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OSHP Guidelines and Policies
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Reimbursement Policy


While the Society wishes to encourage the most economical use of funds available in support of its programs and activities, it is recognized that individuals participate without recompense and often at some personal sacrifice.  This is why the Society has tried to make its reimbursement policy as liberal as possible.  Members of the Board of Directors are encouraged to obtain financial support for their professional activities from their respective employers where possible.

  1. Expense reports should be submitted to the Treasurer within two weeks after completion of the trip.

  2. It is the policy of the Society to reimburse for travel expenses on the basis of actual expenditures involved in attending officially called meetings or officially recognized events.

    2.1  Persons traveling on Society business are entitled to transportation, accommodations and service which meet reasonable and adequate standards for convenience, safety and comfort.  In applying this general policy, it is the hope that those traveling for the Society will use the same care in incurring expenses that would be used if traveling at personal expense.

    2.2  When air transportation is used, less than first class accommodations are considered generally as constituting convenient, safe and comfortable service.  When automobile transportation is used, reimbursement will be made at the current rate of the Internal Revenue Service for the active year.  However, mileage reimbursement will be limited to jet tourist/economy transportation cost.

    2.3  No travel expenses shall be paid for attending Board Meetings or invitational activities if they are within the officer’s base residence area, e.g. if the officer is based in Oklahoma City and a meeting is at the OPhA headquarters, no travel is paid.

    2.4  Persons traveling on Society business are requested to directly pay their individual expenses and file reimbursement vouchers.

  3. The following reimbursement policy is in effect for meals:

    3.1  To advise individuals traveling on official Society business that this policy applies whether meals are taken on an individual or group basis; and,

    3.2  The policy will adhere to Internal Revenue Service guidelines for appropriate reimbursement of expenses relating to meals and travel expenses incurred.

  4. The President shall be reimbursed in the manner described above for the following officially recognized events:

    4.1  Board of Directors meetings
    4.2  sponsored statewide educational seminars
    4.3   Travel for attendance at district meetings outside of their base residence area

    4.4  Attendance at either the AHSP Annual or Midyear Clinical Meeting

    4.5  Attendance at the ASHP President’s Conference

    4.6  Attendance at the OPhA Annual Meeting

    4.7  Ticket to Pharmacy Legislative Day in Oklahoma

    4.8  Attendance at other functions as the official representative of OSHP

  5. The other officers of the Board shall be reimbursed in the manner described above for the following officially recognized events:

    5.1  Board of Directors meetings

    5.2  Travel for attendance to complete the duties of the office

  6.  The OSHP Board of Directors will be exempt from all OSHP meeting registration fees.

  7. Program speakers (those giving formal presentations) will be exempt from meeting registration fees.

  8. The delegates and alternate delegates to the House of Delegates shall be reimbursed as outlined in the ASHP Delegate Policy.

  9. Committee chair(s) and committee members are eligible for reimbursement of expenses necessary to complete the responsibilities of the positions.  Reimbursement will be presented to the Board for their consideration.

  10. Committee chair(s) shall be reimbursed in the manner described above for the following official recognized events.

    10.1  Board of Directors meetings for which their attendance is requested

    10.2  Ticket to Pharmacy Legislative Day in Oklahoma for Legislative Committee Chair(s)

    10.3  Registration for Program Committee Chair(s) and Vendor Showcase Chair (if a Vendor Showcase occurs during specific meeting) to Fall Meeting and Annual Meeting

    10.4  Registration for the Residency Showcase Chair to the Fall Meeting and Annual Meeting if, in addition to the Residency Showcase for the Fall Meeting, this person also coordinates the resident project presentations for the Annual Meeting.

  11.  Reimbursement anticipated to be greater than $250.00 shall be pre-approved by the Board of Directors.
Approved 7-88.  Reviewed 11-91 & 4-99 & 8-18.  Revised 8-05 & 2-13.
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