expenses for each meeting.  The Program Committee is expected to run each meeting at a profit based upon Vendor Showcase fees, registration fees, and expenses.  Costs for brochure printing, continuing education expenses, and mailing should be included in the final report for each meeting.

6.            The Program Committee will prepare registration brochures.  The brochure should be approved by the Board prior to publication; however, the President may approve the form if necessary.  Optimally, the brochures should be available to the Secretary for mailing at least six weeks prior to the meetings.

7.            All statewide programs will be opened by a welcome from the OSHP President or other appointed Board member.

8.            The Vendor Showcase Coordinator and Residency Showcase Coordinator for OSHP meetings will be a function of the Program Committee when such additional activities occur.

9.            Registration fees for students are established to cover the cost of the food and program handouts only.  The registration fee is the same for member and non-member students.

10.          The Program Committee chair shall work with the OSHP staff secretary and Treasurer to prepare a “budget reconciliation” report on the actual income/expenses versus budgeted income/expenses within 2 months following the Fall/Annual Meeting. 

11.          The Program Committee chair will prepare an annual committee chair report for the membership to be presented at the OSHP Annual Meeting.

Approved 7-88.  Reviewed 11-91 & 4-99.  Revised 8-05 & 2-13 & 8-18.

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