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OSHP Guidelines and Policies
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OSHP Student Awards

1.0          To recognize outstanding students in the area of health-system pharmacy practice at Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) and the University of Oklahoma (OU).

2.0          Selection

                2.1          Outstanding Student in Health-System Pharmacy Award

Each college of pharmacy will submit the name of one recipient for the Outstanding Student in Health-System Pharmacy Award.  The OSHP Outstanding Student Award will be presented at each individual College of Pharmacy ceremony preferably by an OSHP representative as determined by the Board of Directors.

2.2          OSHP Scholarship Award

Submissions for student scholarships should be received by the OSHP no later than six weeks prior to the OSHP Annual Meeting.  There will be one scholarship recipient from OU and one recipient from SWOSU.  The scholarship recipients will be selected by the OSHP Scholarship and Awards committee.  The recipient shall be notified 2 weeks prior to the OSHP Annual Meeting.   The OSHP Scholarship Award will be presented by the OSHP President or Scholarship and Awards Committee Chair at the OSHP Annual Meeting awards ceremony.

3.0          Eligibility

3.1          Outstanding Student in Health-System Pharmacy Award- Any graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in health-system pharmacy practice.

3.2          OSHP Scholarship Award-Submission of the appropriate application to the OSHP Scholarship and Awards Committee by any student in the academic year prior to graduation.  Preference will be given to those active in the student chapter of OSHP, OSHP, or ASHP.

4.0          Sponsor

                The Society will provide sponsorship for all 4 awards as follows:

4.1          OSHP Outstanding Student Award-Plaque, a Letter of Congratulations, and a one-year membership to OSHP and ASHP.  The ASHP membership is to be paid by OSHP upon submission of the ASHP membership application to the OSHP Treasurer by the award recipient. 

             4.2          OSHP Scholarship Award- Letter of Congratulations and a $1500


4.3          The OSHP Scholarship and Awards Committee is encouraged to coordinate an annual fundraiser (e.g. raffle, silent auction) to support funding of the Outstanding Student and Scholarship Awards.


 Approved 4-99.  Revised 8-08 & 2-13 & 8-18.

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